The Remarkable Ones

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Ingrid has a dark past. One day she found Aline and became her adoptive sister. Aline had a past herself, but Ingrid didn't knew. Aline thought Ingrid wouldn't handle it well. They are two broken souls, two close friends and what if they have other feelings for each other? Short stories about Aline and Ingrid and their new family and new friends.

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Chapter 1: And the story begins

Aline took a sip of her coffee and looked at Ingrid.

”How was work today?”

Ingrid took her cup in her hands, was warming them up with some help of the hot drink inside.

”It was fantastic. Do you know what? It was this little girl who came into the store today, and she was so adorable! She gave me a piece of paper and she had wrote on it that I had gave her strength efter she purchased a keyboard pedal. She was shy playing the piano in front of others.”

Ingrid grinned and looked thoughtful when she said it.

”Wow, what did you told her?”, Aline wondered with eyes as big as planets.

”I don’t know, actually. She said she was shy, and I said I knew how it feels…”, Ingrid replied.

”With other words; you were just a human being. Sometimes genuine people are the ones who makes differences!”

Carl came into the room. He looked amused.

”Hello dad”, Aline said and gave him a big hug. ”Had a good day?”

”Yes, it was a calm day, at least”, Carl answered.

He was a police officer and was used to see a lot.

”How was your day? Aline? Ingrid?” He asked.

”Fantastic!” Ingrid replied with dreamy eyes and her response made Carl confused at first. He was used to come home to a depressed face and a skinny, black-haired girl who didn’t talked much.

His facial expression changed immediately.

”I’m glad to hear that, sweetheart”

Aline and Ingrid went to the mall.

”I know that Carl isn’t my father, but sometimes I wish he was”, Ingrid said out of nowhere.

She got the dreamy eyes again.

”He could be your father, you know. I think he sees us both as his daughters”

”You think?”

”Absolutely, don’t you see how he treats you? Just like me!”, said Aline with a big smile.

Ingrid grinned.

”You’re right”

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