The Alpha's Crazy Luna

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Chapter two.

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It has been two days, two days since I have been locked up in this room , and there's no sign of my mate, that's if I can call him that.

A second he was there then he vanished into thin air without even saying hi.

From his powerful aura I could easily guess he's the alpha.

The Alpha king is my mate, really moon goddess.

"Where's your Alpha." I ask Lilly as she sets my breakfast on the bed, breakfast in bed is one of my favourite but right now I got no appetite, damn you Alpha king.

"Alpha is probably in his office." Lilly replies her head bowed a little she has been my only company I have after the beta, who usually comes to check on me, I think his name is Jason, he's actually nice and funny unlike when we first meet at the pack border.

"Do you know the way to his office." I ask again.

"Hmm, yes." Lilly says hesitantly.

Good now I only have to take care of the guards.

"Do you want to reject me." I barge into the office. The Alpha king was sitting like he didn't ordered his mate to be locked up.

"What is she doing here." He asks the guards behind me completely ignoring me.

"If you want to reject me you should now." I yell, the word reject felt like a stab iny heart. "You can't just lock me up like some sort of diseny princess."

"Watch the way you talk , am your alpha." He growls making my legs grow weak.

"You are not my Alpha." I hiss, I yelp in pain when my back hits the wall in a blur, the Alpha king had his hand around my neck, pinning me to the wall, my legs hanging feel inches from the ground.

"Take her back to her room." He orders the guards before releasing me. "Am gonna let this slide."

"If you have a library around here I'd recommend you get a book on how to treat a mate." I choke out trying to catch my breath.

"You don't treat a mate like trash." I spat before walking out of the office then run all the way to my cell called room.

'What are you doing.' Elena asks as I pack everything I will be needing for my escape into my bag.

'We're leaving.' I reply.

'No, we won't leave mate.' Elena disagrees.

'What, did you see what he did, he almost killed us.' I say in disbelief.

'We can't die.'

'I don't care.' I scowl.

'You promised we will find mate if we get caught remember.' She states.

'Yea, and we found him.'

'The deal include you finding him and staying with him.' She says.

'Wha........ '

I drop in my bed, finding it hard to believe.

Huh, I should have listened to be Elena and not cross the border.

The Alpha king is an ass.

Three chances Elena, three chances if he mess them up, am gone.


"Pls you need to eat." Lilly persuades me as she tries to remove my blanket.

"Go away." I groan.

"You are going to starve yourself.' She sighs.

"Get the fuck up." I hear a growl, Alpha king.

'Mate is here.' Elena jumps happily.


From the corner of my eye I could see lilly move to a corner of the room, far away from the Alpha.

"I don't want to." I reply hugging my blanket closer.

"What do you think you're doing, I heard you didn't even ate dinner." He snarls before snatching my blanket, forcing me to sit upright.

"Why do you care." I spat then try to escape to the bathroom.

"Am your mate." He growls then grabs my wrist, holding it tight enough to leave a bruise.

Thank goodness I ain't human, it would heal before you say the word bruise.

"Seems you haven't visit the library yet." I snort.

"You shall not talk to me like that." He growls even louder than before.

"What are you going to do, strangle me again, or maybe kill me this time." I laugh sadistically.

His eyes flickers, red, black then to its normal orb blue, it was like he was fighting for control of his body.

Maybe I shouldn't have said that, I don't want to die.

Wait I can't die.

He forcefulully release my hand then vanishes into tin air, just like the first time we met.


"Bulbul." I snap at Lilly, clearly hating the tittle.

"I am sorry." I apologies softly when I saw the fear that clouds her face.

She gives me a small smile before speaking. "You need to eat, Alpha wants you at the training ground, and you can't fight without eating."

Wait pack what..

I can't fight.

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