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Party Part 2

(Lissa's POV)
You know those situations that everyone tells you to never get yourself into? And your brain teeters on the edge of, "Don't do this, it could be a bad idea!" and "Hmmm, I wonder how far I can push the limits...".
Well, tonight was one of the nights my brain was just egging me on, pushing me to do things I am sure my sober self will be annoyed with.
I had already been drinking a bunch with Liv, and when the two other boys asked me if I wanted to drink with them, I didn't heisitate in accepting. Mistake number one.
They introduced themselves as Mathew and Zach. Thankfully, I remained silent on my own introduction, but they were too enamoured with my appearance to care.
"So, are you Italian too?" shouted Zach as he tried to make himself heard over the music.
I just smiled at his question, not bothering to answer. I wasn't going to reveal everything to these two, but that isn't to say I can't have a bit of fun. My mind began to get a bit fuzzier. I wanted to play.
"I don't think I've ever seen you around school. I would have remembered somone as beautiful as you." Mathew stated with a smile.
I laughed out loud and both boys stood there shocked. "Let's do something a little more exciting than just drink." I said michevously.
Their eyes grew wide and they got excited by my words. "How about we get a few more people to play truth or dare with spin the bottle?"
Both nodded in apprehension and Mathew got Zach to gather up a group of about 15 people while he got me another drink. Mistake number two.
We were all playing in the back room by the exit to the backyard. When the game began, it was mostly people telling truths, some girls giggling while the guys just laughed off their answers.
Zach spun and it landed on me. "Truth or dare?"
"Dare." I don't want to give my secrets here.
"The next person who walks in from the backyard, you have to makeout with them."
Smiling, I got up and walked towards the door. I could hear a few of the boys behind me scolding Zach for his dare, not keeping it within our group, but I had accepted. Mistake number three.
Luckily, I didn't have to wait for long, and the door slid open and a figure walked through. They stopped when they saw me and didn't say a word, only staring at me, while the group of people behind me cheered for me to complete my dare.
Sighing, I grabbed the figure, pushing them up against the wall, and slammed my lips into theirs. At first, they didn't react, but after a second, they responded back with vigor.
They nibbled on my lower lip, asking for entrance, which I denied, until they brought my body flush to theirs, causing me to gasp and their tongue slip into my mouth. A battle ensued, one in which we both fought for dominance, until I had enough.
Breaking the kiss, I stepped back, breathing harshly. Without another glance or word, I went back to the group, and we resumed our game.
Mathew kept refilling my cup, and at this point, I needed all the alcohol I could get my hands on. Our little game continued for about an hour until I felt the need to cool off.
I bowed out, Mathew helping me to stand, and I stumbled out to the backyard where we both jumped, fully clothed, into the pool. After resurfacing, we both were laughing and splashing each other, until Leandro came out and drug me out of the water.
"Che diavolo stai facendo?! (What the hell are you doing?!)" he shouted. He lifted me up and carried me princess style out of the house.
"Cugino, lo sapevi che ho così tanto dolore? Fa male, proprio qui. (Cousin, did you know that I have so much pain? It hurts, right here.)" I pointed at my chest, hopefully to my heart, but I couldn't be sure.
"Lissa, perché senti il bisogno di nasconderci il tuo dolore? Siamo una famiglia, fratelli, eppure strisci in una bottiglia per fuggire il dolore e il dolore che ti tormenta.(Lissa, why do you feel the need to hide your pain from us? We are family, siblings, and yet you crawl into a bottle to flee from the pain and sorrow that torments you.)"
Setting me down by the cars, he called the rest of the group, who thankfully, were not as hammered as I was.
"Dobbiamo portarla a casa. Subito. (We need to get her home. Now.)"
Looking around, I saw that many of the people at the party were still occupied by their fun, however a few had noticed us. A little group not too far away from where I saw sitting was staring at me and my family.
"Ma che cazzo fai?! (What the fuck?!)" Don shouted as he came hurtling out of the house with the rest of the group.
At that same moment, one person from the group came walking over.
(Gabriel's POV)
When I walked into the house, the party was still raging on, however there were some new guests that I did not anticipate meeting.
"What are you doing here Chris?" Will asked, trying to remain as calm as possible.
I looked at Chris, trying to figure out his end-game. He was always trying to take over my territory, so meeting him here was not ideal.
"I'm here on a business venture." He smirked. "A little kitty found their way back home, and now I think it's time to cage it, don't ya think?"
What the hell was he talking about, "cage it"? My gut feeling said that he was talking about Analissa, but I couldn't be positive. Did they have any connection?
"I don't think you've full come to understand that 'little kitty'." I air quoted for emphasis. "Just a reminder Chris, all cats have claws, and they tend to use them."
He just chuckled and I glared. "Well, then I will have to declaw it, right?" With a sinister grin, he left, his two cronies following him.
"I hate meeting with that guy. He is so creepy and obnoxious. Why don't we just end it with them Gabe?"
"You know the rules Will. I will not start a confrontation."
He just looked down saddly and sighed. "Even if they attack first and we lose somebody? What happens then Gabe?"
I didn't want to talk about work right now, instead leaving Will and moving around the house by myself. High school students, even trashed high school students, have some of the best gossip. Their alcohol intolerance only loosens their lips. I come to these parties mainly for information gathering.
I do come for the alcohol and the social mingling, but after a while, it gets monotonous and tedious. I ran into a few past hookups wishing for a reconnect, some others that were looking to join my gang... Things I didn't have time for.
I had been talking to people, drinking, interacting for almost three hours when I got distracted. I was on the second level of the house when I heard some splashing coming from outside.
Looking out the window, I saw Analissa with one of Chris' cronies, Mathew, splashing and playing in the pool. My fist curled and the plastic cup in my other had started cracking from the pressure I was placing on it.
Turning, I raced down the stairs only to bump into Gina, one of my pursuers that I had slept with, but never made her my girlfriend.
"Gabriel!" she exclaimed happily. "I have been looking all over for you."
I looked at her. She was pretty, with mid-length brown hair and blue eyes. She was scantily clad in a short red skirt and a white crop top that dipped dangerously low.
"Gina, hi. I'm sorry, I have some business to attend to."
I tried to get past her but the narrow passageway only enabled her to trap me.
"Gabby, I really don't understand why I can't be with you." She pouted, pressing her bottom lip out as far as she could, which from my perspective, only distorted her face. "I am the best one in the school for you, so why don't we just make it official?"
Taking a deep breath, I answered as calmly as I could. "Gina, we were a one-time thing. I don't do relationships. Please respect my choice and shove it."
With my final words, I moved further down the stairs towards my goal: Analissa.
"I get that Elizabeth..."
The rest of her words never left her mouth and I turned and shot her the most frosty and deadly glare I could muster. Marching back towards Gina, I grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against the wall.
"You have pressed me time and again. I do not take well to using violence against women, but you have just challenged my bottom line. You ever talk about her again, I will not hesitate to end you myself. Never approach me again Gina."
With that, I released her and she slumped to the group, gasping for breath. I turned away and went back downstairs once again to try to find Analissa.
As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I saw Don running towards the front door, shouting in Italian.
"Ma che cazzo fai?! (What the fuck?!)" I quickly followed him and the rest of the Italians out the door where I saw Chris standing infront of a drunken Analissa.


Hello everyone. I hope you are all well. I am sorry about going MIA, but for health reasons I needed some time. I will be updating this story every Sunday! Please let me know you thoughts and comments in the comment section! I do love reading all of your words! Please stay safe and healthy everyone!
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