Alive Again

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Chapter 17

They moved to the couch when Lorelai and Mike came in with coffee and cookies.

“So being Irish, my family hosts a big St. Patrick’s Day party every year. My parents, my sister-Amelia or Mimi and I take turns. This year it is my turn and Lorelai has already agreed to help me and I would love it if you came,” Aaron asked.

“Oh that would be so nice, but Evelyn and Dave are coming down that weekend before they go on vacation,” Sarah said sadly.

“So bring them too! I promise there will be plenty of food and drink,” Aaron insisted.

“And they are big kids Sarah; they can be on their own for a night. I for one want to go to a party!” Mike said.

“Perfect! I will add you to the list,” Aaron grinned as they started talking again.

At 9:30 Lorelai was driving back to his place and Aaron insisted she come in for a few minutes. The minute she was in the door, she was wrapped in his arms and their lips were all over each other. He moved her to the couch and was hovering over her with his shirt off and her chest bare. She was moaning under him and he was rock hard. He unbuttoned her jeans and looked into her eyes. She nodded a little and he teased the top of her lace underwear, wondering if it was a thong or bikini cut. He eased his fingers down to the soft patch of hair and she squirmed.

She moved and slid her jeans down a little so he had better access to his desired goal. He moved his fingers over the top of her and she breathed out lustily. He grinned as he moved down to between her legs and found her very wet.

“Oh baby you are wet! Did you know that?”

“Yes,” she breathlessly replied, “I’m always like this when you are around, Aaron…”

“Oh really? Well this is how I am when you are around!” He grunted and took her hand and placed it on his rock hard bulge. She rubbed it making his breath increase.

He leaned down and kissed her again as he went under the lace of her panties again and found the patch of hair again and went farther to find her slit and took a finger and rubbed the area, collecting some of the wetness. She was moaning and he kept going. He found his way deeper and gently stuck a finger inside her and she moaned his name.

He stopped and looked at her and she was beautiful; flushed with swollen lips and messy hair. “Can I keep going?” He asked with a hoarse voice.

She nodded and he leaned down to kiss her again, and then whispered in her ear how beautiful she was as he slowly started pumping in and out of her with his finger. Her breathing started to increase and he watched her intently to make sure she was ok.

Lorelai had forgotten what this felt like, the feelings that happened when you were intimate with someone else. She wasn’t used to the sensations that her body was trying to process; she hadn’t had to process them in years-or ever! She was positive that she had never felt what he was doing to her with just one finger before. At first there was some pain after it being so long, like when she first had sex with Danny Methods in high school, but after a few seconds it was all good-really good!

Her breathing was increasing and Aaron carefully slipped in another finger. Lorelai could feel the stretch and arched some more. He watched to make sure she was still ok and when she moaned again, he kept going. He couldn’t believe how tight she was and velvety smooth. He knew she would feel good and he couldn’t wait until he was fully inside her. But right now he was just going to focus on her right before him. He found her g spot and curled his two fingers into it and rubbed a little hard.

She knew he found the magic spot when her toes started tingling and she was feeling a bubbling in her abdomen that was shocking to her and she had no idea why! Did he truly find her attractive despite what she had been told for so many years? Did he like making her feel this way or was this a game to him too? She didn’t realize that she was clenching her fists trying to control the emotions that were rushing through her and she knew it would be soon, not being able to control what was happening in here.

Aaron could tell she was nearing the end as she was lifting her hips to meet his hand and her breathing was erratic, “A ghrà I want you to let go, don’t hold back, let it all go baby!”

She heard his urging and that voice was just the final push she needed and all of a sudden she felt her body totally betray her and she had a massive orgasm blow through her like a freight train. She arched and rode his hand, screaming out to god and yelling his name.

Aaron was mesmerized by her finish and sat back and watched her chest heaving with her eyes closed. Then shifted a little bit and was reminded of his raging and now painful erection he had confined in his pants. He leaned down and kissed her deeply again, waking her up a little from her bliss induced haze and kissed him back.

Later that night as she was drifting off to sleep, she knew that it was time for her to start making some serious decisions about this relationship. Yes, this was the first real, normal and healthy relationship she had had in years and she didn’t want to fuck it up. She really, really liked Aaron and knew it was close to love. He was everything that she had ever wanted and he made her feel things she hadn’t felt before. Lorelai rolled over and closed her eyes, making some choices about the future.

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