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Hunter,formerly known as Kate has transphobic and homophobic parents. He is always abused emotionally by his parents and physically by the students in school. Until a horrible incident happens, which makes his parents to send him to grandmother in Italy. Apollo is the only child of Italian mafia boss,Bruno. He and his gang are known as the school’s hottest boys.With good looks,money and bad boy vibes, he gets anything he wants whenever he wants. What will happen when these two different people meet? Will Apollo treat him just like he treats his other “play things”? Will Hunter open up his heart to him?

Romance / Humor
Aderewa _
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Chapter 1


“Wake up,you wretched faggot”,my mom yelled from downstairs. I know that wondering why a mother would call her son that, but I cannot blame her cause she thinks I “killed her daughter and turned into a faggot”. Yes,I’m transgender and I like boys. Just cause my gender changed doesn’t mean my sexuality will change too. My parents have been abusing me since three years ago and it got worse when I had surgery last summer.

“Won’t you go to school,you idiot?”, my dad yelled from across the hall snapping me from the daze my thoughts got me in. I started walking into the bathroom and I started washing myself. I walked into my walk in closet and grabbed a vintage t-shirt,black ripped up jeans and black boots.

I stepped out of the house and started walking to school. My parents never bought me a car so I had to walk to school everyday. I plugged in my earpiece and started listening to Thunder by imagine Dragons. I really liked imagine Dragon.

Walking into school, I was greeted by snide remarks and glares from the students in my school.Being in school is way different from being at home due to the number of people that were ready to pummel me. My locker was already covered in hateful words. I roll my eyes as I opened my locker to take my books.

I flinch as a hand banged loudly on my locker,I know who it is and I did not miss him at all during summer. I’m met with black eyes and short brown hair, his flat lips are pulled in a smirk and his lean muscled body is in black jeans and a soccer jersey. He is not attractive one bit, with droopy eyes,puffy cheeks and chapped thin lips.

His name is Oliver, he and his little posse bully me daily.i think they just derive joy from beating me up.

“Hey Kate, where your tits at?,Oliver said with a smug smile. I hate people calling me Kate. It makes me really angry.

“Probably on your mom’s chest. I heard she has really tiny tits. No wonder you looked malnourished as a child,” I retorted with a smirk. If looks could kill, I would be six feet under by now. He was glaring at me immensely and I just knew I was going to die.

“Oh,you are going to be sorry that you ever said that”,Oliver shouted as he and his posse dragged me into the bathroom.

I’m going to die and no one will save me. He pushe me inside the bathroom and locked the door.

Oh oh,I’m going to die.

He punched me right in the face which made me fall on the ground with a thud. My nose is definitely broken. He kept punching and kicking me. I was becoming weaker.

He never beats me like this before.

I was slowly losing consciousness as he continues with his punches. The last thing I heard before I blacked out was one of his posse telling him that the principal is coming.

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