Alive Again

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Chapter 18

Friday afternoon couldn’t come fast enough for Lorelai, she hadn’t seen Aaron since that night on his couch and she was craving him; his scent, his body warmth, his touch, his voice-everything! He was working extra security for a huge concert that was going on downtown and they requested some more K-9 units to be on hand.

Lorelai rushed home and changed into some jeans and a sweater to get ready for dinner. She was going to meet his twin sister, best friend and his parents. She wasn’t nervous about it surprisingly; she just wanted to be around him. She was touching up her makeup in the bathroom when she heard the door open and a shout, “Hey Beautiful!!” as the door closed.

She smiled and came out carrying her phone after listening to some music and flung herself into his waiting arms where he held her to him tightly, kissing the top of her head, “I missed you!” He said.

She grinned into his chest and hugged him tighter before responding, “I missed you too!”

He leaned down and kissed her, letting his tongue gently caress hers as she wove her fingers into his hair. They pulled apart after a few minutes, breathing heavy and Aaron rested his forehead on hers, “We better stop now or we will be very late to my sister’s house!”

Lorelai nodded and followed him to the door where he helped her on with her coat and they drove off, catching up on the day they missed. Thor was waiting patiently in the truck and started whining as soon as she got in, desperately needing for her to pet him. Lorelai happily accommodated him and he laid his head on her shoulder as they drove.

Amelia, or Mimi and Steve lived in a great house in the next town. The yard was littered with sleds, toys and scooters, showing the neighborhood the presence of two young boys that lived and played there. It made Lorelai happy to see the organized chaos that was around. The couple got out of the truck, with Thor following behind and were walking up to the driveway when the door opened and two boys came running out and jumped on Aaron with a shout, making Thor start barking, desperate to be in on the play.

“Uncle Aaron!!” They said in unison, latching on to his body. Aaron grinned back at them and picked them up effortlessly and was tossing them around.

“Hey guys! How are you?”

They started talking at the same time and Lorelai could see the adoration on both of their identical faces. Aaron was putting them down and then they turned to face Lorelai as they finally noticed her standing there.

“Guys, this is Lorelai, my girlfriend. A ghrà, these are my nephews. This one is Connor,” Aaron said ruffling the boy on the right’s hair, “and this is Caleb.”

Lorelai waved at the two boys clinging to the incredibly hot man she was rapidly falling for, “Hi guys! How’s it going?”

Both boys waved back, and Lorelai really took in their looks, seeing some of Aaron in them and wondering how much Aaron and his sister looked alike. She was smiling at the boys and they slowly smiled back and she saw more of Aaron in them.

“Hello Lorelai…Mom said we needed to pretend that she raised us with manners…” Caleb said.

“…And that she and Dad didn’t pick us up from the middle of the zoo!” Connor finished.

Lorelai swallowed the chuckle that was building in her chest and looked at Aaron who grinned at her, then wrapped his arms around their necks, “Come on you knuckleheads! Let’s go inside.”

The boys and dog ran ahead of the new couple and they followed hand in hand. Nerves started floating in Lorelai’s stomach and she took a deep breath as Aaron took her coat and hung it up as a cheery voice said, “Hello!”

Lorelai turned and saw a beautiful woman before them and could tell instantly that she and Aaron were twins. If they were the same sex, they would be identical. Aaron moved around Lorelai and gave his twin a huge hug, lifting her off the floor.

“Hey big Sis,” He said lovingly and kissed her cheek.

“Hey little bro!” She responded back grinning.

You could tell that they shared a deep connection as well as looks. He set her down and turned her to face Lorelai, “Mimi, this is Lorelai. Lorelai, this is my big sister Amelia.”

Lorelai stepped forward to shake her hand Amelia ignored it and drew her in for a hug, “It’s so nice to meet you!! I have heard so much about you!”

Lorelai was shocked at first with the hug, but relaxed after a second, “It’s nice to meet you too,” she said pulling back, “And thanks for inviting me to dinner. It smells wonderful!”

“Oh thank you! Please come into the kitchen, Ma and Daddy are already here,” she said leading Lorelai to the kitchen where she could hear lots of laughing and talking, “And please call me Mimi.”

Lorelai nodded and followed and entered a noisy and quite spacious kitchen that was brimming with love and sense of family. Lorelai noticed the boys settled into chairs right next to an older couple that were laughing as they built with Legos. Steve was standing in the middle of it and directing the group while the dog was already under the table, ready for anything to drop.

“Hey! We have company!” Mimi yelled.

Everyone looked up and smiled as they saw Aaron with his arm around a woman.

“Aaron!” the woman said and got up to greet them and turned her head to let her son bend down and kissed her cheek and softly said, “Hi Mom.”

She beamed up at him and then turned to face Lorelai, “Hello my dear! You must be Lorelai, welcome!”

“Hello Mrs. O’Shay,” Lorelai replied confidently.

“Oh please call me Siobhan. You are very beautiful!” She said making the young woman blush as she mumbled a thank you.

“Siobhan, don’t embarrass the ginger right off! Give her a few minutes or at least a drink first!” The older man said laughing as he came over and offered his hand to her, “Hello my dear, I’m Tomas. Welcome to the chaos!”

Lorelai thanked them as Aaron went to the fridge and got her a bottle of water and directed her to the table to sit.

“Lorelai, this is my partner in crime and best friend, Steve.”

“Hi Lorelai, nice to see you again!” Steve said, shaking her hand.

Lorelai sat and listened to the banter that immediately started back up again and Mimi went back to cooking. She watched and observed the group and loved being a part of it. They very much reminded her of her own family and the closeness that they shared.

Lorelai noticed that Mimi and Aaron were a very good mix of both of their parents. She could see so much of each in the way they moved and their mannerisms as well as their looks. Aaron definitely had his mother’s eyes; they stuck out and made the same impression on a person that Aaron’s did. Connor and Caleb followed the same path, being a good mix of both of their parents as well.

They engaged Lorelai in conversation right away and she felt at ease. The boys were bright and had a really good sense of humor. The laughing was contagious and easy as the stories continued. Mimi announced that dinner was ready and urged them all to the dining room. The conversation continued as they all got to know Lorelai better.

“Have you been to any cool places Lorelai?” Caleb asked as he attacked his roasted chicken leg.

“Well, I have been to Washington DC many times and Florida too. I have been to Italy, Greece and Australia,” She told them.

“Wow, how come you got to go there?” Connor asked.

“Well, my dad works for the FBI and my sister and I would go with him when he would go to DC. And my mom had always wanted to go to Italy and Greece, so we went there one summer when I was in high school. And my best friend and I went to Australia for two weeks with his grandparents when we were in college.”

“Is there any place you still want to go?” Caleb asked with his mouth full, making Mimi hiss at him to get his napkin.

“Oh yes! I would love to go to Hawaii and because I love history so much, I would LOVE to go to England, Scotland and Ireland. The history that happened there is special and I want to be a part of history,” she explained.

The boys were interested in her explanation and asked more about history and the things she was talking about. The rest of the family was shocked at how intently they were listening to her talk.

“Next time I have a question on my social studies homework, can I call you?” Connor asked in awe.

“Sure! I would love to help!”

Aaron was rubbing her leg and beaming as she got along so well with his family. Dinner was perfect and they moved to the family room after the kitchen was clean for coffee. Lorelai listened to the family finalize the plans for the St. Patrick’s Day party and Lorelai realized that Aaron wasn’t joking about it being a big affair. This was going to be something! The food alone sounded amazing and Lorelai couldn’t wait to taste the corned beef that Siobhan would be making.

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