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Going Back Home Part II

(Asher POV)

Analissa was leaving? Leaving to where?

When I first opened the door, the lady standing there looked familiar. Once she said she was my aunt, I finally put it together. She looked like me and dad.

I had quickly called my dad to confirm that this lady really was indeed my aunt. After he confirmed that she was his younger sister Lucia from Italy, I grew scared. Analissa was really leaving me.

"Look lady, I don't care what you or my father says. No one is taking my sister anywhere. And you're not taking her stuff." I yelled.

I couldn't contain my anger. She was my sister. This stranger who I had never met in my life was not just going to take her away from me. I wouldn't stand for it.

"Look here Asher. Whether you like it or not, Analissa is coming with me. And you will be respectful towards me and to your father. You have tormented Analissa long enough. Now, if you will please move, I will be getting Analissa's stuff now."

Her rebuttle froze me. She was right. I did torment her.

She brushed past me and went up the stairs to Ana's room How did she know where it was?

Hearing that something had gone wrong at the door, my mother came over to check on me.

"Darling, what is it? What happened?"

"Mom, aunt Lucia is going to take Ana away.", I said.

For some reason, my brain was not processing the news. My sister wasn't going to leave us. She was going to come home and I would be able to make up for everything that I had done to her.

My mother's face grew dark. "What?!", she screamed. "She can't do that! She has no right. After the agreement years ago, Ana was to live here."

Wait... what agreement?

I turned to look at my mother in surprise, but she was not paying any attention to me. She immedietly went into her office and slammed the door. I sat in the living room and thought about how to maybe keep Ana here.


I pulled out my phone and called Xander.

"Asher, any news about Ana?"

I heisitated. My abusing Ana began because Xander always paid her so much attention instead of me. He was my friend first. Mine.

I brushed those thoughts away. "She is still in the hospital. We haven't received any further news about her condition from my dad. But that's not the problem Xander. My aunt from Italy found out about her getting hurt and came to take her back with her. She is here right now packing up Ana's stuff. Xander, we're going to loose Ana!"

Once I was done talking, all I heard was silence. It seemed that the news had startled Xander too. After almost a minute, he spoke again. "I will be right over. Try to stall her for as long as possible."

After he hung up the phone, I paced around the living roon, trying to come up with a plan to stall aunt Lucia.

I thought maybe my mother could help me. It seemed like she didn't want Ana to leave either. Knocking on the door to her office, I waited to hear for her permission to enter. But it never came.

Opening the door a crack, I heard my mother on the phone, "... and she will be leaving to go back to Italy! This was not part of the plan. I didn't raise the bitch up for 15 years to just get nothing."

Slamming the door wide open, I shouted, "What the hell are you talking about?!"

My mother quickly hung up the phone and had the audacity to look pitiful. "Sweetie, you know better than to come into mummy's office."

"Who were you talking to?"

"Asher, that is no way to speak to your mother, now is it?"

Our voices kept getting louder, and pretty soon, Lucia came down the stairs. My mother ran to the stairs to prevent her from leaving, but the reason that she wanted Ana to stay were unknown to me.

"Isabella, it's been too soon."

I sniggered at this. No one ever spoke to my mother like this, so hearing it from a stranger was amusing.

"Lucia, why did you come? What are you doing with my daughter's things?" my mother stated, as if she had no clue.

"How dare you? You have never treated her that way. The only reason you kept her around was that you were hoping that she would be a money bank for you once she inheirits."

I looked at my mother and Lucia in suprise. What were they talking about?

"She's my daughter," she cried with fake tears streaming down her face. "You can't take my daughter away!" My mother did always know how to turn on the waterworks. That is how she got the new Lexus LC 500 Convertible and a new wardrobe. My dad felt guilty that he made her "cry".

"You say daughter, but I say you thought of her as just another mouth to feed."

"I raised her for almost 16 years. You can't take her away. You can't take her away from Asher either."

I did not want to be dragged into this argument. Lucia was super scary when she wanted to be. The murderous look on her face nearly put me six under already.

"Take her away from Asher? So that he can beat her up some more? So that she will end up back in the hospital. You probably want him to kill her so that he will inheirit. Tough luck, my children are next in line after Analissa."

Again, I was really confused. Inheirit what? I knew that dad's business was doing well and I would most likely have a good position in his company here, but from what I knew, which apparently is nothing, dad wasn't involved with his family back in Italy.

My mom was on the ground, almost gasping for air like a fish out of water. If the situation wasn't so serious, it would be very funny.

I was also really ashamed that my own aunt knew how I abused my own sister, her niece. She looked at me with scorn-filled eyes and then left.

After we had heard her car drive away, I thought about Xander.

Oh Shit!! I was supposed to stall her long enough so that Xander could talk Lucia out of taking Ana back. I was so screwed now.

Moving myself into the living room, I sat on the couch and waited for Xander to arrive. I knew that I was going to get yelled at by him and that this would all be my fault. But I couldn't change anything now, could I?

Eight minutes later, Xander burst through the front door yelling, "You can't take Ana!"

"It's too late Xander. My aunt already left."

Xander stood there just looking at me. Then he moved. He punched me right in the jaw and I wasn't even going to move to defend myself. I deserved everything that he was doing to me.

"You were supposed to prevent her from leaving. Now Ana will be gone forever."

"Maybe not forever", said a voice from the doorway. My father stood there with a defeated look on his face. It was a look I had never seen on him before.

"Dad, what do you mean? Is Ana leaving for real? And if she is, will she come back?"

Dad looked at me with pity in his eyes. "Yes, Ana will be leaving with Lucia." He held up his hand to silence both me and Xander as we tried to protest. "As I was saying, she will be leaving tomorrow. I do not know for how long, but she will be living in Italy with Lucia and the rest of my family. There is a chance that she may come back, one day. There are things that both you boys will find out later, but for now, just find solace in the fact that Ana will be happy in Italy."

With that, he just left. He left the house and drove away. I didn't bother calling as I knew he was going back to the hospital to visit Ana. Maybe for the last time.

"What do we do now?", Xander asked.

"I don't know.", I said. "I really don't know."


(Lucia POV)

The morning after I had arrived, I contacted Silvio, or Dr. Mansi, to check on the status of the flight. He had landed a few hours ago and the plane had to be refueled.

Walking into the ICU wing, I saw the doctor who was in charge of taking care of Analissa. Going straight to him, I began talking to him about the procedure of transfering Ana to the plane. It wasn't as if we could park the plane in the Ambulance Access section of the parking lot, so we needed transportation.

A few minutes later, a tall blonde man with glasses resting on his sharp nose came waltzing in. He drew looks from everywhere. A height of almost 6'2 with stormy grey eyes and facial features designed by artists, Dr. Mansi was definitely an eye-catcher.

Strolling over to me and Analissa's doctor, he called out, "Ciao, mio bellissimo agnellino. (Hello my beautiful little lamb.)"

A glare from me shut him up real quick.

"Where is my patient?", he asked.

"She is right this way. She still has not regained conciousness, which has us worried. I do not think that you should transfer her in this condition, especially on a plane.", our good doctor spoke yet again about things that he was not in charge of.

"Silvio, please go work your magic and have her ready to leave in an hour. I am tired of being here."

"Come desideri. (As you wish)"

Silvio walked to a prep area and washed up. As I stood there watching, a few nurses tried to approach him, but he always brushed them off.

I stood by and waited as Silvio went into Analissa's room and began to work. He did not touch her arm, leg, or ribs. He would be able to work on those when we got back to Italy. For now, he was focused on the fracture in her skull.

After a while, Silvio stepped out and came to meet me.

"What is your opinion?", I asked with my heart feeling heavy.

"She will be fine as long as she is kept sedated. I do not want her to wake up and thrash around, especially with a possible concussion. Let's get her loaded up and back to Italy as soon as we can. I will be able to work on her much more proficiently in my home environment."

"Alright.", I said.

I looked for the previous doctor again and told him what was going on. While he was unhappy that she was being transfered, he was okay with her being kept under.

"If you could, would you send me the result of her recovery? I am very interested to see the works of Dr. Mansi."

Looking over at Silvio I stated, "It really is up to him, but I will see what I can do considering your cooperation with us during our time here. Thank you for everything."

"It was my pleasure.", he said, shaking my hand.

Once all of the formalities had been completed, including the rest of the paperwork, we left the hospital with my niece in the back of an ambulance following us to the airfield.

Halfway there, I received a call from Pietro.


"You have left the hospital already?", he almost deafened me with his shout.

"Yes we have. The sooner we get her to Italy the better."

"You mean away from me." I hear Asher's voice on the other line.

"Partially, but also because we have one of the best doctors/surgeons that will be able to take better care of her. She will be given the best care in my household, you can be rest assured, dear brother."

I could not help but barb my brother a bit. He deserved to know that what he and his family had done to my niece was unacceptable in my eyes and in the eyes of the family.

"Please aunt Lucia. At least let me say goodbye to her."

"Asher, your sister still has yet to wake up."

I knew that I was being a bit harsh, but it was less than they had been.

"If you will excuse me, we have just reached the airfield. We will be leaving now. Goodbye.", I stated.

"Wait! Please! Just let me say goodbye..."

"That's my daughter Lucia. You can't do this..."

"At least let us keep in contact with her..."

Three voices came through the line as I was hanging up. I didn't recognize the third, but I didn't care.

'Keep in contact with her? Are you crazy?! What, so you can verbally abuse her again?', I asked myself this sarcastically.

Silvio had ridden with Analissa in the ambulance and was now loading her into the plane. She looked so peaceful and so much like my older sister.

Except for her hair color. I have no idea where that came from. Silver did not run in our family. But her eyes came from her mother and so did her facial features.

After getting everything situated on the place and laying Analissa on the bed in the back, we took off.

"Don't worry Lissa. We are going back to where you belong.

We are going home"

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