The Alpha's Crazy Luna

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Chapter one

Bulbul's pov.

"It won't take a minute." I plead as I eye the beautiful white flower which is barely twelve feet from me.

"No." My wolf Elena snaps, shacking her head in my mind.

"Come on, stop been grumpy we have to help it."

"I am grumpy, well thank goodness am not the crazy girl who wants to cross the alpha kings pack border just to water a miserable flower." She retort.

"I promise we won't get caught."

"We won't just get caught, you are going to get us killed."

"I have done this a thousand times, and I have never been caught." I huff.

Well truthfully I have crossed many pack borders both intentionally and unintentionally and I have never been caught, that's after I learnt about been a wolf.

"Well this isn't any pack, this is the red moon pack, you know the alpha king pack."

"Are you trying to say am not fast enough." I argue.

"No. Am trying to say you are suicidal." She snorts.

"Then let's make a deal, if we get caught I will go look for mate, and if we don't get caught we will go visit uncle kayden."

"That's if we don't get killed." She says.

"Are you in or not."

"Okay." She said rolling her eyes. "But if we get killed its all your fault."

I ignored her and quickly dash to the flower in a blur.

"Its more beautiful when closer." I gushed studying the flower.

"Urgh, just hurry up and water it." Elena groans impatiently.

So grumpy.

"I heard that." Elena scowls.

Oops, sometimes I forget we share the same mind.

I quickly take off my bag from my back and open it to fetch the can of water, but stop when I heard low growls.

"I told you, you would get us killed." Elena groans rolling her eyes.



"Alpha the rouge who was wondering outside the pack borders has crossed the line should we get rid of it." Jayson my beta mind link's.

"No, throw it in the cell." I replied before setting the file I was reading on the table.

It has been almost two years since a rouge had dared to cross the pack borders, its either its stupid or its suicidal.

"Which cell." I ask the prison caretaker after I teleport to the dungeon which is under the pack house.

"Cell no. 257,alpha." He replies his head bowed in submission.

I race to the cell with the speed of light, as the first shifting wolf I have many abilities other wolves don't have, ranging from being able to teleport to place I have been before, immortality, and am ten times faster and stronger than normal wolves, with an ability to hear and smell things from far away.

I stop running when I caught a mouth watering scent. Strawberry and vanilla.

"Mate." My wolf Red danger jumps as he urges me to walk faster.

"It can't be mate Red danger, we lost mate." I explain.

"Mate." He snaps when we got to the cell the mouth watering scent was coming from.

Cell no. 257.

She was there sitting on the floor her knees brought to her chest. She raise her head slowly and her eyes locked with mine, causing spark of electricity, her scent compelling me to take down the cell door and hold her close to me.

"Mate."Red danger purrs as something inside of me snapped.

"Stop it." I growl. "She's not mate, we killed mate." I take a glance at her shocked face before teleporting back to my office.

"Jayson, change the girl in cell no.257 into something more comfortable." I mind link jayson.

"Yes Alpha." He replies from the mind link.

I don't know what game you are playing moon goddess.


Rouge: a wolf that's not in a pack, maybe due to banishment or it wasn't born in a pack.

Pack borders: its a piece of land that belongs to a pack, if you cross borders without Permission or invitation, you're dead.

Also: rouges are regarded as a black sheep in the were wolf community.

Mind link: its an ability members of a pack have to communication with each other using their mind.

If you don't understand something be free to ask, I don't bite.

ADIOS :-;-) ;-) ;-)

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