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Alpha Xander

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“ARGHHHH!!!!” Master Aamon yells angrily as he takes both hands and swipes them across his desk. All of the contents and papers go scattering as they hit the floor and one of his many ancient artifacts smashes to bits. He lets out another incoherent snarl before turning to Andromeda. “How did you not know of your sister’s betrayal?!” he screeches, making her flinch as she bows her head to him. He throws a priceless vase at the wall and it shatters, spraying the sharp pieces in every direction. “I’m sorry Master. I had gone back to Silver City to manipulate that fool Alpha into helping us lay siege. I did not realize Cassia had left us,” she replied, still not meeting his deathly gaze. “Look me in the eye when you speak to me girl!” She clenches her fists as she gathers up her courage and tilts her chin up. Her eyes narrow in determination. She has always worshipped Master Aamon, constantly wanting to please him and gain his attention. It was what she lived for and she always hated to disappoint him, whether the fault was hers or not. “Forgive me Master. But I will make her pay. She will feel our wrath for her misdeeds against the coven.” Cassia never thought she’d find love and Alpha Xander doesn’t believe in it. They will face many obstacles, but will they find happiness and the love they desire in the end?

Romance / Fantasy
Holly Prange
4.8 122 reviews
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Chapter 1

Cassia’s POV

Staring out over the city, I can see everything. The people down below look like mere ants from this high up. The buildings reflect the bright light of the sun, giving Crescent City a warm, cheerful glow. Too bad it’s wasted on me. As I look out across the city, I think about the sense of hope I had felt when I first arrived here. I had finally escaped my coven, the place that was my living nightmare.

The city was very different from the place where I spent my entire life. Before then, I had never left the mansion where my coven lived. Arriving here gave me such a feeling of wonderment as though there were now so many possibilities before me. However, I soon found out that I was naïve to think that I would be able to start over here. It was stupid of me to think that I’d ever be able to find happiness. I can’t help but wonder, what did I do to deserve such a miserable existence?

I fled my wretched coven, not just because I needed to stop them, but because I wanted to be free. Free from the fear and loneliness that I felt everyday. I shake my head, disgusted at my blind faith as I cross my arms over my chest, hugging myself as though trying to keep the pieces together. When will I ever feel safe? When will I find somewhere that I belong?

When I first arrived at Crescent City, I had teleported just a little ways outside of their border before approaching on foot. I could have brought myself directly into the city, but I didn’t want them to think that I was trying to sneak by them or trick them. I wanted them to give me permission to enter. I knew that would help them to trust me. At first, the Alpha had been quite intimidating. Luckily, he eventually seemed to let his guard down, if even just a tiny bit.

His mate was different though. She had been warm and approachable from the very beginning. She made me feel comfortable and welcome. I quickly became more optimistic about the possibility of this place becoming my new home. I could finally try to make friends, get my own place, be free to walk around. Maybe I could even find someone who would actually love me. But, how wrong was I?

My heart is aching inside my chest. It’s been years since I have had a reason to be happy. You would think that finding out that I have a mate would remedy that. He is gorgeous with his deep brown eyes and hair so dark that it is almost black. His skin is slightly tanned and his muscles are firm and deliciously sculpted to perfection. He is tall with broad shoulders and a powerful aura. I was instantly drawn to him, unable to catch my breath at the mere sight of him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to want anything to do with me.

Since finding him, he seems to avoid me like I’m the plague. Sure, he helped to protect me when we fought against my coven, but I’ve barely seen him since then. As far as I know, he never visited me while I was in the hospital after the battle. The few times he’s passed by me, he completely ignores me as if I’m not even there. The pain I’m feeling now is almost unbearable. It’s like I’ve been completely hollowed out, as though I’m just the shell that remains. My limbs feel completely detached as though I’m fading into nothingness. The only reason I know that I’m still here is the overwhelming sadness and loneliness that is filling my chest.

After everything I’ve been through in my life, I would have never expected to be so hurt by something like this. I’ve always dreamed of having someone to love and someone who loves me in return. Turns out that there is someone out there that is meant to be that person for me. He’s meant to be my other half, my soulmate. And he doesn’t want me.

I guess I should have expected this. Even if he would have accepted me in the beginning, I’m sure that he would have left me as soon as he knew the truth about me. I don’t know if there’s anyone out there who would want someone like me. I can feel my eyes start to sting as the emotions I’m feeling become too much to bear. Suddenly, something lightly touches my shoulder and I jump in surprise, startled out of my depressed thoughts.

Clutching at my chest, as though I’m trying to keep my heart from beating right out of it, I turn my head. I let out a sigh of relief as I see Scarlet’s face. She cringes apologetically to me as she remarks, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Are you alright?”

I force on a fake smile. “I’m fine. Just lost in my thoughts.”

Scarlet looks at me searchingly for a moment and it is easy to tell that I wasn’t convincing enough. She presses her lips together before giving me a quick nod, signaling that she won’t make me talk about it if I don’t want to. Instead, she takes my hand to lead me over to the large sectional. As soon as her skin touches mine, my vision quickly changes as I get a quick glimpse of the future. It disappears as fast as it appeared to me and I hastily blink my eyes to clear them.

Soon, I find myself sitting down with Scarlet by my side. My eyes are wide as I turn to look at her, this time with a true smile. “What?...” Scarlet questions me curiously, seeing my change in mood as a smile spreads across her own lips.

“I just got a glimpse of your future. Would you like to know what you’re having?” I ask, unable to keep my grin from growing excitedly as I see Scarlet’s expression immediately change. Her eyes pop open in shock as her jaw drops.

Just as quickly, her smile returns only much bigger and more radiant than before. “Really?! You can tell me that?! Already?! The nurse said I’d have to wait at least a couple more months!” she exclaims without even taking a breath.

“And yet you can find out right now if you want,” I reply softly. Her giddiness seems to be rubbing off on me a bit, which is nice. I was beginning to feel as though I would forever be stuck in the black hole I had managed to put myself in.

She takes both of my hands and holds them in hers as she grins enthusiastically at me. She opens her mouth to speak, but the words seem to suddenly stick in her mouth before she closes it again and frowns. I tilt my head at her with knotted eyebrows, wondering why the change. “What’s wrong?” I inquire gently.

“Ethan wouldn’t want to miss out on the news…” she responds seeming a bit disappointed at first. She’s clearly impatient to find out whether she is having a boy or a girl. She looks at her belly tenderly as she lightly rubs her hand over it. She’s not showing yet, but a soft smile appears on her face.

I’m happy that she was able to go get examined after Lucien’s execution. She had been so worried after he had claimed that the child she was pregnant with was his. Even after Ethan’s assurances, she couldn’t seem to stop the anxiety at the mere thought of the baby belonging to Lucien. Considering everything that happened, her reaction was completely understandable. Luckily, the doctor was able to confirm that the baby was, in fact, Ethan’s based on the estimated conception date.

A few seconds later her eyes light up again and her mouth opens. I can almost picture a lightbulb turning on over her head. “What if we throw a dinner party?! I can invite all of our closest friends and family and you can let us know then!”

I let out a small chuckle, her happiness is contagious. Just like the first time I met her, she manages to make me relax. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it’s almost like magic. “That sounds great. When do you want to do this?” I answer.

“How about the Saturday after next?”

“That will work! Just let me know what time!”

“Okay!” Scarlet surprisingly pulls me into a hug. At first, I’m too shocked to move, but then I wrap my arms around her too. It feels nice, comforting. I don’t even remember when the last time I got a hug was. Was I eight? Maybe ten? Hmm… I really needed this.

Too soon, she pulls away before clapping her hands. I laugh lightly before stating, “I should get going. I’m working at the infirmary this evening.”

“Alright, I’ll see you later then!” I get up and Scarlet follows me, swiping her keycard so that I’m able to ride the elevator back down.

When I arrive at the infirmary, I see there is only one person aside from the nurse named Lauren. She quickly finishes up and sends the patient on their way before coming over to me. “Okay, well, now that you’re here I’m going to get going. If you need anything, the call list is in the top desk drawer,” she replies as she picks up her purse and slings it over her shoulder.

I simply nod with a small smile before she leaves, the doors swinging behind her. Since werewolves have enhanced healing abilities, the infirmary isn’t usually very busy. Typically, there are mostly pregnant women coming in for their check-ups or deliveries. Other than that we see a lot of setting bones since that helps them heal more quickly and efficiently. In other words, there isn’t much to do here at the moment.

Unable to handle the boredom, I go around and restock all of the supplies. Unfortunately, that only takes me about thirty minutes. I plop down on the stool at the desk, wondering what to do next. I need to keep myself distracted. Otherwise, I’ll start thinking about him. It’s like he haunts me. Every waking thought seems to end with him. And every time, my heart aches with sadness.

Suddenly, a loud bang startles me as the doors are thrown open. My eyes open wide as I look up at the two figures that are now standing in front of me. One is being supported as he limps in with a bloody leg. A bone is poking out of it. However, he is not the one I’m shocked to see. The man that is holding him is the one my heart has been aching for. My mate, Xander.

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