The Alpha's Crazy Luna

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The gods watch their creation as he down himself in guit.

He is the first of them all.

Also the most powerful.

Blessed and cursed.

With the speed of light.

And the strength of a thousand men.

"He wont be able to defeat zarok in this state." Malina the goddess of love spoke first her voice as gentle as the morning breeze.

"He is broken and that is a weak spot." Faith added.

"Him not be able to defeat zakok is doom for earth." The moon goddess voiced out.

"But we cannot interfer." Faith argued on seeing the mischievous glint in her eyes. It was one he knows too well.

"We dont have to interfer we just have to give him something to fight for." The moon goddess spoke again.

"We give him a mate." Lyla the goddess of nature propose catching up with the moon goddess.

"But he alredy had one." The god of war scowls.

"Then we give him another." Malina says then turn to the moon goddes. "Isn't that possible, a second chance."

"But that would either build him up or break him more." The god of war argue.

"Well, it all depends on her." Lyla retorted.

The moon goddess looks around the table asking for permission which each of the gods and goddess granted until her eyes lands on the war god.

"Okay, but she should be a warrior." He nods.

The moon goddess smile then look back at her creation. She isn't going to be just

a warrior, she is going to be a crazy warrior.

Get ready Alpha king.

(Hehehe, i miss something in the explanation chapter,

Second mate: you can get a second mate if your first one dies or rejects you.)

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