Layla, The CEO(ON HOLD)

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what would you do if all your life, you had the desire to help people? You wondered around traveling the world undetected by all but a few, to help out in numerous nonprofit organizations to help third world country communities and under privileged communities. Layla's world just did day, things take a whole different approach. Giving her a taste of bitter mourn, the world decides to take ahold of her throwing her in a different direction in life. She hate corporate world with all her passion;but now, she has no choice but to leap inside this world she so detests so much. Will this new opportunity give her a chance to finally find love? a happy new life, with new perspectives? or will she regret the decision of listening to her mother to take this new job?

Romance / Erotica
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Hi, my name is Layla Garcia. I am the second daughter to Felix and Amanda Garcia. My father is a very kind and generous man. He has a golden heart that can fix any heartache you may be feeling, just by the sound of his sweet voice.

My mother is seriously outstanding, she is smart, beautiful, collected, and serene. I also have a sister named Chloe who is three years older then I am.

She is very beautiful, with her long silky golden dirty blonde hair. She bleaches it by the way, but it's a great look on her either way. She has a beautiful figure, and stands at 5 foot 11 inches. Hazel eyes with green mixed in, she is absolutely beautiful. An eye candy to any man seeking a great trophy wife.

I, on the other hand; do not care about my looks. I am just too busy to care. I have always lived in their shadows. Kept my long black natural hair. Brown eyes, thankfully super skinny because otherwise mother would always be on my case about my eating habbits.... I love food! What can I say? I simply like to indulge myself in culinary arts.

I stand at a very minimum of 5 feet 3 inches, yes I know.... I am very short. I turned twenty three this year, and my sister will be turning twenty six in a few weeks. Can't wait, woo, hoo!!! Can you hear the sarcasm?

She loves to throw lavish and off the top parties all the time, for what ever the reason, truthfully... she needs no reason to throw a party...but she goes to the extreme on her birthdays.

I have been able to get out of assisting parties with my family for the past few years.

Thankfully, because it seems that lately they have been on the spotlight more then ever, due to their jobs.

I have been in Mexico city for the past two and a half months working with a nonprofit organization giving out free hearing aids to kids with disabilities. I love this, it's what I love doing.... my one and only passion.

There is no greater satisfaction in life for me then knowing I was able to take part in the life of a kid to hear their first sounds in so long.

This job is very intense and very time consuming. You have to be completely dedicated and willing to go, not one, but all the extra miles necessary. And be willing to endure everything here. I love it either way.

I have come to learn reading lips a bit and speak in ASL, which comes so much in hand when there are kids who are completely deaf.

Deaf community is so mesmerizing, I truly admire them. Their whole community and strength. They are so close to one another.... they are a huge family and I love that they have accepted me in it, regardless of being a hearie, like they like to call me.

My group consists of about forty eight or so, of us. Including three doctors. I was partnered of with Travis today, he is one of the guys who joined same year as me... we both did our college online while we worked with this foundation since we were eighteen. He and I attended high school together and signed up to work in this organization during our junior year, since it takes a whole year to be approved.

Today, we all gathered together and are ready to drive out to a near town called Ocoyoacac, don't ask me to pronounce it because I'm still trying to do so myself... but mind I say? It is breath taking beautiful.

It's a beautiful mountain side country with a mild chili atmosphere. We were able to spot many horseback riding men on our way out here. Most of the town is pretty neat and well taken care of.

Out further are a lot of wealthy families living in beautiful ranches. But our priorities are to get these hearing aids to people who can not afford them.

I sat on a plastic folding chair, Travis stood by me as I tried to place the hearing aid in the little girls ear. I turned it on, and raised the volume up just a tad bit. She was so beautiful... tiny little girl who looked to be just around six or seven.

"Ok, how does this sound? Can you hear my voice?" I asked in a smile. She looked concerned at first, but soon as she started to make out the sounds, her eyes became watery, she glanced between her mom, Travis and myself.

"Mommy, I can hear.... I can hear what she said!" She responded in Spanish.

"Gracias, thank you.... I don't know how to repay you for this."

"No es nada, solo cuida tu pequeña y asegúrate de mantenerle bacterias nuevas todo el tiempo. " I responded to her letting her now it was nothing and suggested to always keep new batteries at hand.

"You're quite good with the little girls Layla, no wonder Dr. Spencer always has you handle all the seven and under kids." Travis said.

"Thanks Travis. But you do pretty well yourself you know that?" I let him know.

He smiled bright. I kind of had a huge crush on him. After all, he was quite good looking, tall, light skinned, light brown hair and mischievous green eyes. A chiseled jaw and an amazing body.

But,......he was going out with Tara already. She is a good friend of mine, and I would never betray her. So I kept my distance and respected their relationship.

I grabbed the box casing and plastic wrap the hearing aid came in, and got up to take it to the trash. Travis grabbed it off my hand and offered throwing it away himself. I smiled and nodded in acceptance.

My phone started vibrating just as I was about to walk to take my next case, as I glanced at the chart before me.

"Hi Daddy... what a beautiful surprise!"

"Hi beautiful, how is my darling baby girl? Where are you guys working off to today?" The sweet voice of my father answered in the other line.

"We're still in Mexico City area, but in two more days we are finally leaving and headed towards Guatemala. How are you? I haven't spoken to you in weeks.... mom says you've been quite busy lately. "

" I have sweetie. Business is seriously getting intense. I haven't had a day off in over a month. But I don't mind, so long as your mom no longer has to work. I don't mind working overtime. "

"Daddy, although I love to hear how enthused you are with work... you gotta make sure you are well rested ok?
You need proper sleep and rest... please tell me you are eating healthy? I don't want to hear you are missing out on your meals, or eating junk food ok? We will have serious trouble if you are..." I scolded him.
He let out a loud chuckle, he knows I love him and mean the best.

"No worries sweetheart. I am eating well and getting as much rest as possible. Now, with all this said, I wanted to speak to you about the holidays coming up.... will you be willing on making it back for your sister's birthday? We have only three more weeks. "

Ugh, I groaned. I really don't feel like going to my sister's parties. I never was the big party type. "Daddy, do I have to?"

"Now, Layla. You promised your sister you were coming.... a promise is a promise and it cannot be broken. "

We both said the same phrase at the same time.... it was a saying he'd always tell us, to make sure we never broke promises to each other.

"I know.... ugh, fine... I'll see what I can do. I'll try and get a flight back in two weeks and meet you guys up there." I can tell he had a bright big smile in the other line. Truthfully, I just wanted to go so I can wrap my hands around him.

"Ok sweetheart... I guess I won't take more of your time.... I know you are a busy women.... till soon.... I love you my princess. "

"I love You too, daddy. "

That night, we all went to a nearby cantina. I normally don't dress up, but hey... I was leaving in two weeks.

Tara and I made our way inside, I had a low cut, spaghetti strap dress that flowed really nice on the bottom. It came up to my mid thigh. It looked really provocative. But hey, once in a blue moon won't hurt right? I decided to take my blue denim jacket along just in case it got cold.

We headed towards the bar, and Tara ordered a bottle of Don Juan and a round of beers for the two of us.

Most of the bar was filled by locals and our crew. They all dressed pretty casual. Well, all except for one guy.

He looked really hot, with his dress trousers and a blue buttoned down dress shirt. He stood at the far left corner with a shot of what looked like whiskey on the rocks.

A young women was there talking to him, but I don't think he realized it. He glanced at her as she spoke, and he seamlessly turned back to his drink and sipped it again.

Poor guy, I kind of felt bad for him.
But anyway, it was none of my business.

I turned back around to face Tara. I was faced with Travis instead.
"Ah, hey Travis... where's Tara? Wasn't she just here?" I asked.

"She was, but... she got called over by Dr. Spencer. " He said as he pointed towards the table where the doctors and supervisors were sitting.

I sighted, and sipped on my beer turning back around. I tried to ignore the fact Travis was here. He made my stomach flutter, but I was not gonna go there.

"So, Layla... are you really leaving in a few weeks back to California?" He asked.

"Were you eavesdropping on my conversation Travis?"

He smiled a bit as I squinted my eyes.
I turned back around and saw the girl was still trying really hard to make a move on the guy. I couldn't help but feel so bad for him.

He glanced over. Probably realizing I was staring at him. We locked eyesight for a few seconds. He smiled, and it made me blush.

"Get a grip Layla, Travis is the one you got the hots for and he's standing right by you." My subconscious was trying to make sense to me.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it. I mean you were standing a few feet away after all.... Layla?" Travis voice made me turn back around.

I took another long sip from my beer, well more like a chugged the whole thing. I wiped my mouth and got off my stool.

"Well, here goes nothing." I said.

"Sorry, what?" Travis asked, confused about what I was saying.

"I'll see you later ok?" I said as I gripped his hand gently and walked towards the mystery guy.

He saw me walking towards him, completely aware the other girl was trying to seduce him as she ran her hands through his hair.

I cleared my throat, making her turn towards me.

"Can I help you?" She asked

I ignored her, seeing his eyes locked on me. I slowly moved past her, sat on his lap, as he wrapped his hands over me.

"Hi baby, sorry it took so long. The bathroom was a bit crowded" I said as I wrapped my hands on the handsome stranger.

He smiled, taking his hand and caressing my cheek, pulling me close and kissing my lips.

"It's ok. You're here now. I did miss you though. Next time I'm just gonna have to go with you though." He said as he smiled.

I'm pretty sure she got the hint. She scuffed, as she placed her left hand over her hip and tossed her hair back with her other arm.

"You came with a date? Why didn't you just say so?" She asked arrogantly.

"Did you ask if my boyfriend had a date? Or did you just come and set yourself a target for tonight on my man?"

"Well, aggh. Whatever, he's not even that hot."

"Sure about that? Because I saw your hands all over him on my way over here."

"I, ah, look, I'm sorry ok? I didn't mean to come between you two. That's not who I am. Good night to the two of you." She added

We both waved as she turned on her heels and left.

We talked for a while,

"Hi, I'm Layla."

"Hi Layla, my name's Daniel."

"Nice to meet you Daniel "

"Like wise Layla."

We took a few drinks, a total of two dozen beers at most between the two... the more we drank, the more we talked.

He seemed like a genuine gentleman. He was really nice and funny.

Before I knew it, the handsome man Daniel and I were in the alley making out. He intentionally offered to walk me home to my bungalow. But in the midst of it all, we made out.

His mouth crashed onto mine frantically, he tugged at my denim jacket, pulling it off me as we made our way inside my room.

I fiddled with his buttons and he unbuckled his pants, letting them fall freely on my floor.

I woke up with a huge headache.

I laid on my back completely naked and draped with my duvet, from my waist down.

I opened my eyes as the sun rays hit my eyes. I grunted, my head pounded so bad. I turned and glanced at my phone, realizing it was already eleven in the afternoon.

"Shit.... I'm late."

I got up, and looked for my clothes like a mad hysterical women on a mission.
I opened one drawer and the next.

Running from one side of the room to the next.

I took a quick shower, ignoring my headache. Changed quickly and placed my hair in a messy bun.

When I was placing my shoes on, my door was knocked.

I got up and opened it.
It was a messenger guy, with a huge bouquet of roses, a bag, and a note.

"Thanks for saving me. And for an unforgettable night.

Yours truly- Daniel"

"Oh, my, god.... I did sleep with him. Shit, I thought it had just been a dream? Damn it Layla...."

I shook it off, knowing we were leaving in two weeks, I was probably never going to see him again.

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