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The many lies I said before

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Chapter 1:Preface

My life was never the easiest, with my father leaving us when I was just 2. I wish I could tell you my mother fought on for us, I really do. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, she turned into some weird form of herself, getting with men to distract herself, which left me and my older brother, George, to fend for ourselves.

I don’t remember when the beating started, one of her flings had shown her the exhilaration of it and she started beating us for no reason at all. She never even tried to cover it up, forcing us to come up with excuses ourselves since we did not want to leave her, she was still our mother after all.

George had told me to appreciate what I have, and I do most of the time. Not everyone had a roof over their heads, beds to sleep on, food, some money to buy clothes with, or any parents at all.

But I felt different every time I was being beaten, especially now that George wasn’t here to split the beatings. It was painful, and although I would never really want to, I wished that someone else had to endure this. I wished and prayed, but nothing changed, until we moved to Ohio. The moment I stepped into the high school freshman year, I felt at home.

The teachers were nice, the town was small enough that everyone wanted to be friends with the new girl and I even got to be in with the popular kids. But there was this one boy who shined unlike the others, his twin Naomi happened to be the nicest of the bunch and I could call her my best friend. Darren was nice and would flirt every so often when Naomi wasn’t paying attention. He made me feel warm inside, even though it would get extinguished when I got home to a waiting abusive mother.

I told Naomi about the feeling, but not who made me feel it. She had been so excited and told me I had a crush and should go ask him out.

I finally worked up the courage from Naomi’s constant nagging and him being on a off time with the dating random girls thing. I had approached him after school by his car.

“Ehm.... Darren?” I spoke nervously.

“Oh hey Mimi.” He smiled that heart melting smile and I almost chickened out right then.

“I-I...” I could see our group coming over quickly after they had spotted us, “I have a crush on you!” I blurted out, and everyone in a 10 meter range froze and looked at us.

His smile dropped and his eyes were very wide, “W-What?”

“I said I have a crush on you.....” I muttered, extremely embarrassed that everyone was watching us now.

He slowly shook his head, a frown planted on his face, “I-I’m sorry Misty but I... I don’t feel the same way, I don’t date girls like you.”

My face and eyes burned at the rejection, I was so focused on not crying that I didn’t hear someone stomping up to me.


I stumbled back, holding my cheek and looking up into the angry eyes of Naomi.

“HOW DARE YOU! YOU THINK YOUR SO GOOD THAT YOU DONT NEED TO RESPECT GIRL CODE?!” She yelled at me, I looked at her in confusion, what girl code? Was that some secret friend thing because sadly I had no experience in those things.

“You don’t date your friend’s brother.” She hisses before lifting her hand again, she is stopped by Tanner and I breathe a sigh of relief.

“Thanks.” I say after Naomi stomps away. Tanner doesnt look at me and starts to walk away. I go in front of him, what was wrong with him? He wouldn’t even look at me,

“Tanner? What’s wrong?!” I ask, afraid of his answer.

“I was never good enough for you was I?” He mutters, finally looking at me and I see his eyes glistening with promise of future tears. I stood there, baffled, what did he mean?

“What do you mean Tanner? Your the best friend ever, what would make you think different?

He stared at me, a tear finally rolling down his cheek, I go to wipe it, but he grabs my arm before I can get close to his face.

“Please do not touch me again, it will hurt too much.” He starts to walk away but I get in front of him again.

“What is wrong Tanner?! Why are you crying?”

His expression turned dark, “DONT YOU SEE?! I LOVED YOU MISTY. YOU CHOSE HIM INSTEAD.” I stood there, even more baffled.

After a while, I was the only one in the parking lot except for a black Chevy Silverado. I sighed and walked home.

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