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Chapter 16

On my way back towards the waiting area I scan my eyes over the holding cells trying to see if I can find Jackson but I don’t see him anywhere. I hope he has been released already but I get the feeling they are probably questioning him as well, checking to see if our stories line up.

I open the door and walk back into the waiting room with everyone else. There expressions look the same as when I left so I assume they haven’t heard anything new.

“Are you okay?” Carrie asks.

“Yes, I am fine.” I reply with a smile. “I just had to tell them what happened, it wasn’t bad.”

“Did they give you an updated on Jackson?” Ray asks.

“No, I’m sorry.” I reply.

I wish I had something I could tell them that would ease there worry but I don’t. The only thing that is going to help this is someone telling us something or at least letting them see their son. I can’t imagine what it feels like to have a child be arrested and put behind bars, even if it is just a holding cell.

The same cop who interviewed me enters the waiting area with us holding a file in his left hand.

“We are going to let him go, no charges.” He says.

Relief washes over me instantly and I feel a weight lift off my chest allowing me to suck in a breath of air.

“However, he needs to learn to control that temper of his.” He adds. “I know it was for good reason but we have eye witnesses saying he beat the guy beyond the point of being necessary so, please discuss this with him.”

“We will, don’t worry.” Ray says sternly.

“Also, Miss Scott. The guy who attacked you, his name is Dawson Clark.” The cop says. “He has a history of stalking and harassing girls at his last college before he transferred here. We do believe he is a threat to you and we will be issuing a restraining order against him for you.”

“A restraining order? What is to say he will follow that?” Carrie says with clear concern in her voice as she rubs my back gently trying to comfort me.

“Well if he doesn’t, you need to call us immediately.” He says. “That is all we can do. He will be going to jail for assault for a short period of time but we can’t hold him forever on these charges.”

“That’s absurd. He is clearly a danger!” Ray barks.

“I understand sir, we are just following protocol.” He responds. “Your son will be out shortly.”

The cop walks back into the precinct and we all stay patiently awaiting Jacksons arrival. My thoughts are racing as I sit here. I now know Jake was right and I was definitely being stalked by Dawson. I don’t understand why he chose me; I don’t even know him, it doesn’t make sense. Although, I guess if you are stalking someone you probably aren’t right in the head so, logic isn’t part of the equation with him.

“He won’t come near you again.” Jake whispers to me “Jackson will protect you, we will help him if he needs it.”

“Thank you,” I smile.

“Oh thank God!” Carrie calls out as Jacksons exits the precinct area to join us in the waiting room. His knuckles are bruised and bloody but other than that he looks good. I don’t know why he wouldn’t, Dawson didn’t land a single punch on him.

“Hi Mom” He sighs. “And Dad”

“Son we were worried sick!” Carrie says

“I am fine.” He assures her.

“We are just glad it was a fight with purpose and not some random bar brawl.” Ray teases and wraps his arms around his son.

“Alright alright, let me go check on my girl.” Jackson says while wiggling out of his fathers grasp.

“Did he just say my girl?” I think to myself.

“Are you alright?” he asks while approaching me.

“You are about the one hundredth person to ask me that.” I tease. “Yes, I am perfectly fine now that I know you are okay.”

“I was worried about you,” he says and pulls me in for a hug.

“I was worried about you more.” I smile

When we break away from the hug, he makes his way over to speak with Chance and Jake.

“Thanks for having my back.” He says to know.

“Always brother.” Chance says as they hug.

“You know we always will.” Jake adds and Jacksons move to hug him to,

“Now let’s get the hell out of her.” Chance laughs as him and Jake leave the police station.

“We will give you a ride to your house son.” Rays says.

“Let’s stay together tonight, if you want.” Jackson says to me.

“Okay.” I agree.

“Take us both to her apartment.” He tells his parents and they both look at each other and smile.

I appreciate him letting us stay at my apartment tonight. After everything that happened I just want to be in a familiar place, a place I feel comfortable. I want to be able to shower and slide pajamas on and just be with Jackson. It also makes me feel safer knowing he will be there with me. I know Dawson is in custody for now but I still have chills from what happened and it does worry me that he will try something again. I just want to feel safe, and Jackson makes me feel that way.

When we get to my apartment his parents get out of the car to hug us both goodbye before they leave.

“You behave.” Carrie reminds her son. “Love you.”

“Love you to mom” he says.

“Love you son.” Ray says while giving Jackson a hug.

“Charlie my dear, we hope to see more of you soon.” Carrie smiles and embraces me in a hug.

“I hope so too.” I add.

“Wish we met under better circumstances but nevertheless I am glad we did.” Rays says “You take care.”

They pull away in there luxury SUV as we make our way up to my apartment. Jackson takes my hand and intertwines it with his as we walk. It is a small gesture but it makes my heart skip a beat and my stomach feels like it is doing flips.

“Kelly will be staying with Kyler. So it is just us,” I say while unlocking the apartment door.

“Does she know what happened?” he asks,

“I haven’t got to tell her yet. I just went straight to the police station.” I reply.

“I kind of figured because knowing her, if she knew what happened she would be here.” He teases.

“I know.” I laugh.

We walk into my room and I realize Jackson has never been here before. I am grateful that my room is clean because I would have hated for him to see it the first time being a huge mess.

“Your room is cute.” He says with a smile.

“Thanks.” I smile.

“So, if you want to shower in my bathroom go ahead. Then I will after you.” I say

“You don’t want to shower together” he smirks.

“I don’t know if tonight is the night to try and go to that level.” I say with a smile.

“Fine, but you please go first,” he requests. “Ladies first!”

“Okay fine.” I laugh. “I’ll be right out.”

When I get into my bathroom, I turn on the hot water and peel my clothes off my body. It feels like I have been in them for days when it has actually only been hours. I quickly wash my hair and body off. I don’t want to take to long because I know he has to shower to. I finish and wrap my body in a white towel before stepping out of the steam filled shower.

Crap I didn’t bring fresh clothes in here.” I realize.

I make sure the towel is secured around me then open my bathroom door, stepping out into my bedroom. I can feel his stares on me without having to look.

“Just a towel?” he smirks.

“Don’t get any ideas, I forgot to bring clothes in the bathroom with me.” I reply.

“Sure, you did.” He says while inching closer to me.

“I did!” I defend myself.

Jackson is now standing only inches away from me, looking me up and down. Him being this close to me with me having nothing but a towel on is not a good combination. He is to good looking and I don’t want to let me hormones take over my ability to think clearly. If anything is going to happen between me and him sexually, I don’t want it to be on a night I was attacked and he was arrested; it doesn’t feel right.

“I think you did it just to tease me.” He whispers in my ear.

His words sends shivers down my spine and those pesky goosebumps he always gives me rise on my skin.

“No.” I whisper back.

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind a little teasing if it means I get to see you like that.” He smirks and then walks into my bathroom to take his shower.

I have to take a second to collect myself and control my hormones once again. He is smooth, almost to smooth. I have never felt the kind of feelings Jacksons gives me. He is sweet with a taste of dangerous and it is more than enough to make me weak in my knees.

I walk over to my closet and put on a fresh pair of pajamas. Since he is staying the night I decide on a cute pair of pajama shorts and an oversized t-shirt. As soon as I am dressed, I am more ready for bed then ever. I pad across my room and climb on to my bed, scooting over to the left side, leaving room for Jackson to join me.

When I hear the bathroom door open, I get excited. I want him in this bed with me, I want to sleep as good as I did at the lake house last night. He walks out of the bathroom wearing only boxers. I know he doesn’t have any extra clothes with him so I can’t blame him, not that I mind anyway. His abs are glistening with the residual water from his shower before he uses the towel to wipe over his body again before tossing it in my dirty clothes pile. He walks over to the bed and climbs in with me.

“Come here, let me hold you,” he whispers.

I scoot my body over until we are pressing together. I lay my head on his chest and lift one of my legs on top of his. I love this position, I could stay like this forever.

“Thank you for saving me.” I whisper and lean up to kiss him on the cheek. He pulls my face back towards him presses his lips against mine, twirling his tongue into my mouth, lifting his hand to hold the side of my face. After we break the kiss, he kisses my forehead and I lay back down on his chest.

“I am glad you are okay.” he says and I slowly begin drift into sleep.

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