Alive Again

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Chapter 15

Lorelai woke to the sound of the phone ringing and answered to hear the wakeup call on the other end. She thanked the man on the phone and hung up, groaning as she stretched. Aaron was watching her already awake. They smiled at each other and got up to get ready for breakfast. They went down to the restaurant and ate heartily before they went back up and started layering. There was three inches of fresh powder that fell overnight and they were ready to go play.

They took the shuttle to the main lift, hooked on the lift tickets, got on the lift, and rode up to the top. Lorelai wanted to go easy the first run since it had been November since she was on the slopes. They were going to a very popular green run that traversed a long way around the mountain.

“I just wanted to say before we get off that I really like those snow pants!” Aaron said as they neared the top.

“And I like yours too!”

He grinned at her, kissed her quickly then they both pushed off the chair and down the little ramp. They maneuvered to the top, belted in and turned to the top of the run.

“Ready?” He asked.

“Let’s go!” She urged.

Nodding, he started down and slowed his progress to make sure that she was following him about half way down the path. She was right there on his tail, grinning broadly.

“I am actually good at this, come on!” She yelled.

He chuckled and sped up. They chased each other down the rest of the way and he stopped at the base to wait for her and was greeted with a spray of snow.

“Ok, I’ve got my legs back. Let’s hit the hard stuff!”

Shaking his head and grinning, he looked at the map, they agreed on their next routes and went back up, having a great time. Aaron was very impressed with her skills and admired her form on several runs. They only stopped for lunch, had a great time talking and immediately went back out to continue on the back bowls.

They finally ended the day and went back to the hotel, tired but very happy. It was just one more thing they connected on and Lorelai loved that they boarded together. Max skied and hated that she was on a board. He made her pay for refusing to learn to ski, but she never gave in.

They went straight to the restaurant at the hotel and devoured dinner. Lorelai’s legs were very tired and called the shower first. Patting her butt lightly and discovering that that meaty part of her body fit his large hand perfectly, he nodded as they got on the elevator to head back to the room. He was beat and ordered a couple of beers to be sent up to the room before they left. He took off his snow pants and a few more layers and sipped a beer while he waited for the shower, and thought about the great day they had together.

Lorelai was thinking the same thing as she washed and dried off before getting into her pajamas. She really liked Aaron. He was everything that she looked for in a man-before Max and knew that he was what she needed now. She just had to make sure she didn’t let her head mess it up. She desperately needed to stop overthinking things. Aaron was so different than Max on so many levels and she knew already that he would NEVER hurt her the way Max did. Ever.

She went out and smiled telling him that it was his turn. He walked past her, kissing her lightly on the lips as he grabbed his pajamas and closed the bathroom door behind him. Lorelai tasted the beer on his lips and loved it. There was another bottle on the tray and she took a few large pulls and enjoyed the taste and flavor. She needed to have more of these and less wine. She really didn’t like it much and had to start making real changes in her life. Dr. McCormick said that she was the only thing in her way from fully recovering and moving on. And Lorelai really wanted this to be the time. She sat and flipped channels until the door opened and Aaron stepped out.

Lorelai stood up and couldn’t help but gawk at the vision before her, “Sorry I forgot my shirt…”

Aaron stood there with just his pants on, low on his hips and Lorelai couldn’t take her eyes off of his body. He was absolutely incredible with his sculpted chest and abs. And the bulge of his arms was perfect, not too big or overdone next to his broad and wide shoulders. She could see the tattoos finally and had to get a closer look.

Aaron watched as she walked up to him and gently reached out her hands and traced the lines of his ink. Her touch was feather light and he almost didn’t feel it, but it was one of the single most seductive things that had ever happened to him and he didn’t want it to end, EVER. It was heavenly!

She heard his breath hitch as her fingers wandered over his skin. The more she touched the more she wanted and she soon heard herself saying, “God you are incredible!”

He heard her words and pulled her in and kissed her intensely. She wanted to touch more of him and she couldn’t get enough and she let her hands start kneading his back. Aaron took a risk and picked her up and was thrilled when she wrapped her legs around his waist. He took a few steps backwards and sat on the bed, making her straddle him. He immediately found his way under her shirt to her back. His lips were not leaving hers and they were fully wrapped in each other.

All of a sudden the beautiful woman on his lap pulled back and completely blew his mind when she unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall open, “Are you sure you want to do that, a ghrà?” he asked in a strangled voice.

“Yes, please touch me! I need more!”

He reached up and pushed the satin off her shoulders and pushed it to the floor, revealing her upper body to him for the first time, “You are perfect. Do you know that?”

She blushed to see him look at her so intently and then responded, “Touch me Aaron.”

He reached down and gently cupped her full C cups in his large hands. And just like her ass, her breasts fit his hands too. Her breath hitched as he touched her and it sent jolts all throughout her body. He traced the contours of each of her breasts before he rubbed the nipples making them pebble harder than they already were exposed to the cool air. She moaned softly when he rolled them each between his fingers and she arched her back slightly.

In a swift move he was laying her on the bed, kissing her again and positioned himself over her and started kissing her neck and made his way down to her breasts and took time kissing, nipping and sucking all over each. Lorelai was in a haze of emotions and feelings, not knowing which way was up, but didn’t want him to stop. She was running her hands up and down his strong back, feeling the muscles flex as he moved around her body. When he took the first nipple in his mouth, she moaned louder and dug her nails into his skin, not realizing what she was doing.

Aaron felt the pain of her nails but didn’t care one bit. He was in heaven to have his lips all over her body and wanted so much more, but knew it wasn’t the time yet; soon, but not yet. He was enjoying everything he was feeling and everything that she was doing to him. Lorelai felt his hard bulge rub against her core and wondered if he could feel how wet she was becoming. She couldn’t member ever being this turned on before-ever, by any man. She was rapidly wanting more, wanting to give herself over to him completely, but she had that voice in her brain holding her back.

Aaron didn’t know how far she was willing to go that night, but he knew it wasn’t going to be ‘all the way’ as teenagers would say. He kissed lower and around her stomach and back up to her breasts, and then moved back to her neck and lips. He pulled back and looked down at her, pushing her hair from her face and smiled.

“You are absolutely incredible and sexy and I don’t want to stop, but you aren’t ready for more yet. And as much as this kills me, we need to stop. Fuck, I don’t want to, but we need to,” He panted.


“No, I’m stopping now,” He said and sat up, “But God Damn I want you so bad! The things I want to do to you!!”

“Don’t go too far…can we just…” She started but stopped, not knowing how to finish.

“Cuddle?” He smirked and she nodded realizing how stupid that sounded, “Sure hold on.”

He got up and got her shirt, handing it to her before grabbing his own and pulling it over his head before lying back down next to her and wrapping his arms around her, kissing her head. They lay together, talking and touching until she fell asleep. It felt so good and natural to be with her, he grabbed the blanket from the other bed and pulled it over them and fell asleep alongside her.

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