Alive Again

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Chapter 14

They drove on enjoying the silence and she noticed that he didn’t let go of her hand and held it in his as they drove. The traffic was light for a Friday night and they were glad that they could find the resort with no problems. As they went to the front desk, Lorelai was starting to get nervous about being there. She could feel her heart rate start to speed up and her palms start to sweat.

She HATED that she let the panic get to her and tried to take deep calming breaths discreetly as Aaron checked in. ‘What the fuck am I doing?’ She wondered to herself. ‘You are being stupid and going to make a HUGE mistake again! When will you just realize that no one wants you and you will be alone?’

The voices in her head were making things worse and she excused herself all but ran to the bathroom, gripping the countertop and panting. She was near tears as she tried to get a handle on her emotions and body. After a few minutes of relaxing techniques, she could finally feel her heartbeat slow down and the inner dialog drift off into the distance. She looked in the mirror and she looked like a frightened child and cursed under her breath.

She splashed some cold water on her face and ran her fingers through her hair to regain some moniker of control, “Ok Lorelai, you are just fine! This man has done nothing but treat you with kindness, respect and chivalry. Which is way more than you got the last time around! You are a smart woman and you know what you are doing. So relax, go back out there, and enjoy the slopes and the sexy man on the other side of the door!’

She grabbed her purse and coat and went out to the reception area with Aaron waiting with a very worried look on his face. He stood up straighter when he saw her and walked up to her, meeting her half way and enveloped her into his arms.

“Are you ok? I was just going to go in and check?” He asked, kissing the top of her head.

“I had a mild panic attack, but I am ok now,” She assured him.

“Are you sure? We don’t have to do this Lorelai! I will get you your own room or I will take you home, whatever you want. Just please tell me and I will do it!” He asked looking at her intently and with concern.

“Aaron, I promise I am fine now.”

“Are you sure?”

“STOP! I am fine!! Now shut up and kiss me, damn it!”

He crushed his lips to hers and kissed her like she demanded. He felt her weaken and melt to him, relaxing. He pulled away and looked at her, checking to make sure she was ok. She smiled and took his hand, urging him to move. He took her hand, and started pushing the cart that had their bags and ski gear on it and went to the elevator. They got on, went up to the fifth floor and turned left to find their room. He unlocked the door and ushered her in.

It was a wonderful room with a sitting area and two queen size beds. The bathroom was large and had the vanity outside of the shower and toilet area. It was going to work well for them and this particular situation.

“This is really nice, don’t you think?” Lorelai asks.

She felt his arms wrap around her and kiss her neck, “I think the woman in the room is even better, but this is good for now.”

She giggled, “You’re sweet, let’s get our bags organized.”

“That sounds good, then head to the café next door for dessert?”

She kissed him to indicate a yes and they got all their things put away and ready for tomorrow. They put their coats back on and went next door to a local café for pie and coffee. They walked around outside hand in hand, not talking, just being.

They returned to the hotel and Lorelai asked, “Do you mind if I shower tonight?”

He kissed her lightly, “Do whatever you need. I’m going to watch some TV unless you need someone to wash your back!”

She turned and smirked at him, “Not this time, but maybe soon!”

He grinned back at her, “Just let me know baby- I will drop EVERYTHING to come help!”

She laughed and grabbed her toiletry bag and pajamas, “I bet you would!”

He turned on Sports Center as she turned on the water. He was lost in a college basketball game until he heard the bathroom door open and he glanced over to see the beauty before him. She had on pajamas that clung to her incredible figure just enough to start things tightening in his lower regions. She was fresh faced and her hair was wavy. He thought she looked more beautiful than she had any other time he had seen her; she was real and genuine and he made him want her even more. He moved his legs and she sat next to him on the couch and asked about the game. He was still staring at her and didn’t hear her the first time. She smiled and touched his leg and asked again. He woke up from his trance and apologized before pulling her to him and kissing her deeply.

She was used to him kissing her now and didn’t tense up when he took her by surprise any more. She actually loved it and responded with just as much passion as he did. She decided to follow her own plan and take it up a notch. She pulled back panting, and straddled him, then resumed the make out session.

Aaron was startled by her actions but didn’t want to stop her. He was pleased that she was trusting him more and taking more chances with him. He moved his lips down her jaw and moved to her neck, provoking her telltale moan when he hit that one perfect spot by her ear. She was running her fingers in his short hair and kneading the muscles of his shoulders and upper arms.

She was enjoying his ministrations and surprised herself when she heard herself saying, “I want you to touch me, Aaron…”

He couldn’t believe his ears when he heard the words and slowly ran his hands over her legs and then snaked his way under her shirt and found the soft and creamy skin of her back. The feel of her skin was better than he had imagined and loved feeling the contours of her. She was stunned by how good his hands felt roaming her skin. His hands were the perfect amount of rough and strong, leaving a trail of goosebumps wherever he had touched.

Her amazing skin, added to her straddling him, made him hard and he knew he was going to embarrass himself if he didn’t stop soon; but when she felt this damn good, he just didn’t want to! Lorelai was trying hard to remain rational thinking, but with him being so damn sexy, she was having a hard time remembering that. She was trying desperately to not overthink the situation and was doing a very good job. She was just into the feelings and responses that Aaron had created. It had been years since she had been this aroused and it was still a foreign feeling for her, but one that she had missed and didn’t even realize it.

“A ghrà, I think I better go take a cold shower before I really embarrass myself and make a mess,” He whispered into her neck.

“Are you sure?” She whispered back.

“Yes, because you are not ready for what I have in mind and I don’t want to scare you…” He said, pulling back.

They looked at each other, breathing hard and smiled. They both had swollen lips from the kissing, messy hair and were flushed. It was only when she leaned back from his chest that she could feel his hard on stuck under his pants. She flushed a little more when she realized it and he raised an eyebrow at her to say, ‘I told you I am attracted to you’, something he knew she struggled with because of that asshole.

“I’m sorry that I’m not ready yet-“

“Don’t apologize! PLEASE! I totally understand and I know it will happen when the time is right. And when it does, it will be something neither of us will be forgetting anytime soon!” He said assuredly and gently moved her from his lap to the couch and stood up.

“You sound pretty sure of yourself Sergeant O’Shay!” She said challenging him.

He looked deep into her eyes, feeling like he was piercing her very soul, “Oh I am 1000% sure that we will rock each other’s world! Not to sound completely like an ass, I know I am good in the bedroom.”

She just looked at him after his declaration and she wasn’t even sure how to respond. He leaned down, kissed her then pulled her bottom lip with his teeth as he pulled away. Knowing she wasn’t going to respond, he walked back to his suitcase, not bothering to adjust his large bulge so she could see it, grabbed his pajamas and went to the bathroom. Lorelai sat on the couch trying to cool down after that and thought she had done a pretty decent job until he came out of the bathroom.

He was wearing some pants that were low on his hips and a t-shirt that was basically painted on, getting her heart rate up again. She licked her lips and Aaron couldn’t help but smirk. She grinned back at him and walked over kissing him lightly. She ran her hands up his forearms, feeling the sinew and taunt skin, splattered with ink.

“I’m telling you right now Lorelai, if you start this I don’t know that I will be a gentleman and be able to stop. And I desperately don’t want to start off this way, with you regretting us sleeping together before you are ready. So before I have to take another cold shower, I’m begging you to get into that other bed and say good night!” he said with a hoarse voice.

She looked up guiltily and nodded, “I’m sorry…”

As she turned to walk away, she felt a hand on her arm, “Baby, don’t be sorry! I want you so bad and you look so fucking good that I am thinking of nothing other than ripping that material off you, laying you on that bed and fucking you senseless!”

She looked back at him and gave him a weak smile, “You aren’t mad?”

“Of course not! A real man doesn’t get mad because his lady doesn’t want to be intimate for whatever reason! And I think you know that.”

She nodded and climbed into the bed and pulled the covers up and watched as Aaron did the same. Knowing that she needed some white noise to help her fall asleep, he turned the timer on for the TV, found an old movie and switched off the lights.

“Good night a ghrà…”

“Good night Aaron, thanks for understanding.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

They lay quietly for several minutes and Aaron was almost asleep when he heard her whisper, “I do want you, I’m trying…I promise… There are just some things that happened that no one knows about…”

He didn’t say anything letting her think he was asleep. He felt so bad for her, but also wanted to kill the man who did this to her; who treated her badly, who mentally and physically abused her and made her think she was less than what she really was. He knew he wasn’t going to let her go and wanted to protect and make her whole again. He thought of an amazing future with her as he drifted off.

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