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Chapter 15

“This is a total and complete nightmare” I think to myself as the cops cuff Jackson and place him in the back of one of the squad cars. I am appreciative for the cops coming and arresting the guy who attacked me but I wish they would have let Jackson be. They told us they will be taking him to the county jail and the attacker to the hospital under police custody. I know it was wrong for him to beat him as bad as he did, but he was defending me. Who knows what would have happened had he not come outside to look for me.

“Do you want to ride with us to the police station?” Jake asks

“Yes, please.” I reply.

“Someone is going to need to call Jackson’s parents.” Chance adds.

“I’ll do it, let’s just go.” Jake says as we head to his car.

We all stay fairly silent on the drive to the police station. I know that we are all worried about Jackson but I also get the feeling they don’t know what to say to me. I was almost kidnapped in front of a party they were throwing. My only concern right now is getting to the station as quickly as possible and trying to clear up this mess for Jackson. The cops didn’t want to take statements on the scene because either way they had to arrest him after looking at the guys face.

When we arrive to the station we pile out of the car and walk inside together. I approach the front desk where a women cop is sitting, typing on her keyboard not paying an attention to the fact that I am standing in front of her.

“Excuse me, mam?” I ask.

“What can I do for you?” she says without looking up at me.

“My friend Jackson Thomas was just arrested and brought here.” I say. “The cops said we needed to come along as well to make a statement.”

“Take a seat.” She huffs “They’ll call you back when they are ready.”

“Okay.” I shrug and turn to find a seat in the waiting room along with Jake and Chance.

I hate waiting, I have a severe lack of patience. Especially when it comes to something this important. I won’t be able to sit here much longer without going crazy, I need to know something, anything.

“So, are you sure you’re okay?” Jake asks breaking up the silence.

“Yeah, I mean as could as I can be considering.” I reply.

“Do you know the guy who attacked you?” he asks.

“No not at all.” I say. “I have seen him before, he sat next to me in finance, he knew my name but apparently he wasn’t actually in my finance class.”

“He just came in there anyways?” he questions.

“Yeah, it was weird.” I reply.

“Not to freak you out but it kind of sounds like he was stalking you.” He says softly. “I don’t think tonight was random, he probably followed you.”

I don’t want to think about having a stalker. That makes me feel sick, uneasy and disturbed. If he is right and he has been stalking me, how long has he been doing it? I do agree it was weird he was waiting outside my car like he knew which one it was already. Just thinking about that sends chills through my body.

I hear the station door open and a couple walks through the door. The women is a middle aged blonde wearing a navy blue knee length dress and a tan coat, her jewelry is obviously very expensive and the ring on her finger is gigantic. The man is professional looking with clean cut hair and light stubble along his face, he is wearing khaki dress pants and a black button up shirt. One look at them and I can tell they have a lot of money.

“Jake, Chance, Where is he?” the man says as they approach us.

“He is in the holding cell.” Jake replies. “They told us to wait here and they would get us when they are ready.”

“What the heck happened?” the women questions.

“He was protecting her.” Jake says and points to me.

“These are Jacksons parents.” Chance informs me with a smile.

All the blood rushes out of my face, I can feel myself go pale. I don’t want them to blame me for their son ending up in jail. I know that is a messed up thought to have go through my head since I was the one who was attacked but I can’t help it. I find myself desperately wanting them to like me and this is not the first impression I hoped for.

“You must be Charlie.” His mother says with a smile.

“Hold on, she knows my name?” I say inside my head.

“Yes mam, I am.” I reply and reach out to shake her hand.

“Oh no sweetie, I want to hug you!” she says and leans in embracing me in a hug.

Her hug was warm and motherly which makes my chest ache when I think about the fact, I haven’t even called my mother to fill her in on what has happened. I don’t want to worry her but I know she would be heartbroken if she found out and I wasn’t the one who told her.

“I am Carrie and this is my husband Ray.” She adds.

“It is very nice to meet you both.” I reply.

“The pleasure is all ours.” His dad says with a smile.

“Can you fill us in on what happened? If you don’t mind.” Ray asks.

“Of course!” I answer.

I told them the whole story, from the guy waiting for me by my car all the way to the cops arresting Jackson. I made sure to stress the fact that he was protecting me. I don’t want him to be in any kind of trouble because if this. I can tell they aren’t mad, they actually look calm and semi proud of their son.

“Well, clearly he needs to learn some control on when to stop.” She replies “But we are proud of him and thankful he was able to protect you.”

“Don’t worry about this. We will get him out of it.” Ray assures me.

I nod back because I truly believe they will take care of him. If they story of what happened doesn’t get him out of this mess, I know their money probably would.

A cop enters the waiting room from a side door that leads back into the precinct, he is looking down at a clipboard before he looks up to see all of us waiting.

“Are you guys here for Jackson Thomas?” he asks.

“Yes, we are. Can we see him?” Carrie replies.

“No mam, not yet.” He states. “We need to speak with the girl on the scene first and take her statement.”

“That was me.” I pipe up.

“Alright, follow me to the back.” He says.

I smile back at Jacksons parents as I walk away in an attempt to reassure them that it will all work itself out. I am feeling nervous as the cop leads me through the precinct. There are cops everywhere, I have never been in a situation like this before.

“Have a seat in here.” He says while leading me into what looks like an interrogation room.

He closes the door behind him and takes a seat across from me at the nude colored table. He hasn’t said anything to me yet, he is reading through notes. I am fiddling with my hands under the table because that is what I do when I feel anxious.

’Alright,” he says finally looking up at me. “Run me through exactly what happened.”

I tell the story to the cop in detail the same way I told Jacksons Parents. I don’t leave anything out, I even tell him about the kid being in my finance class without actually being on the class roaster. I threw in the theory that he could be stalking me as well. I told him I don’t know what would have happened to me had it not been for Jackson.

“Okay.” He says.

“That’s it?” I ask.

“Yep, that’s all.” He replies. “You can go back out to the waiting area and wait with the others.

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