Alive Again

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Chapter 10

She took another deep breath and went up to the door and rang the doorbell. She was nervous until he opened the door and flashed her that sexy smile that seemed to turn her insides to mush the more that she saw it.

“Hello Lorelai!” He said.

“Hi Aaron,” she replied shyly.

“Come in out of the cold!” he insisted and moved aside, ushering her in and closed the door. He asked for her coat and hung it on the hooks on the hall bench he had positioned there. Thor was there ready to greet her excitedly and she bent down to scratch him again. Thor was in heaven.

“I couldn’t resist and brought something for dessert. Hopefully it goes with whatever you have planned,” she explained.

Aaron could hear the tone in her voice, almost a slight pleading for it to be ok and a definite scared look in her eyes.

He smiled, “That looks fabulous and I think it will go perfect with the brownies!”

She visibly relaxed and smiled back at him, “How about a tour?”

“I would love to give you a tour. But first there is something I need to do first, something I have been thinking about all day!”

He looked at her with a gleam in his eye and slowly placed his hands on her face and leaned in to kiss her; gently at first, then when he felt her relax some more he deepened the kiss. He slowly moved one of his hands from her face to her lower back and pulled her closer to him. She stiffened at first, then relaxed into him, enjoying the sensations he was creating in her body; things she hadn’t felt in years.

He pulled back after several minutes and looked at her, each of them breathing hard, “Damn you are so good at that!”

She blushed, “I sincerely doubt that, but thanks…How about that tour?”

He nodded and took her hand leading her through the house, room by room, telling her the things he had changed or fixed. She looked on in awe and disbelief that he did this. Thor followed them wherever they went in the house and he had his tongue hanging out like he was smiling the whole time.

“So you bought this house and fixed, changed or refinished everything you didn’t like or that needed it?!” Lorelai asked her hand still in his.

“Yes, the house was in need of some TLC and I did it on my own. It helped heal me after my divorce. My dad and Stevie came over to help on weekends sometimes, but this was my therapy; my blood, sweat and tears.”

She nodded understanding all too much, “I think it’s fabulous! You did an amazing job.”

He grinned at her and kissed her hand that he was still holding, “And you haven’t even seen the room where the magic happens yet either!”

She swallowed and looked up at him in almost a panic. She had been thinking about if he was going to want her to spend the night or sleep with him and she was so NOWHERE ready for that! She had no idea when that would be, but it wasn’t tonight!

“Um, I- we can’t” Lorelai stammered.

“Lorelai! It’s ok. Please don’t worry! I’m not talking about my bedroom anyway. I’m talking about the kitchen,” Aaron urged, scolding himself for making a joke like that so soon, only guessing what she had been through, “Besides, when I do show you my room, we won’t be leaving so quickly once we get in there.”

She swallowed hearing the hint of what it would be like to have sex with him and while she could visualize being in a bed with him, she knew that it was a real possibility that they would never make it to that point. Getting angry that this was her life, she was going to apologize when she felt him tilt her face up and he kissed her nose. That simple action calmed her and she breathed a little easier.

“Now come with me and see the kitchen. I need to check on dinner anyway.”

She placed her hand in his and followed him back downstairs after seeing everything but the master bedroom. She gasped when he led her into the kitchen and looked around. It was a huge beautiful room that was light, bright and spacious. There was plenty of counter space under the ample cabinets, a huge pantry, stainless steel appliances and an island where he directed her to sit. Thor immediately made himself comfortable by Lorelai’s feet and laid his head down.

“Aaron, it’s beautiful! It is perfect to cook in, not to mention just cozy enough for a family to sit and have meals together…”

“That is exactly what I was thinking when I designed it! It brings me back to my childhood sitting in my Mom’s and my Nan’s kitchens and watching them cook and having dinners with the whole family. I love when Caleb and Conner come over and eat and hang out,” he explained as he took her hand again.

“You did a masterful job,” she said and he beamed, “So what is that delicious smell?”

“So I have a shepherd’s pie and some freshly baked Irish Soda Bread,” He said as he checked in the oven to see the potatoes browning nicely.

“You made bread?”

“It was a requirement with my Nan that Mimi and I learn her recipe and how to make it. I am addicted to it and usually have a loaf around at all times. That’s why I have to run so much otherwise I would be 500 pounds!”

Lorelai laughed and he offered her something to drink and she chose to stick with water since she was driving later. He sat next to her at the island and they started talking again as they waited for the timer to count down. Once it rang he set the large dish on the professional grade range to rest a minute as he got out the bread and a salad on the table. He helped her to the table and sat next to her and smiled, urging her to dig in. She took two heaping spoonfuls of the streaming dish and let it cool before taking a bite and really thought she was in heaven.

She groaned, “Oh my god Aaron! This is so good!”

He loved hearing the sound she made after tasting his food and it stirred something in him. He wanted to make her happy and knew at that moment that no matter what it took, he was going to be with this woman.

“You like it I take it?”

“Oh hell yes! So damn good! And the bread is outstanding!”

“Thanks. I have all kinds of variation that you can do with it. One of my favorites is adding raisins and cinnamon and toasting it for breakfast. So good!!”

They ate, talked and laughed, getting to know each better.

“I have a very important question, Lorelai…”He said, making her look at him, feeling a little nervous, “Marvel or DC?”

She looked at him and tried not to laugh, “That is a serious question. I have to say that I am a Marvel girl through and through!!”

Aaron sat back and grinned, “Excellent. We can continue this relationship!”

She laughed and he pushed up the sleeves of his long sleeve shirt to reveal several Marvel character tattoos on his left arm. Lorelai couldn’t help but notice the well sculpted muscles under that ink. He showed her the other arm with the police flag and the date of a friend that was killed a few years ago.

“Do you have any more tattoos?” She asked.

“I have some on each bicep, my shoulders and on my upper back. Do you have any?”

She nodded her head, “Joel and I got them for our 18 birthdays. My parents weren’t thrilled, but what were they going to do? It was done.”

“What is it? Where is it?” Aaron asked curiously.

“It’s a butterfly and I am not telling you where it is! You will just have to use your imagination!” She replied cheekily.

Aaron grinned at her, “Oh I will! Hey, do you like to ski?”

“Ski no, snowboard yes. Why?”

“Well I snowboard too and am going up next weekend and was wondering if you wanted to go with me?”

She bit her lip, thinking about how nice it would be to hit a few runs. She hadn’t been since Christmas Break and it might be nice to go if it was not at the one place Max always took her.

“Well…Where would you go? I have to check my finances,” She asked so she could decline if it was not at a good location.

“I won a weekend trip to Keystone with lift tickets and lodging through the Harley Dealer.”

She stopped and her eyes went wide, “Harley dealer? Do you have a motorcycle?”

“Yes…” he asked nervously, trying to figure out if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

“Shit I LOVE motorcycles!”

He grinned, hearing the excitement in her voice. He put down the dish towel he was using to wipe the counters, took her hand and led her to a door. He opened the door and flipped a switch to turn on the light she saw in the garage. She gasped as she saw the beautiful black Harley sitting next to his large black truck.

“Do you like it?” He asked.

“It’s gorgeous!”

“I’m glad you like it! When the weather is warmer, we’ll go riding,” he promised, “But back to next weekend? Do you want to go?”

He could see the hesitation in her eyes as they went back into the living room. He sat her down on the couch and looked at her with hopeful eyes.

“What are you worried about? Please tell me.”

“Well the lodging part worries me a little… I don’t want… One bed…”

Finally understanding what she was trying to say, he smiled softly, “Lorelai, I’m not asking you to sleep with me as payment. I thought Steve was going to go with me when I booked it with two beds, but he can’t go; he tweaked his knee. So there is an extra bed and lift ticket if you want it!”

Hearing that he wouldn’t pressure her into sleeping with him, she felt a load fall off of her shoulders, “Yes…”

“Yes? You’ll come with me?”

“Yes. I will go; I haven’t been to Keystone in years.”

She smiled at him warmly as he grinned at her, “I really can’t wait!”

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