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Chapter 18

“Charlie?” I hear Jackson call my name.

“I’m in my room!” I respond.

He walks into my room wearing a white long sleeve hoodie, black sweatpants that cinch in at the ankles and a pair of white Nike shoes. He looks so good I get the urge to jump his bones right now, but I control my hormones.

“Ready?” he asks.

“Yeah! Let me grab my bags.” I reply.

“No way, I’ll take them.” He says while picking my bags up off the floor and heading towards the front door.

“Are Kelly and Kyler riding with us?” I ask

“Yeah, they are already down by my truck waiting on us,” he replies.

Jackson loads all our bags into the bed of his truck and we pile inside. Kelly and Kyler sit in the back together, I sit upfront with Jackson. The drive to Mt. Hood is about two hours which isn’t bad. As we drive down the highway we spend our time sharing stories, exchanging jokes and laughing. It feels like we are all growing closer from spending this time together. Jackson grabs my hand and laces our fingers together, resting our hands on the center console of the truck.

“We’re here.” Jackson says.

We pull down a long gravel driveway leading to a log cabin at the bottom, it is a lot bigger than I expected it to be. It is very secluded here, we are in the middle of no where out in the woods. The cabin is completely surrounded by trees with the only opening being behind the cabin allowing a view of Mt. Hood to peek through.

“This is gorgeous!” I say while hopping out of the truck.

“This is going to be a great weekend.” Kelly says while putting her arm around my shoulders as we walk towards the cabin.

The boys grab our bags out of the truck, and we head into the cabin. The décor on the inside is beautiful, the wood walls have photos of the mountain lined along them, a leather section takes up most the living area; it is complimented by a fireplace built with stones in the middle of the room. I love the way this cabin makes me feel, I feel cozy like being back home during Christmas.

“Dibs on the biggest room” Kelly calls out running towards the hallway.

“No way!” Jackson calls back.

Jackson and I ended up taking the room at the end of the hall. There isn’t a true master in the cabin, all the rooms were about the same size, but I love the décor in this one. The room has big windows surrounded by sheer white curtains, that when pulled open give a breathtaking view of the mountain. The bed is draped with all white sheets, pillows and comforter meeting a dark mahogany wood headboard.

“You like it?” Jackson says.

“I love it” I smile. “it’s beautiful here.”

“Yeah it is.” He says while pulling against his chest, wrapping his arms around me.

His smell is intoxicating, it’s an earthy smell mixed with a hint of citrus. With my body pressed against his I can feel his firm abs and muscly arms; sending a electrifying tingle through my body. Before I can think or stop myself I look up at him, clutching my hand on the back of his neck and pull his lips into mine. He softly moves his lips with mine in perfect synch, caressing our tongues together. I pull myself closer to him and run my hand down the middle of his chest slowly. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist never breaking the kiss as he walks us to the bed, laying me down on my back. He climbs onto the bed and resting his knees on the each side of me, straddling my body beneath him as our kisses grow more intense. I reach down to the hem of his shirt and tug it off pulling it over his brawny shoulders before I toss it to off the bed and onto the floor. He breaks away from my lips and begins to glide kisses down my neck, gently using his tongue as I let out a moan.

“I want you.” He whispers in my ear.

I want him too, I need him. He pulls at the hem of my shirt lifting it up and lining kisses down my stomach to the top of my leggings resting on my hips. I want him rip the remainder of our clothes off and let myself be completely consumed by him.

“We made it!” Jake calls from down the hall.

“Great timing.” Jackson says with a sarcastic tone.

“DAMN IT!” I scream inside my head.

“We better go see everyone.” He smiles then places a soft kiss on my lips. “We can finish this later.”

He pulls his body off of mine, grabs his shirt of the floor and pulls it back over his head. I stay laying on the bed for a moment trying to catch my breath from how worked up I was only moments ago. I know we need to spend time with our friends but selfishly I could have stayed like that with him for the rest of the weekend.

“You coming?” he asks and puts his hand out to help me sit up.

“Yeah, I’m coming.” I groan while grabbing his hand and jumping off the bed.

We walk down the hall and into the living area where everyone else is. I see cases of beer sitting on the counter in the kitchen that Jake brought with him. We all sit down on the large sectional and try to make plans for tomorrow, Jackson wants to hike, Jake’s girlfriend Olivia has no interest in hiking, Kelly and Kyler don’t care what we do they are just here to hangout and get out of Eugene for the weekend.

“Why don’t we decide that tomorrow because right now all I can think about is food.” Jake says. “I am starving.”

“We haven’t had a chance to go to the store to pick up any food for the weekend yet.” Jackson adds. “Do you guys just want to order pizza for dinner tonight and we can go to the store tomorrow?”

“Sounds like a good plan to me!” Kelly says and everyone agrees.

The only pizza place willing to deliver where we are is a smaller local place called Josepie’s. We read reviews online to make sure it wasn’t a roach infested disaster of a restaurant, but all the reviews were good. When the pizza arrives, we all move to the long dining table just off the kitchen, there is enough chairs for all of us to sit and each together. The boys open the beers and pass one out to all of us, I have never liked beer much, but I can give it a try for the weekend.

We finish the pizza, and all stay seated around the table talking and drinking beers. I am only about three beers in and feeling a slight buzz, but Jackson is 6 beers deep and seems completely unfazed. His alcohol tolerance is much better than mine, one because of his size and two because he drinks much more than I do. Somehow we land on the topic of crazy party stories and I can’t stop laughing about some of the things these idiots have done when drunk.

“Jackson remember a few months ago after the party at Michael’s house? She asks. “When you went home with me roommate?”

“Oh, hmm I don’t really remember.” He says nervously looking over at me after answering.

“Come on! Hannah Pilton?” she says,“She wouldn’t stop talking about you for like a month after you guys hooked up.”

“Yeah, I remember Hannah.” He quickly answers.

My blood is feels like lava pumping through my veins right now. I know this was before him and I but here I am again having to hear about one of the many girls Jackson has been with. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of him with so many different people. A thick wall of tension builds around the table.

“Does anyone need another beer?” Kyler interrupts.

“I’ll take one!” Kelly adds. They are both trying to end the awkward conversation before it gets worse.

“Excuse me.” I say quietly and stand up from the table, headed for our bedroom.

I walk down the hall and into our bedroom, closing the door behind me. I take a deep breath in and hold it for a moment before releasing it. I just need a minute to myself before going back out there, I don’t want to show emotion in front of everyone and potentially make it more awkward then it already was. I know that Olivia doesn’t know anything going on between me and Jackson but bringing something like that up randomly makes me irate, but I feel bad for blaming her because it was Jackson who has slept with all these girls.

“Charlie?” he calls from outside the door. “Can I come in?”

“I would prefer if you didn’t.” I spit.

“Come on Char, please?” he replies sweetly.

“Fine.” I huff and he opens the door joining me in the room before closing it behind him.

He looks me up and down for a moment, I get the feeling he is trying to read my mood.

“What’s wrong?” he asks.

“What’s wrong is how many girls you’ve slept with.” I reply. “It seems like it is a never ending parade of them.”

“This was all before you.” He says while taking steps closer to me.

“I get that but it doesn’t make it any better to hear about.” I spit.

“What do you want me to do Charlie, huh?” he sternly replies. “I can’t change my past.”

“Why me?” I yell. “Why out of all the girls you’ve been with did you all sudden choose me?”

Tears are threatening to fall as I stare at him waiting for a reply.

“It wasn’t all the sudden.” He softly answers.

“What?” I question.

“Do you remember freshman year?” he asks. “We all had to live in campus housing our first year and Tyler and I met you and your friends then.”

“I know, I remember.” I say softly.

“We all went to our first college party together at some football players house and I had such a good time with you that night.” He says. “I planned to ask you to the formal the next day, but Tyler beat me to it, and I think you know how the rest of the story goes.”

“What?” I blurt.

“I wanted you first Charlie.” He replies. “I’ve always wanted you.”

My mind is spinning in a million different directions while my eyes betray me allowing tears to glide down my cheeks. I can’t stop myself from wondering what it would have been like had Jackson asked me first, would we have dated instead of me and Tyler? The realization that he has wanted me all this time also allows a calm to rush over my nerves about his past. My feelings for him have grown tremendously in a matter of minutes.

I manage to stop myself from crying and without hesitation I swiftly move towards Jackson wrapping my arms around his neck, pulling him in and forcefully pressing my lips to his. He places his hands around my waist and places them on my back while returning the force behind his kisses. I use my body to push him, guiding him towards the bed, pressing his backside against the mattress still standing connected to me. I break the kiss to trace kisses along his neck while reaching to the hem of his shirt aggressively pulling it over his head. I gently push him onto the bed where he lies on his back as I climb on top of him, straddling his muscular body beneath me. He reaches for the bottom of my shirt and pulls it over my head as we continue kissing, gliding our tongues in and out of each other’s mouths. Jackson cups my one of my breasts in his hand, breaking our kiss leave a trail of kisses from my neck down to my chest as he unhooks my bra pulling the straps of my shoulders and tossing the garment of the bed. He flips us over allowing himself to be on top of me as he begins to kiss down my bare stomach to the top of my pants.

“You okay?” he whispers

“Yes.” I moan

After getting my reassurance, he tugs at the top of my pants pulling them off my body, leaving me in only my underwear. At this moment I am so glad I went with a lacey pair. He lines kisses on my inner thigh and hip bones causing my skin to lift with goosebumps. When he comes back up to connect his lips with my I run my fingers along the top of his pants, slightly slipping them inside. I hear him let out a slight moan and before I can pull his pants down, he does it for me leaving himself in only his boxers. He reaches his hand down and rubs my area gently causing me to curl my toes and grab a handful of the sheets. I swipe my hand down his abdomen and grip around his hardened bulge in his boxers.

“Fuck.” He moans

He reaches his hand inside my panties and inserts his fingers inside me, sliding them in and out slowly. My eyes roll back in my head and my breathing rapidly picks up, making me almost pant. His fingers start to slide faster before he pulls them and jerk my panties off me, placing kisses down there while he looks up at me. I grab his face and pull him back up allowing myself to reach the elastic of his boxers and force them off his body, exposing the remainder of his body to me. He lays on his back next to me as I grasp his length and move my hand up and down causing him to let out a deep breath.

“I want you.” He whispers.

“So, take me.” I moan

He rolls of the bed and reaches into his bag on the floor pulling out a shiny gold packet holding a condom inside. When he returns to the bed, he climbs on top of me once again and rips the wrapper open with his teeth before sliding it around himself.

“Are you sure?” he asks looking me in my eyes.

“Yes.” I whisper.

He leans down and places a gentle warm kiss on my lips before sinking himself into me. He motions as slow as he thrusts me, causing my toes to curl. My body is overflowing with sensations causing me to feel more aroused by the second. He leans down to kiss me while still stroking inside me.

“Mmm” I moan against his lips causing him to lean back up from the kiss to spread my legs further apart, gripping his hands to my thighs he quickens his strokes. I see his eyes roll into the back of his head as he bites his lip.

“You feel amazing.” He moans, picking up the pace again. It feels so good I want to scream but instead I grad a handful of sheets and bite onto them. I feel myself getting closer and closer to finishing as he deeps his thrusts letting out moans and calling my name. He pushes inside me strongly one more time while filling the condom and I come undone under his touch.

We peel our bodies apart and climb underneath the covers on the bed. He lays beside me on his back and pulling me against him so that my head rests on his chest. The feeling I have rushing through me right now is one I wish I could keep forever. I am falling for him hard, and it feels right.

“That was amazing.” He whispers while tucking my hair behind my ear.

“Yes, it was.” I smile.

Neither of us say anything for a few minutes we just lay there, wrapped into each other. I am still trying to steady my breathing. I suck my bottom lip in and lightly bite it while reliving the last hour inside my head.

“I am falling for you so hard Charlie.” He says but his face looks almost scared. I don’t want him to feel afraid to let himself fall for me because I am feeling the same way.

“I am too.” I smile and lean up placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Do we have to go back out there?” I ask.

“No, it’s late anyways.” He smiles. “I just want to stay like this"

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