The Alpha's Crazy Luna

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Thanks for tapping in, I promise you won't be disappointed. The Alpha's crazy Luna. Bulbul a crazy female rouge wolf, suicidal, and a warrior. Damien, the cold hearted alpha king, and aka jerk. Did the moon goddess made the right choice by putting this two together. Wait do I have to explain everything about supernaturals, well it depends on you. **★★★★** Bulbul's pov. "It won't take a minute." I plead as I eye the beautiful white flower which is barely twelve feet from me. "No." My wolf Elena snaps, shacking her head in my mind. "Come on, stop been grumpy we have to help it." "I am grumpy, well thank goodness am not the crazy girl who wants to cross the alpha kings pack border just to water a miserable flower." She retort. "I promise we won't get caught." "We won't just get caught, you are going to get us killed." "I have done this a thousand times, and I have never been caught." I huff. Well truthfully I have crossed many pack borders both intentionally and unintentionally and I have never been caught, that's after I learnt about been a wolf. "Well this isn't any pack, this is the red moon pack, you know the alpha king pack." "Are you trying to say am not fast enough." I argue. "No. Am trying to say you are suicidal." She snorts. **** Check out the rest yourself.

Romance / Action
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Things you should know about supernaturals.

Things to know.

Pack: a group of human shifting wolfs.

Alpha:leader of a pack.

Luna/alpha female: female leader of a pack and mate to alpha.

Beta: second in command to alpha.

Beta female: second in command to female alpha and mate to beta.

Mate: a person you share a bond with, like a soulmate, recognize each other at first sight, and by scent. Made by the moon goddess to be obsessed to each other.

Vampires:walking dead, have fangs and feed on blood.

Rejecting a mate: in rejecting a mate, the bond is broken and the weaker among the couple might die.

Example: I vannesa redwood reject you blablabla as my mate.

Possessiveness:mates are always possessive of each other, especially the males, they can rip your head off if you just look at their woman, inappropriate look of course.

Pack house:where the pack lives.

Witches:people capable of performing magic.


Moon goddess: mate matcher.

Fate:you know.

Goddess of nature:......

-------------- of love:.....

God of war:.....

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