The Friendship

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Quinn Oliver is a writer by hobby, and starts a friendship with another writer over the internet. The friendship has its issues that must be overcome in order for what is destined to become. Will Quinn be able to convince Ava-Grace that his secret isn't what it seems? Will that secret get him in even more trouble? Or will the friendship find what it needs to blossom into more? Into what is might be destined to be?

Romance / Erotica
Kris N
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


Quinn Oliver opened his laptop and booted it up. It was a Friday night and he had nothing better to do, so he logged on to one of this writing sites to browse.

He did this occasionally but knew he should do it more. His writing was important to him, but other things in his life seemed to always take priority and he found himself neglecting it.

When he logged in, this notification counter read 99+ and he sighed. It had been two weeks since he had been there, and he had tons of notifications. He decided to look at the first day or two and leave the rest. No sense in going back to the old stuff that probably had be bearing on anything to begin with.

He had several of his stories posted, so he scrolled through looking for those who had either followed him or had added one of his stories to their collection to read. Those were the important ones. It was common courtesy to follow back and if they had something you might be into reading, add it to your list too. There was usually always something to find that you could read.

Scrolling through, he followed the link to one person who had followed him. He saw that the person was a she, and that she had written no stories, but had simply followed him. Quinn followed her back, thinking that maybe she’ll add some stories at some point and left a post on her wall thanking her for the follow and hoping she found something of his she would like.

While we was there, he started browsing through the messages on her wall. Not a lot of them, but near the top was a post that caught his eye. It was a complaint about people who were mean and basically were bullies. Quinn felt bad and posted a reply and moved on to the next person.

As he continued through his list, he saw that this person, who he guessed was named Ava-Grace Blanchard by the link although it could have really been anyone, had posted to her wall again. Having plenty of free time, he went back to her page to see what else she had posted. Once there, he saw that she had replied to his post, so he replied. This went on for a while, posting on her wall between his continuation of his previous activities.

Quinn was the sort that hated to see people who hurt or were placing blame on themselves for the thing’s others did. So, his posts said just that. That Ava-Grace should step back and look at the situation, and see if she was truly to blame, or if, in fact it was the other person. He wrote that if she wanted someone to talk to (or write to actually) his email address was available on his page and he even put it in the text of the message he was writing. No sense not to, it was available publicly.

By this time, he finished chatting it was late, so he posted a good night, and got ready for bed. He was fifty and not quite as young as he used to be, even though he didn’t really feel it. It was midnight and thought it was late enough. Ava-Grace was in some part of Kentucky and figured she was two hours ahead so it would be 2 am there. He went to bed, thinking that if he had even managed to make her feel slightly better, then he did his good deed for the day.

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