Alive Again

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Chapter 11

She couldn’t help but grin back at him when she felt some pressure on her leg and looked down to see Thor’s paw on resting on her, “But what about Thor? Where will he go while we are up in the mountains?”

“You are such a baby, Thor! He will enjoy the weekend with Mimi and the boys. Don’t fall for his sad eyes! He is terrible! Thor, go outside!”

Thor licked her hand then went to the kitchen and out the doggie door.

Lorelai couldn’t help but start to giggle and couldn’t stop. Aaron couldn’t help but join in with her and before either of them knew it he was tickling her and she was trying to get him back but it wasn’t having any success.

“If you keep going, I’m going to pee my pants!” She panted through the tickling sessions.

“Ok ok! I really don’t think peeing is a good way to get to know each other! I will stop, for now!” Aaron said helping her get settled back on the couch.

Aaron went for their water and came back to discuss what movie they wanted. They agreed on an action film that was on-demand and settled on the couch together. As good as it was, somehow they ended up kissing on the couch. It was so nice and Lorelai was stunned that she was ok with it; she just felt so different with Aaron.

Aaron was nervous and didn’t know how to proceed so he pulled back a little and looked at her seriously, “Lorelai, I don’t want to do anything that will make you uncomfortable, so you have to tell me if you don’t like something or we are going too fast ok? I won’t be mad at all, but I’m not a mind reader and you have to tell me.”

Lorelai nodded, “You are really too good for me, Aaron. I don’t really deserve someone being so nice to me…”

“Oh a ghra`, you deserve so much more!!” He said and leaned over and kissed her again.

She had no idea what he said but she loved hearing him say it. He gently rubbed his tongue of her lips and she opened her mouth to let him in and he prodded her mouth, exploring it. She was melting and becoming a puddle right on the very comfy leather couch and when he reached behind and pulled her to him so they were chest to chest she didn’t resist. He started kissing down her jaw line and nibbled and kissed along her neck and when he hit one spot by her ear, she hissed and grabbed his arm, digging in her nails.

“Oh Jesus!” She moaned.

Aaron heard her moan and it made him even harder than he already was. He grinned in spite of himself and then felt her digging into his bicep, feeling the pinch.

“A ghra`, you are going to draw blood if you keep digging your nails in my arm!” he whispered in her neck.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry Aaron!” She said sitting back up, “Are you ok?”

“Nothing that a few stitches won’t fix,” He joked rubbing the arm.

“Oh god, please tell me you are joking!” She begged.

“Lorelai, I am just messing with you. Don’t worry, I’m fine. I think I hit a good spot though!” He said with a wink.

She blushed and dropped her head not sure what to say until Aaron took a finger and raised her face, “Don’t be embarrassed, please. It is hot as hell the way you respond to me and I can’t wait to see what other sweet spots I can find! But I think we need a break and some dessert!”

She nodded and watched as he got up to go back to the kitchen and noticed the rather large bulge that was in his pants. She was shocked that he had responded to her that way! They were only kissing!

“It’s not fair that you are watching me walk away! And yes I feel like a teenager right now and am having a hard time walking!” He huffed as he went in the kitchen.

She giggled again and sat back on the couch waiting for him. Thor came back in and sat by her feet patiently. Aaron came back with a few plates each with a brownie square with two scoops of the ice cream she brought. He handed her a plate before reaching in the pocket of his joggers and pulled out a biscuit for Thor. He made him sit and then shake before he gave him the treat before sitting down next to her. They talked as they ate the decadent sweets. When they were done, Aaron took the plate and before he could say anything Lorelai started speaking.

“His name is Max Coleman. He swept me off my feet and knew exactly how to work me. I never even realized he was doing it; he was that good at his game. It was slow and very subtle and I didn’t know he had as much power as he did until I was in too deep. Joel, my family and my friends in college tried so hard to get me to open my eyes, but I brushed them off as he was just looking out for me. In the end Joel was really the only one that stuck it out, but my other friends gave up…And I can’t really blame them when I think back…”

Aaron was proud of her for starting to talk about what happened. He leaned over and kissed her forehead, “You are so brave. I’m proud of you for telling me that, Thank you.”

“It was mental and physical…I was in therapy for a long time, years. I only go about once a month now to check in with Dr. McCormick. She says she can’t do anything more for me until I do it for myself…”

“You are incredible,” he said with awe.

“So anytime you don’t want to take me on anymore, I won’t fault you in the least bit. This could be a slow process Aaron…”

“I’m not going anywhere Lorelai. I can wait as long as you need me too as long as you keep talking to me. I promise that I won’t hurt you in any way a ghra`.

She nodded and then was shocked when the clock in the room chimed 11:30, “Oh jeez! I didn’t mean to stay so long!”

“I’m really glad you did! I had a REALLY good time!”

“I did too. Next time we should try watching the movie!” She replied with a giggle.

“Maybe,” he said suggestively and pulled her to him again and kissed her deeply, immediately making his tongue dance with hers.

She pulled back, out of breath, “Do you want to come over tomorrow for dinner?”

“Are you sure? I don’t mean about dinner, I mean about me coming to your house…”

“Yes, I am sure. Why don’t you come by about 4:00 since we both have to work Monday morning?”

“I will be there!” he grinned at her as she texted him her address. She had already pushed the start button on her SUV to get the heat ready. As soon as she put her phone in her purse he dragged her to his body, and then ran his fingers through her shorter hair, loving the silky strands touching his skin.

“I can’t wait until I see you tomorrow,” he huskily replied before kissing her again.

She let herself feel every single nerve in her body fire and loved the heat that he was creating. He pulled back, helped her get her coat on and walked her to her already warm car. He watched her drive away and then went back in and looked at his dog, “Yep, I’m totally screwed!”

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