I'm Back Baby

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*Side note: Ana will now be going by Lissa, so her POV will also be labeled as Lissa

(Lissa POV)

Opening my eyes, all I could feel was pain. My right arm was throbbing and I could feel something pulling in my left leg.

And holy shit was someone beating my head with a hammer currently? That would explain the pounding.

I have never had a hangover before, but I am pretty sure that this is what everyone describes how they feel.

Looking around the room, I can tell that I am in a hospital due to the equipment, the clensing smell, and the overall clean, white look that the room gives off.

"Where is dad?", I think to myself.

While thoughts about what had happened and what might happen in the future if I decide to stay with my family swirl through my head, someone opens the door.

I look up at the people who have entered my room and I do not recognize either of them, although the woman does look a bit familiar.

"Analissa," she says with an accent, "do you know who I am?"

I stared at her in suprise. I was supposed to know who she was?

She gave a slight smile, "I am your aunt, Analissa. We have a lot to talk about, but for now, we need to focus on you getting better."

I looked at her strangely. "If you're my aunt, then why have I never heard my parents talk about you? And where is my father? Or my family?" I asked in desperation, hoping that I would soon see a familiar face.

"Analissa..." she trailed off, not sure of what to say next. "Analissa," she started again, "I am Pietro's younger sister. You will find out more once you're out of the hospital, but as for where Pietro, Isabella, and Asher are, they are at their house in the States. I took you to Italy with me because you needed some extensive surgery. As for your family, you will be staying with me now. And my family. And the family that helped to raise Pietro, your grandparents. They are all here, wanting to meet you, to take care of you. We heard what was going on, but we couldn't do anything about it, or else I would have come to get you almost three and a half years ago when Asher started to verbally abuse you. Please Analissa. Let's just focus on getting better right now."

I sat in silence, not really sure how to process things, but my mind was going crazy.

'I'm in Italy? Holy cow! I can finally do the travelling that I wanted to. Wait, no, I'm still hurt. And I have a new family? No... Not exactly. They're just a part of my family I've never met yet. Am I okay with living here? They are a bunch of strangers... Well, the people who made me like this were no strangers, so I highly doubt it can get much worse. Let's be positive! Wait, that's probably why I recognized her. She looks like my father! Hold on, what's her name?..."

I glanced at the lady standing beside my bed again with curiosity.

"Finally finished your inner monologue?" she asked.

Wait, what?

"How did you know? And hold on, what is your name? My father never said."

She laughed, "My name is Lucia. It's not suprising that Pietro never told you. He left while we were on unhappy terms and it never got better. And I knew about your inner monologue because you made the face that ever Winters makes when they're thinking so hard. It's halfway between a constipation look and quantum physics question."

I started to laugh as well, but soon stopped because of the pain of my ribs.

"Are you okay? I'll get the doctor and we can talk some more later."

She hurried out the door to some unknown location and I was alone again. She ws nice, and she made me laugh. I was happy with her. But was I okay with leaving my life behind?

'Ha' I thought, 'What life?'

I knew that my situation back home was not the best and that I did not want to be a punching bag forever, but I had grown up there. They were my family. Not that they ever treated me that way, but it was true. They raised me and I believed they loved me.

Lucia came back with another man in tow. And boy did I need a glass of ice water, because this man just raised the room temperature a few degrees.

"Hello Miss Analissa." he said is s deep voice with a smooth Italian accent. I honestly wanted to melt right then and there.

"I am Doctor Silvio Mansi. I am the one who re-did the surgeries on you when you came to Italy. Are you feeling any discomfort?"

"Re-did the surgeries? Was there something wrong with them in the first place?"

There were tremors in my voice that I could not keep hidden. Was there something wrong with me? Was I never going to recover?

"Well you're fine now, but the doctors that previously took care of you missed some things. Your right arm, for example, still had multiple bone fragments embedded in your muscle. This would have complicated things later on and we would have had to operate again, postponing your recovery even later."

"My left leg feels like it is pulling a bit and my head is killing me." I stated, knowing that this was the guy to talk to about my pain. Seriously, were there little dwarves mining for something in my head?

"You have a few pins in your leg now, and they is why it is pulling. A spiral fracture is nothing to take lightly. You will feel uncomfortable and it will be painful for a while, but we will start to have you do physical therapy in a week or so, depending on your pain tolerance. It normally can start a few days after surgery, but with your ribs the way they are and your lungs, I don't want to puch it."

"What about my head?"

You had another fracture at the base of your skull. Now with this, there's not much we can do. You can take some medication to dull the headache, but we cannot fix the actual fracture. It will heal itself. I am worried that it will cause you severe headaches in the future, due to its location, but we will deal with that when it arrises. You will be on a diet that I recommend for you health, don't worry, there is ice cream, but there is also a lot of nutrition in there too. Try not to laugh to much. We didn't have to re-fix your torn lung, but that doesn't mean that the stitchs can't come out. So please, be careful."

With that, he took my aunt aside and started talking to her in rapid Italian. I didn't know any Italian, so I sat there patiently, waiting for them to be finished with their conversation.

When they were done, Dr. Mansi left and my aunt sat down next to me.

"He will be back soon with some food for you."

"Okay" I said.

Silence enued afterwards. It was almost unbearable until I realized that I didn't know anything about her.

"What is the family like? Your family?"

She chuckled. "Well, I am the youngest of three, although the eldest has since passed away."

She looked at me with pity, but I didn't understand why.

"My parents are still alive, and they want to meet you. They have been married over 50 years and are still just as in love as the day they married. I am also married. My husband's name is Matteo Bianchi and we have three beautiful boys: Leandro, Donatello, and Luca. You will love the boys. They are so excited to meet you. My cousin will also be stopping by here today as well. His name is Bastiano Winters, and he will be your physical therapist. He will be talking to Silvio and you about anything that is bothering you and how you feel."

We continued to talk about the family and how I would get better when Dr. Mansi came back with some food for me. It wasn't that great, but at least there was ice cream.

A few days past and I got to meet Bastiano along with Lucia's husband, Matteo. They were both wonderful men with even temperments, but suprisingly, Bastiano was a champion fighter when he was younger. He is now a trainer and physical therapist, which is why he is going to help with my recovery.

Today is the day I start my physical therapy, which I am excited for, but also dreading. I didn't want to get my hopes up too high only to have no improvement.

But I trusted cousin Bast. He knew what he was doing and how to get me better.

I was being pushed into the physical therapy room by my aunt and uncle Matteo when Bastiano showed up.


Suprised, I snapped my head towards his direction. "What does that mean?" I asked.

"Haha, it means 'little one"." my aunt said.

Looking at Bastiano, I raised my eyebrows. "But I'm not little?"

He chuckled. "Compared to me you are."

Everyone laughed, except for me. I was still trying to not hurt my lungs or ribs.

After physical therapy, which hurt like a bitch by the way, Lucia told me that we were not going back to the hospital room like I had anticipated.

"You will be living with me at my house starting today."

"Yes!" I shouted.

"Clearly someone is excited." she said, with a smile.

"I know the boys are" Matteo answered, also grinning.

'This is going to be so exciting!' I thought to myself. "I can't believe I am getting a new family." I said.

"You've always had us, you were just never told about us." Lucia stated.

Climbing into the car, we drove to their house. But I have to say house loosely. This was a mansion.

As I was pushed up to the doorway, there was a split staircase leading up to a doorway that was at least 10 feet tall.

Getting up the stairs was a bit of an issue, but I was pushing through because I thought that it would be good for me to work the muscle in my leg.

Sitting back down in my wheelchair, I was pushed into the enourmous house. Standing near the enterance were three boys.

"Boys, I'd like you to meet your cousin, Analissa. Analissa, this is Leandro, Donatello, and Luca, my three children." Lucia stated with a wide smile.

"Hello" they all said.

"Hi. Please call me Lissa." I had decided that I would not be called Ana here because I did not want to recall the bad memories of when Xander or Asher would hurt me using that name. I also wanted a fresh start.

One of the boys walked up to me and said, "My name is Leandro. I am 12, almost 13. Donatello is 11 and Luca is 4."

"It is a pleasure to meet all of you. I am very excited to be living here and I hope that we can all get along together."

Lucia looked at all of us with pride and then pushed me to an elevator that would bring me to my room.

I was shocked. Who has a freaking elevator in their house? I guess my family does...

When we reached the fourth level of the house, my aunt pushed me out and we came into a beautiful room.

"This is the west wing room. This is where you will be staying when you are here."

My mouth dropped. What?

This room was gorgeous.

Coming out of the elevator, you get into a big living area, including a dining room and a lowered living room with an indoor firepit. There was a 72" TV on the wall in front of a white couch in the living room and it looked like two French doors on either side of the TV that led out to a deck overlooking a private lake. Behind the dining room was a mini kitchen and to my right, I saw another door that I assumed led to a bedroom.

Going into the bedroom, I nearly shouted with joy. There was a king sized four-poster bed with white drapes flowing elegently down to the floor. A large vanity lined one wall, next to a door, while on the other wall, another door led to another unknown space.

I went through the door next to the vanity and I was in my own shopping mall! Holy Sugar-nuggets! There were so many clothes I didn't think I would ever get the chance to wear them all.

And the shoes. I knew I was in love when I saw the shoes.

Going back out and through the last unknow door, I went into my own bathroom. And I was not disappointed. There was an inlaid jacuzzi bathtub that I could have gone swimming in right in the middle of the floor with a walk in shower in the corner. Everything else was pretty standard.

Going back out to the living area, I looked at Lucia is awe. "Is this really all mine? I mean, I can live here?"

"Of course. You are family."

I beckoned her over to me, and reaching up from my wheeled contraption, I hugged her with all my might. "Thank you so much for saving me."

I felt something wet on my shoulder and I knew she was crying. Glancing up, I saw the tears coming out of her eyes, with her trying to hide them.


"Lissa, please. It makes it easier for all of us." I stated firmly.

"Lissa, there is something we need to talk about. You are on the road to recovery now, and doing wonderfully. I don't want what I am about to say to hinder you at all, but I do not want to hide this from you any longer."

I saw that she was very nervous and I started to get nervous too. What was so big that it could be worse than taking me away from my family and from the States?

"You see, you are not who you think you are. You are still my niece, but Pietro isn't your father: he is your uncle. You're really the daughter of my older sister, Viviana."

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