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A Scar Too Deep

(Ana POV)

I woke up to my muscles aching and my head throbbing. I had a brutal encounter with a bat, some fists, and a bunch of feet last night. Had it really only been 5 months since my 15th birthday?

That was the day that the physical abuse from my brother started. And the greatest betrayal I could have ever encountered.


Waking up just like every other day to the sound of an annoying alarm, I struggle to open my eyes. The only difference with today was that I am officially a year older. Another year of torment from my brother and his friends.

Groaning, I slowly rolled out of bed to start my daily routine. After I had finished getting ready for the day, I decided to try to make the best of this day and give my brother the gift that I had bought him a few weeks ago.

He had been getting interested in skateboarding, and so I decided to go and get him a board, the helmet, and some pads. As much as my brother torments me, I do believe that safety should come first when riding this stupid deathtrap.

I knew that I couldn't buy him the greatest board out there, but it was a decent skateboard that he could learn to skate on and as most first boards go, he could break this one in the process of learning.

Running down the stairs to get some food for the day, I accidently bumped into my brother, who was waiting behind a corner to jump out at me, unknown to me at the time.

"Fuck! Watch it freak!" he screamed at me. Ironically, he barely even budged and I was the one that tumbled down the rest of the stairs. Luckily, it was only about six steps or so, but it still hurt.

Groaning, I picked myself up off of the floor and grabbed his gifts.

"What the hell do you think you are doing you worthless piece of shit?" Asher asked me. Looking up at him, I replied in a quiet voice, "I was trying to give you your presents before breakfast and before we had to go to school."

Laughing in my face, Asher looked at me with contempt. "What could you possible give to me that I don't already have? Anything from you would be worthless, a waste of my time, and I would probably just throw it away anyways."

Thinking to myself, "Well, at least he is honest. He probably would end up throwing my gifts away." I decided to just nod at him and continue on my way to grab a piece of toast before walking out the door. Before I close the door behind me, I hear my mother stating, "Happy birthday my darling child!" You are finally 15. I cannot wait to give you all of your presents. Hurry up and open them and then I will make you your favorite breakfast!"

Honestly, I really hurt to hear that. Wasn't I her child too? It was my birthday as well. I bet you anything that my mother could not even tell me what my favorite food is, let alone my favorite breakfast.

Sighing to myself, I decided to stash the gifts I had for Asher in a hollowed out tree on the way to school. I hide all of my valuables here because my brother and his friends used to always take my things and destroy them.

15 minutes later, I arrive at my destination: Hell on Earth, commonly known as school. My brother always got a ride from my father and I always walked, so he beats me to school everyday. This always gave him enough time to find his friends and prepare enough insults to torment me through the day.

Walking through the side doors, I begin to hear all of the same old comments. "Freak". "Weirdo". "Whiteout", and a few others. I think my favorite is 'whiteout' because of the originality. I am looking for Xander because he had promised me that he would give me a birthday present!

Wandering through the halls, I cannot find him anywhere. Pretty soon, it will be time for the first period to start, and I wanted to talk to Xander before class begins. Looking around, I spot my brothers group of friends laughing by some lockers.

Pausing, I realized that Xandar's locker was where they hanging around. I hurried over to their location because I knew that this particular group of people took no pity on anyone, especially if they hung out with me.

Pushing through the small crowd that had formed in the hall, I was caught by surprise. Xander stood in the middle of all of the boys laughing along with them. He was holding up his phone while playing a recording that I never knew he took. It was from a few months ago when my parents had taken Asher out to dinner and had "forgotten" about me again. I had run to Xander that night and cried.

This recording was me pouring my heart out to Xander, my best friend, and here he stood before me, playing it to my brother and his friends.

"... I hate being the one who is always forgotten by my parents. What did I do wrong? And I know that Asher and I have never been super close, but he is supposed to protect and love me, not hurt me every chance he gets. Why..."

Asher turns to look at me with tears of laughter in his eyes. "I'm am supposed to love you? You?! A girl that looks nothing like me. A girl that cannot compare to me on any level. I will never accept you as my sister. Never!"

"Xander, why?" I ask, with tears forming in my eyes. I am trying my hardest to fight them back, as I know that the people around me thrive off of others pain. "Why have you decided to hurt me?"

"I never wanted to be your friend.", he stated simply. "The only reason that I got close to you was for a bet and as a game. I met your brother in middle school. I was friends with him long before I decided to play pretend with you. Did you really think that anyone would want to be friends with a fuck-up freak like you? You must be super stupid if you think that."

All of the boys surrounding Asher and Xander howled with even more laughter as tears began to fall from my eyes. I began to turn to walk away, when my brother shouted, "Hey freak! Get back here."

Ignoring him, I continued on my way. I suddenly felt a strong grip on my arm twisting my body around. I was facing my very angry bully. "Don't you ever ignore me again!", he shouted into me face. Trying to twist my arm from his grasp, I gasped out, "Let go asshole."

His eyes grew wide and his right fist connected with my left cheek. As I fell to the ground, he pounced on top of me and began to punch me in the face and along my ribs. My eyes slowly began to close and the last thing I heard before I passed out was the sound of laughter.

(Flashback End)

Ever since my birthday five months ago, my brother and his group of friends have started to relentlessly beat on me. The isn't a day that goes by that I do not come home without a new bruise or scratch or wound. The worst thing is that my father ignores it but my mother encourages it.

I have heard her multiple times, as I have been almost crawling up the stairs to my room, complimenting my brother on a job well done. Horrible really.

Staring up at the ceiling of my room, I decided get a move on with my day. Getting dressed was the hardest thing. I think that I may have a cracked rib from a kick. The beating from last night was actually because I refused to do my brother's homework.

Weird right?! The perfect brother not doing his homework. All of his friends decided to join in on the fun, and pretty soon, I had a black eye, busted lip, bruised ribs (I am fairly positive that one is cracked or broked due to the pain of breathing), and an abundance of bruises lining my sides on top of the signs of the previous beating. I am very lucky that my injuries are not worse. I managed to protect my head from any severe damage, but it truly is just a matter of time.

Due to my planning ahead, I put a pack of protein bars in my room so that I wouldn't run into my family in the morning. Eating quickly and racing down the stairs, I managed to avoid detection as I slipped out of the door and down the street.

Walking to school was my only time of repreive and rest. I managed to take in the morning air and the surrounding view of our neighborhood. It wasn't too bad, we were fairly well off, in a nice residence with good neighbors, but that also came at a price. It meant that everyone that liked my brother and my parents hated me.

I trudged to school and made it to my class just in time. Slipping quietly into my seat as the bell rang, my teacher looked at me with pity. She knew what my home life was like, but she, and the other teachers around me, did absolutely nothing. They didn't want to get on my brother's bad side.

Fortunately for me, my morning classes went by relatively quickly. I was able to avoid my brother, his friends, and my ex-best friend. As I made my way from class to my normal lunch/hiding spot, trying to continue my dissapearing act, my luck ran out at the second landing near the top of the stairs.

"Hey freak." The voice behind me belonged to none other than my womb sharer.

"Seriously, can you not think of anything more original?" I asked with a sigh.

The smirk on his face fell, with his eyes beginning to smolder with rage. A few of his followers stifled their own laughs, but most glared at me for daring to talk back. One, Chris, took a step forward with his arm raised to hit me, but Asher held his hand up and stopped him.

"Whatever. I just need to tell you to not come home tonight. Dad has a business client coming over for dinner, and we want the family to be presentable. Can't have you there to mess that up, now can we?"

I listened to him in silence, my frustration at my situation growing with each word he was saying. When he was finished, all of his friends began to laugh and high-five each other. The worst part was that Xander was laughing the loudest.

"You know that you wouldn't have to tell me if I had a phone right? And why would I want to be a part of your family? You are a bunch of assholes who mean nothing to me just like I mean nothing to you."

As the words left my mouth, Asher surged forward and punched my ribs. I felt a huge crack and suddenly I couldn't breath. Doubling over, I began to cough up blood. At that moment, Chris took the opportunity to knee me in the face. I flew backwards, over the railing and downwards towards the first level landing.

As I fell, I closed my eyes and waited. I hoped for a release from my pain. And then everything went black.

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