I'm Back Baby

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A Wish

(Ana POV)

Love. It is a short word, easy to spell, hard to define and to find. I should know. My name is Analissa Williams, 14 years old. I am the younger twin of one of the most popular guys in my school, Asher Williams. He is, as most girls descibe, perfect. Perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect body, perfect grades, blah blah blah.

He is tall with dark brown hair and sea green eyes. Unfortuately, my big brother is my biggest bully too. His group of friends consist of the most popular guys in the school, along with their hoe bag girls. I don't say girlfriends because according to my brother and his friends, they don't do labels. I think that they're all just gross.

Enough about my brother and his friends. Now about me. As you know, my name is Analissa. I am 5'10 with a total flair for awesomeness. I have two different colored eyes, a condition know as heterochromaia iridum, with one of my eyes being a dark blue and the other matching my brother's, sea green. This is mainly the reason as to why I have been bullied my whole life. Another reason is my hair: my hair is naturally almost silver in color.

Most people find my apperance off-putting, but I couldn't give a crap. It is their problem that they find my natural amazingness too blinding for them to take. But, I digress...

My brother and his friends started to bully me starting when I was about 12. Most people always thought that we were the best of friends and that we always had "the twin connection", but we never had it. The only thing we shared was a love for chocolate covered gummy bears and a birthday. In front of our family, mainly our parents, my brother acted the perfect saint. They mainly paid attention to my brother, showering him with gifts and attention, while I was always kind of just there.

My father, Pietro, is tall man, at 6'3. He is honestly just an older looking Aiden. He is from Italy, but doesn't talk about his family much. My mother's name is Isabella and is American. She is 5'4, with dark brown hair that almost looks black and dark green eyes. I only inheirited one of my father's eyes and his tan complexion, but not much else.

I try to have a positive outlook on life, because as of right now, it pretty much sucks. My brother and his friends verbally abuse me everyday while my parents ignore me. My only solace in this whole fucked up situation is my best friend, Xander. He has stood by me this whole time and has helped me get through the worst of the bullying at school. If it gets super bad at home, I always run to him. My parents either don't notice or they don't care. Either way, I am just happy to have someone to have my back.

Tomorrow, it is my birthday. I will finally turn 15! I am so excited because this means that I will soon start my classes to advance to college faster. My only wish is to not exist in my brother's eyes and to always have Xander by my side.

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