Alive Again

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Chapter 12

Lorelai went to the store early Sunday and bought fixings for Chicken Marsala. She made a damn good dish if she did say so herself. Instead of garlic bread, she got a fresh baked loaf of Italian bread; she didn’t want bad breath if they were going to have a make out session again. And she really hoped they did! She dreamed about it all night and woke up with a smile on her face.

She had everything just about ready when the doorbell rang and she nervously let him in, but relaxed the instant he kissed her deeply. Repeating what he did for her last night, she showed him around her little bungalow that her grandparents had first owned.

“This is really perfect for you, a ghra`. I’m impressed with what you have done with it!”

“Thanks, I loved playing here as a kid. So after I graduated, my parents were going to sell it and I talked them into letting me live here and I pay them what would be a fair mortgage. I don’t know what they do with the money, but I pay for it. It works for now.”

“Does he know about this place?”

Knowing exactly who he was talking about, she shook her head, “He knows that they lived in the area, but he was never here.”

Nodding and rubbing her arms, he kissed the top of her head. Getting him a glass of wine, she finished dinner and they continued to talk and laugh. It still boggled both of their minds that the conversation was so easy between them; they never lagged in topics. After dinner they ended up on the couch in another make out session.

Aaron pulled back to look at her slightly swollen lips and tousled hair and grinned, “So are so beautiful with your just kissed lips and messy hair.”

“And you smell so damn good! What is that?!”

He laughed, “Just soap and deodorant. I don’t usually wear cologne unless it’s a special occasion.”

“So that is just your natural smell?”

“I guess…”

“God, you should bottle it and sell it! You would have women all over you!”

“But, I don’t want women all over me, I want you, a ghra`.”

She blushed and buried her face in his chest and he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. He repositioned them on the couch and rubbed her back. She looked up and in his eyes.

“So I have a question…”

“Ask away!”

“What is a ghra`? Or however you pronounce it…”

He kissed the top of her head, “A ghra`. It’s Irish Gaelic for ‘my love’…”

She felt her heart swell at the very thought of being someone’s love. This felt so different than anything she ever had before and she didn’t know if it was the trauma from everything that happened with Max or not, but she liked this-a lot. But she didn’t want to get too excited in case he dumped her. She was jolted out of her thoughts when she heard him repeat his question.

“Lorelai, is that ok?”

Not trusting her voice she smiled, nodded and laid her head back on his firm and well sculpted chest as he smoothed her hair back. They continued on until Aaron realized it was after 10 and they had to get up for work. The weekend really did go by too fast and he wished weekends were five days long instead of two-and he loved his job! But he desperately wanted to spend more time with Lorelai. They kissed at the door and she watched as he climbed into his large truck and waved as he drove away. She locked up and climbed into bed smiling as she fell asleep.

The next week seemed to fly by for both of them, work wise. Personally, they spent every evening together except for Wednesday when he had to work late on a case and she had dinner with her parents. They both immediately noticed a difference in her, but kept it to themselves. As soon as she left, Sarah started crying as her husband held her.

“She is coming back, Honey. Our little girl is finally coming back!”

Trying to pack for a trip with a man you desperately liked, but didn’t want to lead on was VERY difficult! The ski clothes were no big deal, you really couldn’t mess that up. It was the pajamas she was worried about. After much deliberation, she just went with a pair of royal blue long sleeve satin pajamas. She was totally packed and ready Thursday night when the doorbell rang. Expecting it to be Aaron she opened it to see Edna Martin, her elderly neighbor.

“Lorelai Dear, hi! I was hoping you would be here. I was hoping you might have some olive oil that I could borrow. I thought I had another bottle in the pantry, but I don’t and I am cooking!”

Knowing full well that this woman had enough food and supplies for the entire neighborhood, but she smiled and invited her in. She went to the cabinet where she stashed her spices and handed the whole thing to Mrs. Martin.

“Here you go Mrs. Martin. You can just have that. I have another bottle and I’m not going to be using it this next week.”

“You are a sweet young woman, Thank you!”

They talked a few more minutes as Lorelai slowly tried to get her to the door before Aaron showed up, but it’s like God was conspiring against her and the doorbell rang. She cringed and opened the door to see Aaron smiling like a sex god and felt her heart soar like it did every time she saw him now.

“Hey! Sorry I’m late. I had to submit a report on-oh sorry! I didn’t know you had company,” Aaron came in giving his usual panty-melting smile.

“Well, well, well! You are a very good looking young man! Are you Lorelai’s boyfriend?” Mrs. Martin gushed.

Lorelai rolled her eyes behind the woman’s back, “Mrs. Martin, This is Aaron O’Shay. Aaron, this is Edna Martin, one of my neighbors.”

“Oh it’s so nice so meet you! I can see why Lorelai hasn’t been home much with you in the picture!” Edna continued on.

“It’s very nice to meet you too, Mrs. Martin. And yes, I am her boyfriend and you are very kind with your compliments,” he said shaking her hand.

“Oh and he has manners! Keep him Lorelai! Not many men have manners anymore!”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Mrs. Martin,” Lorelai said, trying to contain her embarrassment.

“Lorelai, I hate to interrupt, but are you about ready? We have reservations…” He said letting the words kind of fade off.

“Oh I’m so sorry, you have plans! I’m going to go and get back to my cooking. Thank you Lorelai for the olive oil. And Aaron it was so NICE to meet you!”

“It was my pleasure Mrs. Martin! Enjoy your evening!” Aaron replied with his smile that made the older woman blush a little.

She left with a wave and hurried back across the street.

“Finally I can greet you, a ghra`!!” he said huskily and pulled her in for a deep, knee weakening kiss.

Once he let go, Lorelai felt slightly light headed, “Hi, that was one hell of a welcome!”

He grinned, “Well it was good to finally greet my girlfriend today! And I wanted you to know I missed you.”

She blushed, “You don’t have to say that…”

He looked straight into her eyes, “I know I don’t HAVE to, but I WANT to. I want you as my girlfriend and so much more!”

He watched the disbelief wash over her eyes and knew he was going to have to make her realize how special and amazing she was. He had to erase everything that son of a bitch did to her, if that was even possible. He knew there was so much more to the story and wanted to know it, but it also scared him deeply to know how badly she was hurt.

He leaned in and kissed her again before he grabbed her hand and handed her the coat she had laying on the back of the couch, “I’m starved, let’s go get some pizza!”

She laughed and slipped on the coat and followed him out to his truck. He helped her step up and in and they drove off to the pizza parlor they both loved. They ate an extra-large supreme with extra mushrooms and cheese, talking about their trip the next day. They both were excited to spend some time on the slopes and with each other.

They went back to her place and she gave him her board and boots to take with him as well as her packed bag.

“So I’m picking you up from school right?”

“Yes, Alex is coming to get me in the morning and I will wait at the school for you.”

“Perfect! We’ll grab some burgers for the drive up and head up to the resort. Does that sound ok to you?”

She loved that he always asked what she thought and if she was ok with what was happening. He understood her need to be able to vocalize if she liked what was going on and be in on the planning. She divulged in one of their talks that Max always decided what they would do, even if she didn’t want to. He had his ways of making her go along with the plans, and she didn’t go into much detail with Aaron about what that was. He could read between the lines as to what Lorelai was implying and hated with every fiber of his being to know that she was treated so badly and brutally.

“I think it’s great. Now you have to go so I can shower and get a good night’s sleep. I have a big weekend with my boyfriend!”

His heart jumped hearing her say those words, “Well I guess I am being dismissed! Good night a ghrà, I will see you tomorrow.”

For the first time in their relationship she initiated the kiss and Aaron let her take the lead. She loved the power that she was feeling and thought she just might have to do this more often. Aaron loved her timid approach and smiled when she pulled back.

“Good Night.”

She squeezed his hand as he walked back to the truck and waved as he drove away. She showered, dried her hair, got the coffee maker ready for the morning and climbed into bed. She was a little nervous, but excited for the weekend ahead. She thought if things went well, that she would let Aaron take things a little farther, not anywhere near sex, but allow some more touching. And that made her palms sweat and her heart jump. She used the breathing exercises to regain control of her pulse, then lay down and drifted off.

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