I'm Back Baby

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Unexpected Guest

(Lissa POV)

I woke up the following morning, blue skies, the birds singing, sun streaming, life was good. No wait. Clearly I was still dreaming. My reality sucks currently.

I slowly peeled my eyes open, wincing at the harsh light that came through the window. My head was pounding and I was reminded of my time waking up in the hostpital in Italy. Yup, a hangover does feel like someone is pounding your head with a bunch of hammers. I was right.

I had gotten drunk before, but never to the extent of last night. I was wasted last night and I blacked out. Not good. And not at all worth the misery I was experiencing this morning.

I slowly fell out of bed, hitting the floor with a thud, not bothering to stand up. The sound drew pests, as Silvio came barging in, uninvited.

"Well good morning, you problematic princess who doesn't listen to a thing I say." he bellowed, knowing full well that my head was going to be killing me.

Wincing at the sound, I grunted back and hid my head under my arms. I didn't want to start today. I was better off going back into my unconcious state than doing anything. No people. No light. No life. I honestly felt like death warmed over.

"Oh no no no." Silvio said, shaking his head while walking towards me. He dragged me up and started shoving me towards the washroom. "You are getting up, getting rid of that horrible smell, and filling your body with a non-toxic substance before coming down to see your boyfriend."

Wait. My what?!

He had successfully gotten me into the bathroom and had retreated from my room before I could ask him what he meant by that. What the hell did he mean, 'boyfriend'? Sorry, but I had a fully functional relationship with myself, thank you very much.

Stepping into the shower, I let the hot water fall over me, easing my tense shoulders and allowing the vapors from the shower bomb to somewhat soothe my raging headache. I didn't know exactly what happened last night after my dare, but boy was I paying for it now.

Slipping out of the shower and completing my routine as quietly as possible, trying to calm my churning stomach. Slipping on a pair of comfortable grey sweats, a plain white T-shirt and some fuzzy socks, I headed downstairs, grabbing a sweatshirt just in case I got cold.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, I felt my tummy turn and I quickly rushed to the nearest bathroom, emptying my insides. I was most definetly regretting last nights decision to let loose as much as I did. Staggering back out of the washroom, I made my way into the kitchen, searching for something to dim the blinding lights that lit up the room.

"Well top-o-the morning to you Sunshine. How is our Queasy Queen?" joked Lee, the smile on his face anything but helpful to me at this point.

"Shut the fuck up Leandro. Can you please get me some water? My head is about to split open."

He chuckled, handing me a bottle of water, and then placed some headache medicine next to the bottle. I looked up appreciatively. "Thanks." I swallowed the pills and then chugged the water, glancing around the room to see if we had other company.

"Where's everyone else?"

"They're in the living room with your boyfriend." he said with a wink.

"What the hell is going on? I don't have a boyfriend!" I shrieked. "Ugh...." groaning, I held my head at the amount of noise I had just made.

"Not according to your statements and actions last night. Just go in and let's work things out." He was enjoying my discomfort too much.

Walking from the kitchen to the living room took too little time, but when we reached, I was shocked at who was sitting on my couch.

""Che cazzo ci fanno qui? (What the fuck are they doing here?)"

"Non è come se li volessimo qui. Apparentemente vengono come un pacchetto.(It's not as if we wanted them here. Apperantly they come as a package deal.)" Don snickered.

"Quale pacco? (What package?)"

"Sono con il loro capo. Silvio gli sta parlando ora e tornerà tra un secondo. (They're with their boss. Silvio is talking to him now and he will be back in a second.)"

I, however, was not as amused to see Asher and Xander anywhere near me. I do not welcome them.

"Someone needs to explain what the fuck is going on right now before I start killing." I growled out, looking to my family. I walked over to the couch opposite them, sitting as far away as I could while still being able to sit down. I also needed to be near a weapon, and luckily for me, a gun was hidden under this corner of the couch.

"Ana..." Asher started.

"From anyone who didn't nearly kill me, thanks." My frosty voice cut him off and I could see him deflate.

"I think that we might be able to help answer your questions principessa (princess)."

I look up and see Silvio walking towards us with Gabriel Morton and his second William in tow. Now what is happening?

"It seems you had quite the wild night last night, huh babe?"

"No more than your escapades mio caro figliolo (my dear boy)." I reply to Silvio sweetly, my tone threatening for him to not challenge me. "Now, if someone would be so kind as to explain what is going on, I would like to move forward with my day."

Gabriel stood there awkwardly, his steel grey eyes flitting between me and the floor, as if unsure as to how to proceed. The rest seem as uncomfortable.

"Well?" I prompted. "Who exactly is this boyfriend that everyone claims I have?"

Again, I was stuck by silence. "Okay, since we are getting nowhere, I would like to adjourn this pointless waste of time and do something else with myself. Goodbye."

I started to get up when I heard Gabriel's voice.

"It's me."


(Gabriel POV)

To say that the actions of last night shocked meis an understatement. How do Ieven explain to this goddess that she literally threw herself at me and proclaimed to everyone that I was her boyfriend?

I was currently standing in front of her mansion with Will waiting for someone to let us in when Asher and Xander came running up from behind me.

"What do you want? What are you even doing here?"

"We heard about what happened last night and so we followed you this morning. I... We need to see her." Asher panted out. I couldn't really blame him, it was a lot of stairs.

"This is not the right time for you to be doing this. You have no idea who she really is." Will started but Xander cut him off.

"Oh, and you do? We were raised with her. We know her better than you do, I promise it."

I smirked at his confidence. "Okay Xander, wh-..." and the door was opened by Don.

"Gabriel, I don't really know if it's good to see you again, but we will see. You too Will." We both nodded at him while he turned in anger to the other two. "What the hell are they doing here?"

"They just showed up, I'm sorry. They can leave-" but he held up a hand.

"No, let's see what Lissa does. I'm sure that this will be an interesting response. She is still asleep, so come on in and we will play host to you." Smirking, he swung the door open to let us pass before closing it with a bang.

"Please, the living room is this way." He motioned futher into the house where a bunch of light was streaming from multiple windows. The other members of the mafia group were sitting there discussing something but stopped when they saw us enter.

Silvio stood up and glared at Asher and Xander.

"Donatello, I am suprised at you. You let in undesirables into her house, even if they are related."

"Mai Sil, volevo solo vedere quanto sangue verserà per verificare che siamo parenti. (Never Sil, I just wanted to see how much blood she will spill in order to verify that we are related.)"

One of the older boys came up from behind Don and smacked him in the head.

"Dark thoughts Don. Knock it off." Turning to us he extended his hand. "Hello, my name is Leandro, Lissa's second. I am her cousin and Donatello's elder brother. Please call me Lee. Thank you for coming here today Gabriel and Will."

I knew he was excluding Asher and Xander and made no move to correct him. Their error in ettiquete and manners was not only insulting to them, but it looked bad for me, their leader.

"Thank you for allowing us to meet today. I am Gabriel Morton." I shook his hand and then relaxed a little at his statement. If he and Don were Analissa's cousins, Don wasn't her boyfriend!

"So does that mean that you are my cousin as well?" Asher asked tenitively.

Don rolled his eyes and Lee sneered. "Unfortunately, yes. You are the son of our mother's elder brother."

The atmosphere within the room became cold and sullen until a thump on the ceiling alerted Silvio. "It seems that our Sleeping Beauty has awoken. I'll go make sure she is a little presentable and at least not smelling too badly."

"Unlike you!" Enrico shouted after him.

After a few more minutes of awkward silence, Silvio came back down and asked to talk to me and Will. He took us to an office room where we all sat down.

"Gabriel, I would like to ask you a favor."


(Time Skip)

"It seems you had quite the wild night last night, huh babe?"

Silvio's voice jolted me out of my stupor. Standing in front of this beautiful woman, her silver hair and mismatched eyes making my voice stick in my throat, I had no idea how I was going to get through this.

"No more than your escapades mio caro figliolo (my dear boy). Now, if someone would be so kind as to explain what is going on, I would like to move forward with my day."

The sarcastic response to the man clearly older than her shocked me. I knew that she was the boss-to-be, but I didn't know how soon her command's would be put into place. Did she start running things now? How powerful was this goddess?

I stood there awkwardly, my eyes flitting between this dominant woman and the floor, as if unsure as to how to proceed. The rest seem as uncomfortable.

"Well?" she prompted. "Who exactly is this boyfriend that everyone claims I have?"

Once again, no one seemed keen on responding. "Okay, since we are getting nowhere, I would like to adjourn this pointless waste of time and do something else with myself. Goodbye."

Remembering Silvio's words in the office, I garnered up my courage and quickly spoke as she was standing up.

"It's me."

I am dedicating this chapter to Mian_coler. Thanks for your support and your wonderful comments!

Stay safe all of my wonderful readers!
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