I'm Back Baby

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Going Back Home Part I

(Lucia POV)

When I had gotten the call from Pietro, it was late evening in Italy. Nothing could have prepared me for the news of my niece being so injured that I needed to bring her back home early.

Why did Pietro let this abuse continue for so long?

I had been keeping tabs on Analissa and Pietro for a few yearss in order to make sure that our heir was safe. We had received a few threats from our rival on Analissa's life.

I immediatly called my husband and let him know that I was leaving for America to pick Analissa up.

"She is coming home now. I will not let her suffer over there any longer. Viviana wouldn't have wanted it anyways. She also needs to be trained. Tell the boys that I will be back in a few days."

"Of course my love. Bring her home safely."

I hung up and boarded our private plane that I would be bringing Analissa back in. I would normally tke the jet due to the fact that it is faster, but the plane has medical equipment that may be necessary for Analissa's transfer.

Contacting my hacker, I asked him to gain access to my niece's medical information to know just what Ineeded to do in order to make her comfortable on the flight back and potential rehabilitation in Italy.

When he got back to me, I was not prepared. The extent of her injuries were not that of a simple beating, which was what she has been dealing with for the past 6 months. This was extreme. Some of these injuries could cause permanent damage. They may even impede her rightful place as the heir to the Mafia degli angeli invernali, or the Mafia of Winter Angels.

Once the flight had reached the States, I hopped in the car that was waiting for me to take me to the hospital. I was not going to spare any time getting Analissa back to Italy.

During the flight, I had made some calls to our family for the preperation of Analissa's arrival. The first one I had made was to Silvio Mansi. He is our family doctor. I sent him the files that he would need to help my niece with anything that she would require.

I also called Bastiano Winters. He is my cousin on my father's side. I will need him to train Analissa when she is healed and ready to join the family. He was one of the greatest fighters in Italy in his prime, and now he is one of the greatest trainers.

The family uses him as a front to push our fighters through his training program.

Bastiano agrees instantly to train Analissa and he asks about her condition.

"I do not know. I will see her in person in a little bit, but her records are with Dr. Mansi."

Bastiano remained quiet for a second and then replied. "I will look in to some rehabilitation programs that will be more beneficial for her recovery. If she is going to take over when she is 18, she needs to start training right away. I know it is horrible to say, but the beating that she took for the past few months may help with her training in the future."

"If she is anything like her mother, she will be able to catch onto everything pretty quickly. Viviana was a natural."



I opened the door to the ICU at the hospital where Analissa was being treated currently. Unfortunatly, Pietro was there as well, sitting outside Analissa's room.

He stood up and looked at me with something akin to remorse in his eyes.

"No" I said. "You do not get to feel regret. You are the one that let this situation go on for this long. You should have reined in that son of yours. You said nothing during the time she was being abused."

He looked startled at my sudden outburst.

"I took care of her for almost 16 years Lucia! Why didn't you take her?"

"You know why!" I almost screamed. "If she had stayed in Italy, she would have been killed, just like Viviana."

Tears began to leak from my eyes as I thought of my older sister. She had died so horribly and now her child was laying in the hospital, so broken.

So alone.

"How could you have let her not feel the love that any child should have. You ignored her for years.You let that woman of yours encourage your son to torture her. Where is your humanity? Where is your loyalty to your family?"

"They are my family too...", he whispers.

'I shouldn't be so hard on him", I think to myself. 'This was his choice, and now he must deal with the consequences. He will have to forever live with the guilt.'

I sat down on the bench away from Pietro so that I wouldn't have to look at him anymore.

He is my older brother by blood, but not by heart. I could not respect or allow anyone into my family who had hurt my niece the way that he and his family had.


(Pietro POV)

Listening to my little sister was hard. I knew she was right. She always was pretty smart.

I had let Isabella get away with too much over the years. We had married right after I moved away from Italy and so she never fully understood the true meaning of our family business.

She just wanted our son to inheirit once my sister had passed away. For selfish reasons, I overlooked her twisted thoughts and focused on our life here in the States.

And then my niece needed to move away from Italy.

I offered up my home, thinking that it would be better for her to live with family. Little did I know that Isabella would twist our son's mind into thinking that she would take everything away from him.

The family business in Italy was rightfully hers. As a father to them both, I failed.

I had never talked about my life back in Italy. I never even told Ana nor Asher that she was my niece. I thought that the time would come later.

It is now later, and I will forever live with my regrets of everything that I have done to my poor niece.


(Lucia POV)

"Family of Analissa Williams?"

"I am here. I am here aunt.", I told the doctor in charge of Analissa.

"She will be waking up soon, so she will be able to have visitors in a few days. I will be making sure that she gets the best possible care..."

"She will be leaving with me tomorrow Doctor.", I cut him off. "I have arranged a medical transport and all of the necessary requirements to bring her back to Italy. She will no longer be in the care of my brother."

Both the doctor and Pietro looked surprised at my words.

"Tomorrow?", the doctor asked.

"Y-y-you can't just take her back to Italy. This is where her family is.", stuttered my brother.

"Family? You mean the son that caused this 'accident' to happen? The woman she claims as her mother who supported and encouraged him? No. Her family is back in Italy. She will be where she belongs and she will be a true Winters."

I said this looking my brother square in his eyes. He neeeded to see my seriousness and how his actions over the years have not gone unnoticed.

"Ma'am, you can't just take her tomorrow...", the doctor tried to speak again, but I quickly cut him off.

"I have already prepared everything. All of the paperwork has been signed, including one from your Director here at the hospital. I assure you Doctor, the plane that we will be taking has already been equipped with the finest medical equipment that she will need and I have our family doctor on route to meet me at the airfield. That is the only reason why I am leaving with my niece tomorrow and not today. I am not doubting your qualifications as a doctor, but I would rather have my niece be attended by someone I know and have her be with the same doctor throughout her entire treatment, including physical therapy. Now, if you will excuse me, I will need to pack her stuff to take to Italy."

With that, I turned on my heel and left to go to my brother's house.


Pulling up to Pietro's house, I took a deep breath in and held it.

"I really don't want to deal with Isabella and that nephew of mine." I said as I exhaled. I walked up to the door and I knocked.

I should have just gone it and taken Analissa's stuff, but I didn't want to appear rude. Yet.

Asher opened the door. "Yes can I help you?"

"I am here to retreive Analissa's stuff. My name is Lucia Winters.", I said with a polite tone.

"What do you want with my sister's stuff? Are you just a theif?!", he asked me in an agressive way.

He is starting to get on my nerves. After everything he has done to Analissa, he is just going to stand here and accuse me of robbing my own niece? Oh hell no.

"Young man, I am your aunt. Your father already knows that I am here for Analissa's stuff. I am taking her back with me tomorrow, so I need to get her stuff. If you do not believe me, please, call your father."

Asher gaped at me when I said the word aunt. Suddenly, he took out his phone and called Pietro. After speaking with him for a minute or so, Asher hung up and looked back at me.

"Look lady, I don't care what you or my father says. No one is taking my sister anywhere. And you're not taking her stuff."

With that, I became undone. "Look here Asher. Whether you like it or not, Analissa is coming with me. And you will be respectful towards me and to your father. You have tormented Analissa long enough. Now, if you will please move, I will be getting Analissa's stuff now."

Pushing past Asher, I marched upstairs and into my niece's room. I already knew the landscape of the house due to some recon I had done years ago when the verbal abuse first started.

I needed to know about the environment the Winters' heir lived in.

Gathering up Analissa's clothing, pictures, shoes, essentials, and other miscellaneous items, I cleaned out her room in about 20 minutes. At that time, I heard loud voices coming from downstairs.

Grabbing everything and bringing it down, I was stopped by none other than Isabella.

"Isabella, it's been too soon.""Isabella, it's been too soon.", I stated with as much malice in my voice as I could muster.

"Lucia, why did you come? What are you doing with my daughter's things?"


"How dare you? You have never treated her that way. The only reason you kept her around was that you were hoping that she would be a money bank for you once she inheirits." I screamed this at her, hoping that she would let me leave in peace.

Sadly, not every dream comes true.

"She's my daughter," she cried with fake tears streaming down her face. "You can't take my daughter away!"

"You say daughter, but I say you thought of her as just another mouth to feed."

"I raised her for almost 16 years. You can't take her away. You can't take her away from Asher either."

I snapped. "Take her away from Asher? So that he can beat her up some more? So that she will end up back in the hospital. You probably want him to kill her so that he will inheirit. Tough luck, my children are next in line after Analissa."

Hearing this news, Isabella looked stricken. She sank to the floor and kept opening her mouth with no words coming out. Honestly, she looked like a codfish.

"I will be leaving now, with all of Analissa's stuff. Do not follow us once we leave. I wish she had never have had to live with this family."

I put all of Analissa's stuff in the back of the car and we drove back to the hospital.

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