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Chapter 11

I agreed to stay with Jackson at his parent’s lake house. I don’t want the date to end and now I know I am not alone in that feeling. He walks around his truck to grab the keys to the house before taking my hand and leading me to the front door and inside. When we walk in it is just as I expected, completely beautiful. It is decorated rustic farmhouse style which I love. The glass windows flow all along the back of the house allowing a breath-taking view of the lake at the edge of the grass.

“You like it?” he asks.

“I love it, its so nice in here.” I reply with a smile.

“You’ll have to come with me more often then.” he smiles, and the words makes my smile grow bigger than before. I like the idea of coming back here with him, especially if my days will be spent like this one.

“So, there is three bedrooms. I’ll let you pick the one you want.” He says as he guides me into the hall.

I walk down the hall opening each door, checking out the rooms. The first room is a painted a light grey color with a wood framed queen sized bed draped with a white comforter and the back wall is covered by windows with a view directly to the lake, just like the living area. I walk down to the second room that is painted a beige color, with a tufted light grey fabric headboard and white comforter with light blue stripes, the windows continue in this room as well. The third room is clearly the master it has a couch in the back nook of the room. The bed is still a queen-sized bed that is lofted high with a white wood trimmed headboard with a grey fabric in the middle. The windows cover the back wall and part of the wall to the left that is at the end of the house.

“I choose this one.” I turn around to him and say with a smile.

“Of course, you do.” He laughs. “I’ll be in the bedroom next door then.”

“Okay.” I reply with a nervous smile.

I didn’t think we were going to stay together or I didn’t want him to think he could just me into bed, but I do feel slightly disappointed by the fact that he didn’t even ask if I wanted to sleep in the same bed.

“Do you want to borrow something to sleep in?” he asks.

“A big t shirt would be nice.” I smile.

“All my t shirts are going to be big on you.” He busts out laughing while leaving the room.

He was right. He is 6’2 and I am only 5’4, his body is has an athletic build boasting large muscles and I am pretty petite weighing only 127 pounds. He returns into the room with a folded-up t shirt in his hand.

“Here.” He says and hands me the shirt with a smile.

“Thanks.” I reply.

“Well I will let you try to get some sleep, let me know if you need anything.” He says and brings me in to his chest for a hug leaving a kiss on my cheek before he leaves the room and shut the door behind him.

I get undressed down to only my underwear and pull his t-shirt over my head. It is big and comfortable; the sleeves are baggy and reach to the top of my elbow; the hem of the shirt reaches to the top of my thighs covering all of my bottom. I toss the decorative pillows onto the floor and pull the covers back before lifting myself in the bed and tucking in under the covers. I try to close my eyes and go to sleep but the thoughts won’t stop racing in my mind.

I wonder if he is able to sleep” I think to myself.

I know this may just be a girl thing and he could be fast asleep, but I can’t stop replaying every moment of the date in my head. I guess the goosebumps all over again when I think about the kiss we shared in the driveway. I don’t want to over think anything, but I am happy, genuinely happy. However, I would be a touch happier if I could manage to fall asleep and stop staring up the ceiling. I break out of my thoughts as I hear the bedroom door creak open. I look over and the moonlight shining in the room provides enough light for me to see Jackson standing in the doorway. He is wearing only his boxers and a plain white t-shirt; his hair looks messier than normal kind of like he has bed head, but I find it sexy.

“Are you asleep?” he whispers.

“I wish.” I whisper back.

He walks over to the edge of the bed and pulls the covers back.

“Do you mind?” he asks.

“No, come on.” I say as I scoot my body over to give him more room to lay down.

We both lay flat on our backs staring at the ceiling, not saying anything. I know we both have a thousand thoughts rushing through our minds, but I can’t seem to put any of mine into words.

“I couldn’t sleep knowing you were in the next room.” He softly says.

“Why?” I reply even though I was feeling the same way.

“It’s to hard knowing you are that close but still far at the same time.” He replies.

I now know we were sharing mutual feelings. I was laying here fighting the urge to leave the room and go join him. There is something about Jackson that makes it nearly impossible to stay away from him.

“I feel the same way.” I whisper and he lets out a deep breath like he was worried I wouldn’t feel the same.

He flips over on his side to face me and I follow his lead by doing the same. We lay their face to face just looking at each other and he rests his arm on my side and bring his hand down to my lower back pulling me closer to him until our foreheads are touching again. He lifts his head of the pillow and traces kisses down my neck, shoulder and arm. Goosebumps rise everywhere on my body as his warm lips make there way back up my arms and back to my neck. He brings his lips close to mine but doesn’t let them touch, he keeps them there almost grazing mine like he is trying to tease me until he gives in and clashes him lips with mine. The kiss starts out as gentle slowing growing more forceful with each second our lips are locked together. Jackson flips over on top of me never breaking the kiss, his cross necklace is dangling down from around his neck resting on my chest. His hands slide up and down my body and his kisses begin to follow as he kisses down my neck to my stomach lifting his t-shirt to press his lips to my bare skin. I let a moan slip out of my mouth, which causes him to look up at me and smile. He brings his lips back to mine and our tongues twist and touch. I am exploding with a tingling sensation on the inside and until he breaks our kisses hardly able to catch his breath and presses his forehead to mine.

“Why did you stop?” I blurt without even thinking.

“I don’t want you to think this is all I want from you.” He whispers.

I didn’t think that he was using me, but the thought might have crossed my mind tomorrow. The fact that he stopped himself to make me aware that this isn’t all he wants makes me feel extremely comfortable and confident.

“I know you don’t” I assure him while I run my fingers down the side of his cheek.

He softly kisses my lips again then places one more on my forehead before rolling off me and laying down by my side. My stomach drops with disappointment that he stopped. My hormones were getting the best of me and I was ready for him to take me right there on that bed.

“I want to take my time with you.” He sweetly says and pulls me into him again. I snuggle up against his body and rest my head on his chest.

“Okay.” I agree as he kisses the top of my head.

I feel his hand start to pull through my hair and twirl it. I love having my hair played with which I never told him, its like we are just in synch, we know each other. I feel my breathing slow and my body relaxes as I fall asleep in his arms.

The sunlight peeking into the windows wakes me up from one of the best night’s sleep I have had in a long time. When I open my eyes, I realize we didn’t move all night long, my head is still rested on Jackson’s chest and his arms are still wrapped around me with our legs intertwined. I slightly lift my head off his chest to peek through the window at the sun glistening off the water.

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