I'm Back Baby

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Party Part I

(Gabriel POV)

Will and I reached the house where we saw that everyone from school had invaded the poor structure. I was pretty sure tha tit was not going to be standing by the end of the night.
Getting out of the car, I followed Will into the house, brushing past everyone who tried calling out to me. I knew that most only wanted to be around me because I was a symbol of power in school.
Fighting through the crowds of people, we finally made it to the back of the house where I knew we would find the rest of my gang. Asher and Xander were standing there along with most of the rest of the people, adding up to around 30 people.
"Boss, how did the fight go tonight?" Asher asked, the anticipation evident in his eyes. He had been trying hard these days to get back on my good side.
I shot a glare towards him while Will sighed. "Bobby didn't show up. A new fighter named..." I quickly shut him up with an elbow to the side.
"If you see Bobby, tell him to steer clear of me tonight and that I want to see him first thing tomorrow." I added. "I want everyone to be safe tonight but no brining anyone back to the house tonight."
I looked over at Asher and Xander. They were known to be huge players and for bringing girls back to the house all the time.
Most of the boys already had a drink with them, so Will went and got us some beers and we relaxed for a while before wandering out to the backyard. It was a large backyard with a wide grassy area, a patio, and a pool.
People were partying everywhere, with loud music spilling out from the house.
"Boss, why do you think she told us?"
Will broke into my thoughts. I had also been thinking about Analissa, but in a completely different way.
"I honeslty think we would have found out eventually. We have a deal in the making with the current head. If she is passed the title, we will have to work with her. Knowing that, she probably didn't want us to find out about her in a suprising way."
Nodding, he looked out at the people in the pool. There were way too many in there and they all were drunk off their asses.
"What do you think about her boss?"
I turned to look at him. He continued to look at the pool.
"Will, you're my best friend, but shut the hell up if you don't want to get hit."
He smirked, taking another drink of his beer.
"Smart, beautiful, clearly deadly. I would be astonished if she didn't already have a boyfriend. Maybe that small guy, Don? from the fighting arena."
I scowled. I did not like the idea of her being with someone else.
"Then again, she is mafia. She might have been promised from a young age to be married to someone."
"Will, if you are looking for a broken nose or a black eye, you're headed in the right direction. Shut. Up."
He finally looked at me. "It seems that I got on your nerves a bit. Almost as if I was talking about your crush Gabe." He smirked.
I frowned. I didn't crush on people. I wasn't a monk, I had hookups. But I didn't date.
"Knock that shit off. Let's head back inside. I need more alcohol if I'm going to forget the stupid things that happened tonight."
After downing the rest of my beer, I turned around and headed back inside. And there I was met with the most interesting scene.

(Lissa POV)
I decided that the little hissy-fit that Silvio had at the mansion wasn't going to ruin my mood. I had accepted the fact that Mina and Olivia were making me go this party, so I might as well make the most of it.
And I got to be myself, so why the hell not?!
The girls and I piled into my McLaren 570s and turned up the music. Upside Down by JVKE and Charlie Puth came on and we started singing along.

Down south, hood baby (Hood baby)
Ooh, yeah
Make all the girls (Ah)
Go crazy
Go (Go)
Go (Go)
Go stupid
But you smart like an A-plus student

Up, down, right, down
Looking for your love right now
Up, down, all around
Turn my stomach upside down

I found your hair-tie in my car
I could only drive so far without a breakdown (Ah)
Baby, you’re the queen of hearts
You know how to play your cards, you keep ‘em face-down (Ah-ooh)
Ooh, I miss your face now (Now)
Lookin’ at your pictures, scrollin’ way down (Down)
Wishing I could fix all my mistakes (Mistakes)
I wish I could erase you
Girl, I can’t replace you
You’re the one that got away (Ooh)

Girl, your energy
Feels so heavenly
Make me feel like
You a melody (You a melody)
Put to memory (Put to memory)
It goes something like

Down south, hood baby (Hood baby, yeah)
Make all the girls go crazy (Ah)
Go (Go)
Go (Go)
Go stupid
But you smart like an A-plus student

Up, down, right, down
Looking for your love right now (Right now, right now)
Up, down, all around
Turn my stomach upside down (Ooh, babe)
La-la-la-la (Hey)

Girl, your energy
Feels so heavenly
Make me feel like
You a melody (You a melody)
Put to memory (Put to memory)
It goes something like

A couple more songs came on after that and we still rocked out in our car while the boys followed in their own cars, none of them wanting to carpool. Us girls are so much more efficient and ecofriendly.
But boys will be boys, and they want to show off. Why have the car in the first place if you're not going to use it?
We pulled up to a stoplight a few minutes away from the house and I called the boys on a group call.
"Get in front of me and clear a space. I don't want anything touching my baby."
A chorus of "Yes Boss" was heard and they all took off around me when the light turned green. We slowly started after them, not hurrying as we knew that it could take some time.
Leo texted back about 5 minutes later saying that everything was good and that we could come now, so I drove over. Mina was bouncing in her seat and Olivia kind of looked like she was about to throw up.
"Liv, you okay?" I asked.
"I've never been to an a party outside of Italy before. Do they drink the same things? I don't want to make a fool of myself."
Mina and I both started to laugh.
"Olivia, we are leaving in a few weeks. Who cares what these dumbasses think? You be you. A gorgeous Italian beauty."
I decided to chime in. "She's right Liv. No matter what, the family back home is there for you. Let's party here like no other!"
We finally made it to the house. It was smaller than ours and crammed with people. I wasn't so sure how this was going to work out, but hey, why not?
People in the house were peering out because of the gorgeous cars that the boys had already pulled up in. They had seen the regular ones brought to school, but these were on a whole new level.
Don, Roman and Enrico all had a Ferarri Stardale while Leo had a Lambourghini Huracan, the same as the girls. All their cars were midnight black with silver pinstripes, the principal colors of our mafia. My dark blue was the royal color that would take over my grandfather's red when I became the donna.
"Too much attention for one night?" I asked.
"Baby, we haven't even gone in yet!" Mina laughed.
I pulled into the ring of Ferarri's and Leo pulled up behind me to make sure that my car was blocked in. It seemed dangerous, but the weapons installed on my car made sure that I would be able to get out with no problem.
Roman and Enrico went to go help Mina and Olivia out of the car while Don and Leo helped me out. The stares from inside were never ending.
"Penseresti che sono una celebrità. (You would think I was a celebrity.)" I joked.
"Se questi contadini sapessero con chi hanno a che fare, si inchinerebbero tutti. (If these peasants had any idea who they were dealing with, they would all fucking bow down.)" Don growled out.
I could tell that he was on edge because of the fight, but I calmly put my hand on his shoulder and tried to get him to relax.
"Cugino, non lo sanno, quindi non biasimarli. Stasera è una notte di divertimento e relax. Lasciate che il passato sia nel passato.Sono qui come un simbolo che qualsiasi cosa sia successa non può spezzarmi. (Cousin, they don't know, so do not blame them. Tonight is a night for fun and relaxation. Let the past be in the past. I am standing here as a symbol that whatever happened cannot break me.)"
He calmed down and both my cousins took my arms and led me inside after the other two pairs. I began to feel slightly uncomfotable from all of the attention.
Many people were staring at me due to the unusual color of my hair and the fact that I was with the handsome Italian cousins. Not everyone was staring, so I brushed aside my uneasiness and proudly made my way into the house.
The music was loud and obnoxious while the air was heavy and humid. It almost felt like I couldn't breathe. A lot of people were still looking towards our small group so I decided to end it.
"This is still a party no? Let's all dance!" Shouting out, I led my cousins and the girls to the roughly made dance floor, where we all began to dance.
The awkward atmosphere was broken and more people began to dance around us, encouraged by our enthusiastic moves. Many boys tried to get close to the three of us girls but were glared off by our self-appointed bodyguards.
"Basta, questa è una festa. Non c'è pericolo. Se vogliamo ballare con qualcuno, lasciaci. Decideremo noi stessi se stanno bene. (Enough, this is a party. There is no danger. If we want to dance with someone, let us. We will decide ourselves if they are okay.)" I yelled out to the boys as another hopeful slunk away with dejection.
They nodded slowly, clearly not happy about it. Especially Roman. He had kept a close eye on Mina the whole time, almost violently getting rid of those who wished to dance with her.
Laughing to myself and shaking my head, I began to feel sorry for Mina. She had expressly began to dance with him earlier only for him to not have a clue. And then he wards off anybody else.
Looking at Roman and catching his eye, I nodded towards Mina, shaking my body a little more to let him know to go dance with her. He just looked confuded.
"Go dance with her you idiot!" I heard Leo's voice from behind me. Shocked, I turned around and stared at him. The other guys were laughing at Roman's red face. Was he really that clueless?
Mina looked shyly at Roman and began to slowly get closer to him. Getting in time with the music, she swayed her hips and grabbed Roman's hands, placing them on her moving body.
"Roman, just go with the music." We heard her say.
Deciding that they needed some time alone, we all took a break and headed to go get a drink. Leo grabbed me a cup filled with a sort of punch that I assumed had tequilla in it. Olivia had the same as me while the boys all tried a beer.
"I miss Italy." Olivia said after about 3 cups. I guess whatever in the cup was stronger than we thought. I was also getting pretty buzzed after 2 and I could handle my alcohol.
"It's okay my darling. We will go home soon." I said, stroking her head.
The boys had headed out somewhere, probably to look for something to do other than sitting with two gradually drunk girls.
"What are you going to do when you get back home Lissa?"
Me? Oh shit. I've never though about this because I always had my time in Italy planned out.
"I'm going to have a big bowl of gelato and I will take a bath."
Liv started giggling. Just then, two boys came up to us and asked if we wanted to drink with them.
"I don't want to drink anymore. Lissa, how about you go?"
Liv was already pretty drunk, but I wasn't. I needed a night for myself so I was going to take it.
"Sure why not?"

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful and safe week so far! Thank you to all of my readers for your support and remember that you are fabulous!! Stay safe!
Love you all! XOXO
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