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A Game (Part 1)

(Gabriel POV)
I looked at her reaction to my words. Her eyes flashed for a second but then she composed herself and maintained a poker face.
She stood up and walked towards me, her face unreadable, her movements as lithe as a panther stalking its prey.
"If I could speak with you alone, Mr. Morton." she said, gesturing for me to follow.
Nodding stiffly, I looked at Will, motioning for him to stay where he was and to continue monitoring the other two. They were in enough trouble for following me without permission and I did not want them to screw up any potential ties we had with this family. Yes, Asher was "technically" a part of them, but he wasn't at the same time. Complicated.
"Wait, I want to talk to you Ana!" Xander shouted, shooting up from the couch. Glancing at the girl I was following who froze at the mention of her old name, I turned back to my subordinate. "Stay here Xander. If you don't like how things are, the situation that was created because of you, then you can find the door. The same goes for you Asher."
"But that's-" Asher tried, but Don cut him off.
"You know cuggino (cousin), when one is told to do something by another in a higher position of power, it's best if they listen." His eyes were flashing dangerously and he was waving a knife from who knows where.
"I get that, but why is she going off with some stranger when her family-" once again Asher was cut off, but this time it wasn't the sound of a voice silencing his outburst: it was Don's knife that appeared between Asher's fingers that were resting on the arms of the couch.
Silence resounded through the room. Asher's eyes were wide from being startled, him staring at the knife in between his fingers. Slowly, as he got over the initial shock, did he raise his gaze to glare at Don
"If this is just going to be a big pissing contest, you might as well all drop your pants and grab a ruler." a bored voice from beside me sounded. "Donatello, please stop destroying the furniture that ultimately I will end up paying for. I would be happy to take it out of my winnings from last time that I so generously gave to you to play with."
I had been caught off guard because I never noticed when she had walked back to stand beside me. Don looked down guiltily at the mention of the money and the furniture that he was playing doctor with. "Sì cuggino."
"Mr. Morton, please follow me."
Once again, the stunning woman next to me grabbed my attention with her graceful movements and the authority that she held over a room. I was fascinated by the way she has been able to accomplish so much in such a little time period, based on what she has told me.
I followed her through the hall to another office that was different from the one Will and I had talked to Silvio in earlier. She jestured for me to enter before her and she calmly closed the door behind us with a 'click'.
It was spacious with a lot of natural light coming through windows that looked into a grand backyard. There was a giant desk, a few book shelves, some filing cabinets, a couple of couches, a coffee table, and another room that led into what looked like a meeting room; the kind you see used for presentations at businesses.
"Mr. Morton." Her voice came from right behind me which startled me slightly as I had wandered far into the room and I had not heard her come up behind me once again. Does she ever make noise?
"Please, call me Gabriel. Mr. Morton sounds like you are talking to my father."
She smirked. That was the first sign of emotion on her face that I had seen since this whole fiasco started in the living room. "Mr. Morton, is there a reason for you approaching me? Claiming that you are my boyfriend, no less."
I was flabbergasted. "I didn't claim anything. You started saying that last night at the party and so I came here today to clear things up!"
She looked mildly suprised but covered it up quickly. After a few moments of looking at me without an expression she spoke again."Forgive me, where are my manners. Would you like something to drink?"
"You know, a beverage? Water, juice, coffee, tea. I find it is much easier to talk to people and get to know them when drinks are involved. Alcohol excluded in this case, sorry."
I looked around me, searching for someone else in the room besides myself. Her attitude just did a complete 180. What was going on?
"Umm, sure I guess. May I have a coffee please?" I looked at her, not knowing what else to say. She smiled gently and my heart nearly beat out of my chest. "I will get right on that. Please, make yourself comfortable." I nodded, unsure of what else to do.
I sat down on one of the couches and watched as she prepared coffee. "Would you like anything mixed in such as cream, sugar, or honey?"
"Cream please."
While she finished up, I took the chance to look around the office a bit. There seemed to be no pictures anywhere. Nothing to indicate what she has been doing for the past few years.
'Well you know what she has been doing you idiot.' Mentally slapping myself. 'Preparing to take over one of the most influential mafias.'
I looked over to see that she was placing the mugs of coffee on a tray and brining them over towards me. "Here you go." she said, handing me a hot cup.
"Thank you."
She sat on the same couch as me, sipping at her own coffee, staring at me. I felt extremely awkward to say the least. I continued to stare at my own mug, aware of her gaze on me.
The silence was overwhelming and I felt as if she could hear the beats of my heart from where she sat. Not wanting to spill my coffee, I set it on the table. She did the same.
"So, Gabriel..."
I shuddered at the way my name came from her mouth. Glancing towards her, I saw that she was calmly looking at me with knowing eyes. She suddenly moved, her actions too quick for me to catch, until I was pressed up against the arm of the couch with her forearm against my throat and gun digging into my gut.
"Shall we start this conversation again?"
I grunted, my airway blocked off by her efforts. She lifted slightly, allowing for me to breathe. Coughing, I took in some shuddering breaths, trying to regain my composure.
"Like I said, you are the one who stated our "relationship". I came today to clear things up. I am not looking for anything from you."
Her eyes narrowed, her multicolored eyes seemingly gazing into my soul. Then she let go. She sat up and placed the gun on the table. Turning back to me, she looked at me with a curious expression.
"Shall we play a game?"

Part 2 will be up tomorrow! I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

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