I'm Back Baby

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(Asher POV)

I was frozen.

I couldn't do anything as I watched my little sister's body fall over the railing. I should have tried to catch her. I should have done something!!

I should have done a lot of things...


The moment that I hear my sister's body hit the floor below, I snap out of my stupor and charge towards the stairs. Skipping most of the steps, not really caring for my safety, only knowing that I need to get to her.

There is a crowd of people around her body, with teachers mixed in. Someone is shouting for the nurse to come, and a few people are on the phone trying to get an ambulance. I push through to the front of the crowd, desperate to reach Ana.

I never meant for it to go this far. Yeah we rough her up and stuff, but she was never supposed to be in danger. Not like this.

I finally reach the front of the crowd and I see my twin's body on the ground. Broken. Bleeding. Unnatural. Her right arm is twisted at an odd angle, along with her left leg. And her hair. Her beautiful white hair. I always was jealous of her hair. It is so different and pretty. Pure. And now it was stained with her blood.

The same blood that runs through my veins.

Xander came up behind me and stood there shocked. He didn't say anything. I knew that something had been wrong when I had punched her earlier. When my blow landed, I felt something give way.

Looking around, I saw a few of the teachers giving me and my friends looks of disgust. I couldn't blame them.

How could I?

I am her brother and I tortured her for years. Now it came to the point where she is lying here, not moving.

I hear yelling from behind me and it was the paramedics coming through with a stretcher to take Ana away. I stood back and let them through, not knowing what else to do.

Hesitantly, I pulled out my phone to call my dad. I didn't know how he would react when he heard the news about Ana. He never encouraged me to hurt her, but he never stopped me either.

What was he going to say?

He picked up on the second ring. "Dad, something has happened."


(Xander POV)

I still couldn't accept what had happened.

When Ana fell, time had stopped. Once we heard her body hit the floor, all hell had broken loose. Asher took off down the stairs while Chris stood back smugly. Did he want her dead?

We al followed Asher down to Ana's location, but the crowd of people prevented everyone but Asher from getting close. Standing back, I began to think of why I was acting like I had been.

Was I just trying to prove that I was popular? Or that I needed the reassurance of Asher and everyone else? The plan to pretend to be Ana's friend was originally mine.

I met Asher when we were both 10 at school. Things had been great, until Ana showed up. I have to admit, she is very beautiful in her own way. Her unique features capture a lot of attention, and at the time, it had caught mine.

Asher didn't like the fact that I had been so interested in Ana, so I came up with the plan. This would not only allow me to prove my loyalty to Asher, but it would also allow me to spend more time with Ana.

And she was amazing. "Is, Xander", I thought to myself. "She has to still be alive."

My attention snapped by at the sound of the paremedics coming in to help Ana to the hospital. Looking all over for Asher, I see him on the phone talking to someone.

Probably his dad. His mom, for some reason, hates Ana.

At that moment, Chris bumps into me. "Looks like your little friend won't be around to pollute the world for very much longer.", he said with a sneer.

Grabbing a handful of his shirt, I slammed him into the lockers that were behind us.

"Why?!" I shouted. "Why would you try to kill her? She has never done anything to deserve this! She has never done anything to deserve any of this pain!"

His eyes were filled with hatred. I couldn't tell if it was for me or something/someone else. "The weak should just be exterminated anyways."

"She has done nothing to you!"

"She never did anything to you either, now did she?"

His response hit me harder than a truck. He was right. She had never done anything to me for me, or even her brother, to start tormenting her.

As Chris walked away, I slowly sank to the floor and put my head between my legs. The tears of my guilt and sorrow came with the memories of everything that I had done.

I just sat there and cried as I could do nothing to change the past.


(Pietro POV)

I had been working in my office for most of the morning when I received a call from my son. Setting my work aside, I answered.

"Dad, something has happened."

Before I could say anything, Asher began to tell me what has occured at school. Slowly, my eyes began to widen in worry for Ana. How could this have happened?

I told Asher to stay in school and to go straight home after. He was not to tell his mother anything.

After hanging up the phone, I called in my secretary.

"Yes Mr. Williams?"

"I will be leaving for the afternoon. Clear my schedule and contact the Mortons and tell them that I will not be able to make our appointment tonight due to a family emergeny."

Once my secretary left, I pulled out another phone and a notebook that held a list of names and numbers. It had been years since I had seen either of these things, and I had hoped that I wouldn't have had a need for them so soon.

Glancing through the names, a few had been crossed out to signify their deaths. At the top was a name that made me pause.


She was the reason why I left Italy. My beautiful older sister.

Shaking my head, I flipped through the pages looking for another name.

"Luciea, Luciea..." I murmured to myself through my search.

Finally I found the number I was looking for! Quickly punching in the numbers on the keypad of the outdated mobile, I called my younger sister that I have not spoken to in almost 16 years.

"Pronto. (Ready)"

"Sorella, ciao. È successo qualcosa qui negli Stati Uniti. Tutto è stato incasinato. Ana e' gravemente ferita e non puo' piu' stare qui. Per favore, venite a riportarla in Italia. (Sister, hello. Something has happened here in the States. Everything has been messed up. Ana is terribly injured, and she cannot stay here any longer. Please come take her back to Italy.)"

"Fratello, com'è potuto succedere?! Io sarò lì il prima possibile. Analissa è preziosa per tutti noi. E' una buona cosa che alla fine sara' fuori dalle tue mani. (Brother how could this happen?! I will be over there as soon as I can. Analissa is precious to us all. It is a good thing she will finally be out of your hands.)"

After I hung up the phone, I raced to the hospital that was closest to Ana's and Asher's school. Running in, I asked the receptionist for Analissa Williams, 15 years old. She directed me to the surgical department.

After waiting outside for Ana's suurgery to finish, I thought about everything that had happened over the past few years.

It was my fault that Asher and Ana had never been close. I never cared about their relationship and I let my wife spoil Asher. I ignored Ana and even let Asher start to hurt her.

Putting my head in my hands, I thought about what Viviana would say if she could see me now. How dissapointed she would be. How angry.

"Family of Analissa Williams?", a doctor called out.

"I'm here! Here!" I practically shouted at the doctor as I jumped up to greet him.

"Mr. Williams, your daughter is out of surgery, but she needs to be in our ICU for a few days. Starting from her smaller injuries, her left leg has a spiral fracture at the knee and her left hip was dislocated. Her right arm was fractured from her shoulder to her elbow. There were many parts of the bone that were embedded into her muscle, so it is possible that we missed some pieces. This can cause issues later and we may have to redo the surgery. However, these injuries are not comparable to the others. She had some cracked ribs from some blunt force trauma on her right side along with some bruising, but three ribs on her left side were completely broken. One of them punctured her lung. She also had a skull fracture from the fall. She will have a severe concussion and we are worried about swelling of her brain. We will keep you updated on her condition, but please be aware of how severe her injuries are."

When he was finished, he walked away. I sank to the floor and started crying.

"Viviana," I sobbed. "What have I done to your child?"


Pronto- A common form to greet people on the phone in Italy

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