I'm Back Baby

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(Gabriel POV)
Analissa spoke calmly, with no hint of deception in her eyes.
"T-t-th-the heir? Of the Mafia degli angeli invernali?" Will sputtered.
Her calm gaze turned onto him and he shuddered. She had a killer's gaze.
"I did not stutter. I have been the heir ever since I was born."
The three deadly professionals in front of me stood up at a slight signal from Analissa.
"If that is all, I will be leaving now." She started to turn around, but I quickly shot up and made a grab for her wrist, but a radiating pain tore through my arm before I could.
"You dare to think about touching her?" a voice from behind me hissed out. Donatello had caught my arm and twisted it behind me before I could stop Analissa from walking out. She was already gone.
"Don't even think of things that you are unworthy of. We know of everything."
With that, he dropped my arm and left, following the others.
Rolling my shoulder, I straightened and glared after the retreating figure. Will came up from behind me and gazed after them as well.
"Sooo...." he started.
"Don't even think of getting any stupid ideas into your head. She is a mafia princess, and quite honestly, I'm suprised that they are allowing her to be in this much danger."
He started to laugh. "Danger? Did you just watch the same fight I did? Because she just whooped that guy's ass!"
I smiled, as I remember her taking him down to the ground with ease, her muscles rippling and.... Snapping myself out of my thoughts, I started to think of a solution to my dilemma.
"Okay, it's enough for tonight. Let's just head to the party and I will try my best to not kill Bobby. That is your job for tonight. Keep me from strangling him."
"Haha, you are so funny Gab..." he trailed off as he saw the look in my eyes. "You're serious?"
"I'm so pissed, I might actually kill him. Damn, I wish I had signed up tonight because I need to punch something."
"As long as it isn't me, we're good."
We started walking towards the exit as the next fight was being called. I saw Analissa in her little corner with Donatello hovering over her, glaring at me. Seriously, what is that guy's problem?
Although, now that I thought about it, Analissa was extremely attractive, so he wass probably there as a watchdog. Nah, he's just a puppy barring his teeth.
Despite the pain that he had given to me earlier, I could have easily gotten out of his hold and overpowered him, but I didn't want to piss off Analissa nor the powerful mafia backing them.
Right now, I just need to focus on now killing Bobby.
(Lissa's POV)
I finished my next fights with ease and ended up winning. I wans't overly excited about the money, I honestly was just there to hit people, but money is always a nice bonus.
"Ehi sorellina, cosa hai intenzione di fare con le tue vincite da stasera? Non è che ne hai bisogno. Ne guadagni abbastanza dalla famiglia e dai tuoi dipinti. (Hey sis, what are you going to do with your winnings from tonight? It's not like you need it. You make enough from the Family and from your paintings.)"
"Hmmm, I will probably donate it again. Or I could give it to you for helping me out." I grinned, knowing that Don was always desperate for more money to play with his computers and gadgets.
"Me, me, please sorella (sister) me!" He looked so desperate that I couldn't help but tease him a little bit more.
"On the other hand, Silvio needs some more medical equipment." I nodded at him, and he caught on pretty quickly, understanding that I wanted to tease Don.
"I do! You know how important the health is to the Family. I will be needing a lot more medical supplies, more than we anticipated, because we just got some new information from your grandfather Don. It seems like I'm going to have to be prepared for a fight."
Silvio looked so convincing that Don's face fell. He looked crushed. I started to laugh.
"Lighten up mio fagiolino (my little string bean). I'm going to give you the money. Just remember, I want a little tune up on my Lamborghini SC18. It's starting to seem a little lacking compared to everyone else's."
"You know how I hate that nickname. I hate string beans." He stated sulkily.
"Well suck it up, because that is your name forever mio fagiolino."
His glare looked harmless to me. He was my baby cousin. Silvio and I started laughing together.
"Let's go. You all have a party to get to."
We headed out the door and drove back to the house. In the car, Silvio was silent, contemplating a lot of things, while Don just would not stop talking.
"Why did you tell him?" Silvio finally broke his silence.
"Tell who what?"
"Why did you tell that kid that you are the heir? That just puts you in more danger Analissa."
Uh oh. The full name.
"I have spoken to Grandfather about him Silvio. They have a deal in the works. He would have found out eventually, and where would that have led us? To no trust with out allies."
"I still don't think that you should have told him. It will affect the mission."
I turned away, not wanting to anger him. It was my call to make. I am the one who sacrifices for the family now.
We pulled into the driveway and I jumped out, racing to my room. To my absolute suprise, Olivia and Mina were waiting for me inside.
"Where the hell have you been bitch?!" Mina shouted as soon as I walked in.
"Mins, I don't think I need nor want this right now."
"Well that sucks, because you are gettting dressed and ready for this party tonight."
Olivia stood by just nodding her head, agreeing with everything Mina was saying. She might agree, but I don't.
"Minz, I am not going. I don't even want the one you guys are planning for my birthday next weekend."
"Seriously, Lissa, that sucks. You are going tonight whether you like it or not. You work all the time, you lost your youth to an asshole, and to make matters worse, you comply with this shit. It's time for you to put on some sexy clothes, loosen up a little, and live your glorious days."
I stood there, schocked, becuase Mina never got this passionate about anything other than poison. Olivia stood in the corner, again nodding her head along, but with almost a worshipping gaze.
"Minz, I really don't..." I tried to start.
"I don't want to hear another word of protest from you. Get your smelly butt into the shower, clean up, and then get dressed in the clothes that we chose. And don't worry about your hair. It looks better than those stupid wigs Sil always makes you wear."
Sighing, I knew that she wouldn't stop until I complied. I might be her boss at times, but she is my best friend. Circumstances like these always ruled in favor of the friend.
"Go, go. Move it. You smell and we are wasting time." She shoo-ed me into my bathroom.
I quickly undressed and hopped into the steaming water, easing my aching muscles. I did hope that she didn't have anything too revealing. Although my fights ended fairly quickly and easily, I still took a couple of hard hits.
After I finished washing up, I stepped out and dried off before wrapping myself in my plushie robe. I loved almost smothering myself in the fluff.
I wandered out from my bathroom only to be swept around by Mina, who sat me down in front of my mirror and started on my make-up. I hated doing my own and I sucked at it. I started to laugh at how ironic that was.
"Stop shaking. What's wrong with you?" Mina asked with a huff.
She loved doing make-up and hated it when someone messed with her process.
"I was just thinking how I can paint and earn millions by doing so, but I can't draw a freaking straight line on my eyelid."
I sat there laughing at my discovery and pretty soon, Mina and Oliva joined in.
"You're right! You can't do eyeliner to save your life!" laughed Olivia. She was there the time I tried on my own. I ended up looking like a cross between a panda and a raccoon. Horrifying, but a great story for later.
"Alright, let's hurry this up so we can go. I want to get out and party!"
"Mina, why do you want to go to the party so badly?" I asked.
Olivia burst out laughing. "It's because she wants to slip away quietly with a certain someone."
Mina turned bright red and started to harshly swipe the make-up brush across my cheek.
"Minz, I know you're doing blush, but you doing that might embed the stuff into my skin!" I cried.
"Oh, shit, I'm sorry Lissa." She started working less harshly, but still at the same furious tempo.
"Mina, you don't have to be embarrassed about liking Roman. He's cute and he seems to really care about you."
"Even despite the fact that my brother can be slow witted sometimes, I think someone like you would be great for him!"
I turned and glared at Olivia. That will so not help in this situation. Olivia quickly turned around and began to sort our outfits for tonight.
When Mina was finished with my make-up, we began to get dressed. The other girls had already done their make-up while I was in the shower, so all that was left to do was hair and getting dressed.
I wore a high waisted black leather skater skirt that reached mid-thigh, a white turtleneck crop top with a cutout portion in the chest area, and a black leather jacket to match. I also had on some fishnets and my classic black combat boots.
In the tops on my boots, I had a few knives and a thigh holster that carried my Glock 43, as it was lighter than most of my other guns.
The girls dressed in similar outfits, but Mina wore white leather pants with a black crop top, white Olivia wore a dark blue skater skirt with a black crop top. Both wore combat boots and the leather jackets as well.
I opted to put my hair back in a high ponytail, and I didn't want it to get in the way of anything. Once we finished getting ready, we headed downstairs to meet up with the rest of the group.
I decided that I was going to need this night. I was going to enjoy it. With shit about to hit the fan, I deserved a little time to myself. With the girls by my side and my boys to back me up, I could do anything.
"Damn, looking hot as fuck girls!" yelled out Leo.
This caught everyone's attention and they all turned to stare.
"Analissa, what the fuck do you think you are doing?" Silvio gritted out.
I turned to smile at all the boys, with the girls at my back.
"I'm going to a party. Let the fun begin."

Hello all you wonderful Humans! I want to thank everyone for their wonderful support and encouragement. I am sorry for not sticking to updating as much as I can. Please stay safe everyone, and just remember, you are a fabulous and beautiful person!
Love you all. XOXO
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