Alive Again

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Chapter 20

Before either of them knew it, it was another Friday night and they were getting Aaron’s house ready for the party. They had amazing weeks continuing what they started previously. Lorelai was getting more and more comfortable and she knew she was ready to actually have sex with Aaron and was planning on their first time being Saturday night after the party. She even bought special underwear to wear under her dark green dress.

They were spending the night at each other’s houses and had stuff slowly accumulating at each location. Lorelai will never forget the first time that she watched Aaron get ready for work. It was the single most erotic and sexy thing she had ever seen. She never knew that seeing him putting his uniform on was better than taking it off! She made herself a promise that at the first opportunity she had, she was going to jump him with it still on.

Aaron loved how close they were getting and knew she was close to being ready to sleep with him and he couldn’t wait. She had shared things with him that she had only shared with her therapist and that proved she trusted him. He even scheduled a dinner with Alex and Joel when she was at a department meeting to get their take on Lorelai and her progress. He wanted to understand her more and truly wrap his head around who Lorelai was and had become because of the trauma.

“I love her to pieces, but she can be her own worst enemy,” Joel explained, “She is a strong person, but overthinks everything to the point of exhaustion. The thing you have to remember is to not give up. Aaron, you are so good for her, please don’t give up! You are bringing back the girl that she used to be and the woman we have all grown to love!”

“I can tell you that the difference in her is staggering in just the last month you two have been together. I didn’t know Lorelai before she was with that…monster, but she is more lively and fun than she was before. There is a type of lightness about her that I have never seen. And it is amazing to see!” Alex explained.

Aaron smiled when he thought of it and how much they were rooting for them, both families too. His sister and mother gushed when he talked on the phone and his mother even said what beautiful babies they would have together! The smile faded a little when he made the mistake of asking Joel and Alex to tell him what put her in the hospital.

Alex and Joel looked at each other, and then Joel took Alex’s hand as Alex took a deep breath and began, “It was the day the high school kids graduated the semester Lorelai did her student teaching. I was her supervising teacher. It was my last semester teaching, I had just gotten the assistant principal position and Lorelai actually got my job. We had gotten close since she was living here in an apartment.”

“Let me tell you how pissed Max was when she told him that she was moving down here! She had a black eye and a sprained wrist when the semester started. I went to campus security but she refused to press charges,” Joel said emotionally, “But as the semester wore on, I was able to get through to her little by little and show her how the way he was treating her was not right. She was going to leave him after graduation.”

“I went up to their graduation and met the man and he was a total asshole! I really don’t know how Mike didn’t kill him with his bare hands the way he treated her-I had a hard time! It was supposed to be a happy day and you could just see the stress on her face and in her body language. Anyway, she came back down the next day for our graduation and the staff party that night.

“She was amazing with the kids as she always is and took pictures with them and helped with whatever anyone needed, but still had an underlying stress and nervousness in her eyes. When I asked what was wrong, she brushed it off and said that Max hadn’t taken her break up with him very well that morning when she called him. So she went home to change and I was going to pick her up at her apartment, then Joel would meet us at the party. When I got there, I just got this feeling something wasn’t right. I ran up the stairs and her door was opened and I could hear struggling and heavy breathing. I was terrified that Max was there and was raping her, but what I saw I never expected.”

Alex took a drink of his Diet Coke, and Joel looked away. Aaron could see the unshed tears in his eyes and he was worried that this was too much for the men; he told them they could stop if they wanted.

“No, I think you should know…So I pushed open the door and he was standing over her, splattered in her blood. She was unconscious, battered and a mess. He was telling her that she wasn’t going to get away from him so easy and that he owned her. I yelled at him to get the hell away from her and he turned, saw me standing there,panicked and ran out. I immediately went to her and saw she was breathing and called 911. It seemed like there was no place on her that wasn’t broken and I just took the towel from the fridge door and put it on her head to ease some of the bleeding. I kept talking to her while we waited for the police…”

“I arrived just as the police did and went in and almost lost it. I’m not usually a violent person, but I have never been so enraged at another person in my whole life!” Joel started, “One officer could see I was going to go off and took me outside with Alex to get some info. Alex told him it was Max and I gave him every piece of info I had on him. I actually had his car info in my phone just in case we ever needed it and they put out an APB right away. The hardest call I ever made was to Mike to tell him to meet us at the hospital…”

“Mike and Sarah met us there. Joel knew her medical history and rode with them, so I followed the ambulance. We sat in the waiting room for what seemed like hours and finally the doctor came out and told us they were taking her to surgery. He ruptured her spleen, broke her wrist and several ribs on both sides, cut open her head and had a pretty bad concussion. She was in the hospital for six days before they let her go home with her parents.”

Joel cleared his throat from the unshed tears, “I was looking for a job and moved in with them to watch over her and take her to appointments and such. My parents and sister moved to Seattle where my Dad was transferred the year before, so this worked well. We thought we were going to have to go to court since he kept resisting the plea deals the DA was giving him. And I have to say, Lor was terrified of having to testify against him. She had more panic attacks than I care to remember. But at the last minute, he gave in and had to serve five years and get anger management classes while in jail. I won’t lie Aaron, it was a really rough time and we didn’t know if she was ever going to come out of it…But here we are four years later and you have started bringing her back!”

Aaron was brought back to the present as the timer on the oven went off to let him know that the last batches of soda bread were done. Just as he set them on the table to cool, he heard Thor bark happily and he knew his heart had entered with their pizza for dinner.

She entered with a grin and a big kiss for him, “I think you are so sexy all domesticated and baking!”

He smirked at her, “Well then maybe we can get dirty later!”

She kissed him again and pulled two beers out of the fridge as he grabbed some paper plates. They sat, talked, ate and drank. He loved watching her drink beer; he knew that it was freeing for her and that made it all the more alluring for him. After eating, they pulled out some more chairs, rearranged some tables and put up more decorations.

They went to bed later, enjoying themselves immensely with their hands and mouths. They fell asleep wrapped in each other and very content.

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