Alive Again

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Chapter 21

The party was in full swing, with Lorelai helping Aaron play hostess. She had a hard time keeping her hands and eyes to herself after he came out with a kilt in his Irish family colors. She had no idea it was so sexy and she knew it was going to be a long night until she could get that off him. She had to admit that she even looked good in the dark green dress she had bought and Aaron loved the way it hugged her ass.

The laughing and music was loud and it was hard to hear the conversations, but with all the laughing going on, it had to be good. She was taking a bag out to the trash cans on the side of the house, when she heard a few of Aaron’s buddies on the other side of the fence in the backyard talking.

“…this one is pretty cute!” one said.

“Sarge does have good taste. Remember that blonde a few years ago?” another said.

“You mean the one with the giant boobs?” still another.

“Oh yeah! Do you remember how he shared her with the rest of us? She was incredible in the sack! You could have done ANYTHING with her and she would let you! I bet Sarge had some damn good times! You think the redhead would do the same?” the first one said.

The other men laughed.

Lorelai was trying hard to not overreact to the news she just heard and took several deep breaths as she walked back into the house and put a smile on her face. She went back to the party, praying that it ended soon so she could talk to Aaron and find out what was going on. Aaron saw her come back in and something had changed. Yes, she had a smile on her face, but there was something in her eyes and she had a tense position in her shoulders. He went up and kissed her neck and asked what was wrong. She shook her head and whispered back nothing. He didn’t push the issue, kissed her hand and went to get another whiskey.

Three hours later, Lorelai was hugging Siobhan and Tomas as they were leaving. Aaron was putting the giant vat that once held pounds and pounds of corned beef in the back of their car when Tomas hugged his son, “Another party done well son. Your Grandpa would be proud!”

“Thanks Dad, I think it was the best one yet, thanks to the beautiful woman helping me!”

Lorelai blushed, “Well I don’t know about that, but it was a great night!”

The new couple watched as they drove away and went back in to finish cleaning up. Aaron looked around and it wasn’t too bad, but he was beat and just wanted to go to bed and wrap his arms around the woman in front of him.

“What do you say we finish this in the morning and just go to bed? I’m beat!”

Lorelai stared at him for a minute then replied, “Are you planning on sharing me with your officers?”

Aaron was stunned and had no idea what she was talking about, “What?! Of course not!! What are you talking about?”

“I heard some of your men talking outside about some of the hot women you have slept with and one blonde with very large breasts who you ‘shared’ with the rest of the office.”

Aaron was racking his brain trying to figure out what she was talking about and then remembered Veronica, “I didn’t share her with the office! Did I sleep with Veronica, yes. Am I proud of what I did with her, no. I was in a bad place just having found out that my ex was pregnant with some other man’s baby. I had just filed divorce papers that morning and went out for a beer and she was at the dive bar I was at and I went back to her place. Did we sleep together-yes, and continued to do so for another month before I figured out who she was and Steve knocked some sense into me.”

They stood there and looked at each other; Lorelai was trying to get a read on him and Aaron desperately trying not to make any sudden movements to not scare her or make her leave. Lorelai noticed that he didn’t address the sharing comment and asked him again.

“Shit Lorelai! I would never do that with any woman, especially you!”

“But how do I know that you aren’t going to tell them about us in bed?!”

“God, is that what you think of me? After everything we have talked about and shared with each other, you honestly think that I would disrespect you that way?”

“I have no idea what to think! I heard several men talk about how you did that and you haven’t really denied it! What do you want me to think?!”

Aaron stopped and was beyond hurt and quietly spoke, “I want you to think about what we have shared so far and how I have done NOTHING to show you anything but the utmost respect as I have with any woman I have encountered. I want you to think about how I am not Max…”

Her eyes widened at his response and she saw the pain on his face, “Aaron I-“

“I think you should stay at your place tonight…I’m really tired…” he said with a sadness in his voice that she had never heard before.

She watched him turn and walk upstairs without as much as a look back. She grabbed her coat and all but ran out to her car and drove home. She managed to get home before the tears started falling. She changed clothes and crawled into bed, shocked at how empty it felt without him. That realization just made the tears flow harder. She laid there huddled under the blankets, wondering what she could do to make it right with Aaron, wiping the tears and trying to will sleep to come to her.

It never did.

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