The many lies I said before

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|"Isn't the most wonderful thing always the hardest to get?" She paused, "Love is that wonderful thing for me." Tears streamed down her face, and I knew the pain in her broken hand had nothing to do with it. I nodded, I knew what she felt, because for me she was that wonderful thing.| Misty Black has always had a rough life, her abusive mother the only parent she had and with her brother gone for college, it was only getting worse. She had thought it all changed the day she moved to Ohio, but in her senior year she realized that nowhere would accept her in the end. Xander Simmens was the ultimate bad boy, except he didn't want that title, sure he had almost killed a boy but that was normal. Right? He suffered everyday, at home was a drug-addicted mother and a murderous mobster father, at school were petty insults and fear-ridden looks, no one seemed to want to get close to him. He knew what title he wanted, and he didn't care if he lost everything for it, Misty's boyfriend. Together they fall, each mistake pushing them farther out of Sandton High's society, they only have each other, but Misty is harder to catch then it looks. Especially since she already loves another...

Romance / Drama
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Welcome to The many lies I’ve said before. This is going to be so fun. I will try to edit, but since school is coming up, I won’t have as much time(😭). All rights reserved for this story, I will report any story that copies off of mine. Although you may ask me if you can make a spinoff, use my characters in your own story(different concept), etc. Unless you ask AND I SAY YES, I will report a story that DIRECTLY copies mine. Readers please message me if you see any, thank you in advance.

Now onto the more fun stuff.


Misty Black


Little info:Never had a dad. Sister and daughter. Works at Starbucks.

Xander Simmens


Little info:Former outcast, now king of the school. Lone wolf and bad past.

Darren Cross


Little info:A twin, the school’s player. Comes from rich family.

Naomi Cross


Little info:Darren’s twin, Misty’s best friend, 2nd most popular girl in school.

Farah Sans


Little info:Queen of the school, goes after any guy who is cute and has money. Comes from the mayor’s family.

Tamara Black


Little info:hates her kids, abusive, goes after any guy she can find.

Tanner Fargo


Little info:Guy best friend of Misty, always hangs out with Darren.

George Antonio Black


Little info:In college, hates his mother and tries to protect his sister.

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