Alive Again

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Chapter 13

It had been a nightmare day for Lorelai. There had been two juniors found cheating on a test and she had to deal with that, a fight broke out over a girl in the cafeteria and she had a raging headache. She was just finishing up the suspension paperwork when she got a text from Aaron.

‘Hey! I’m outside, are you ready?’

‘Shit day! Be down in a few minutes, I’m sorry’

She was nervous sending that text, wondering how it was making him feel and if he would be upset. Almost as if he knew what she was thinking he sent another text.

‘It’s fine! It happens, take your time’

She took a deep breath and quickly finished the paperwork, sent it off and shut down her computer. She picked up her bags that were hiding under her desk, switched off the light and locked her door. She quickly went down the three flights of stairs to the main entrance and was almost out when she heard her name. Getting slightly angered by the delay, she turned to find Alex rushing up to her.

“Hey, I know you are trying to go, but I just had a question about Evan and Jonah’s love triangle. Can I walk with you?”

“Sure,” and he fell in step with her out the doors and to the front parking lot.

Lorelai saw Aaron standing outside by his truck looking at his phone. She couldn’t help but smile and blushed as she took him in, something that Alex noticed right away. Annoyed at the questions that Alex was asking as he already knew the answer, she quickly realized that this was his way of appeasing Joel by checking the ‘new guy’ out; especially after Max.

“…So Jonah’s nose was bleeding, but it didn’t look broken from your perspective?” Alex clarified.

“No, but I’m not a doctor so I walked him to the nurse’s office and let them handle it. Alex, honey, I really have to go! We are running late!”

“I know, I’m just-“

“Just getting dirt for your husband! Now look at him, see how good looking he is, meet him and report back your good feelings!” Lorelai said exasperated.

“God, am I really that transparent? Have I really lost my touch?!”

“YES!!” She giggled as they got closer.

Aaron looked up hearing her laugh and gave his panty dropping smile to them, “Shit, he is a hot cop isn’t he?”

“Oh you have no idea!”

“Hi Aaron, I’m so sorry! I will explain the shit day on drive,” She said walking into his arms and hugged him as he leaned down and kissed the top of her head, taking in her sweet and sexy scent.

“It’s ok, a ghrà. I totally get it,” he said, moving her to his side and leaving his arm around her and looked at the man in front of him, “Hi you must be Alex.”

“I am! Alex Monroe, BFF’s husband. Sorry, about the teen lingo, it comes with the territory,” he answered slightly embarrassed and shook Aaron’s hand.

“Hazard of the job, I get it. Aaron O’Shay and I already pretty much planned on this. You have to look out for this amazing and beautiful woman here.”

Impressed with his words and demeanor, Alex raised an eyebrow and started talking, “Ok, I really need you to call Joel tomorrow night to let him know you are still alive. He said to give the secret codes based on how you are ok? He will be totally unbearable all weekend if you don’t so please! For my sake, text him!”

Feeling his love, she hugged him and kissed his cheek, “I promise I will. You have the name of the hotel and the room number if nothing else.”

“I promise that I will bring her back exactly as she is right now, Alex,” Aaron humbly vowed.

Alex could hear the sincerity in his voice, something that he never heard the few times he had met Max, “Ok, have fun! Hit a few runs for me!”

Alex moved back as Aaron helped her into the truck and then got in himself, pausing only to hand Alex his business card with his cell phone number on the back, “I get it. Especially after hearing some of the things she had told me. Call or text anytime; whatever it takes to help ease your minds.”

Nodding at the man before him, “Thanks, I appreciate it.”

Aaron put his seatbelt on and they pulled out, Lorelai waving as they went.

“God is that what it is like to watch your daughter go out on her first date?! This fucking sucks! I need to rethink this fatherhood thing!!” Alex said as he walked back to the building, feeling the cold for the first time.

The couple quickly stopped at a nearby burger joint and then got on the highway to start up the mountain. She told him of her shit day and all the drama. Aaron chuckled at the love triangle, thankful that he wasn’t in high school anymore.

“So I have a serious question.”

“Ok what?”

“Is that what you wore to school today?”

Nervously she nodded, “Yes…Why?” looking down at her tight navy blue dress pants, heels and white blouse.

“Because if I had ANY teacher that looked as sexy as you do right now, I would have purposely failed high school to be around them! Damn, you are so hot!”

Blushing profusely, “Thanks…”

He chuckled and they continued on talking and eating.

They were half way when Lorelai took him by total surprise, “We had been dating for five weeks the first time Max hit me. I had not listened to his directions on what to order at dinner with his parents. It was the first time I had met them. I had already planned to spend the night at his place and when we got back to his apartment, he back handed me, telling me how stupid I was for not listening to him. I was so stunned I didn’t know what to do except cry. I finally got my bearings and grabbed my purse and was going to leave. He ran after me, telling me how sorry he was and that it was the stress and the nerves of the evening. He just wanted his parents to like me as much as he did…He begged me not to go and that he loved me and how much I meant to him…He promised never to do it again and I was naive enough to believe him. Obviously, that was a lie and I kept falling for it…”

She stopped talking and looked straight ahead as Aaron drove through the caverns. He took her hand in his, kissed it and didn’t say anything for several minutes. Lorelai liked that he didn’t say anything at first, he just listened.

“You are not dumb or stupid; please don’t ever say that again. You are smart, beautiful and sexy as hell! Thank you for telling me…” He said gently, kissing her hand again at the end.

She was stunned that he didn’t say how sorry he was; she hated that! It was the same reaction she got from family and the few friends that knew what happened. She didn’t want their pity and he seemed to understand that. She didn’t know if that was from the training she knew he had had or if he genuinely just could read her and knew what she needed. She highly doubted that he understood her that much and chalked it up to his training as to how great he was with her.

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