Alive Again

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Chapter 22

Aaron was done tossing and turning and finally got up about 5:30 after he got about two hours of choppy sleep. He took a hot shower to clear his head, coming no closer to an answer for the situation with Lorelai. He cleaned his house from the party and tried to come to some conclusions about what to do and nothing concrete hit him. He knew this was her being stuck in her head and over thinking things-just like her family and friends warned him she would. He knew this all stemmed from the abuse she suffered at Max’s hands and not actually about him. But he knew he was a good man and didn’t deserve to be thought of in that light. Yes he had made mistakes, but he NEVER treated a woman the way she was implying. But the fact that she didn’t allow him to explain fully about Veronica really hurt him and he hated feeling this way.

He was sitting at the kitchen table nursing a cup of very strong coffee when he heard the front door open at 7:50. Thor got up and went in while he just sat there, thinking maybe it was his mom coming over to help clean. She didn’t like that he and Lorelai were going to do it themselves. He was surprised when he heard a soft “Hi” whispered and looked up to see the beautiful redhead standing in the doorway.

He noticed right away that she had dark circles under her eyes, showing how little sleep she got as well. He got up and poured her a cup of coffee and set it on the table, then sat back down. She sat at the spot he indicated with the cup and took a small sip of the hot liquid. They didn’t talk for several minutes, just sitting in the silence.

“You cleaned…”

“I couldn’t sleep, so I said fuck it and got up to finish.”

She nodded then sat silently for a minute before taking a deep breath, “Aaron, I am really sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

“I know you didn’t mean to hurt me, but it happened. Apology accepted.”

He wasn’t going to make this easy for her and she didn’t think she deserved it any other way, “Aaron, you were right. I didn’t let you fully explain the situation, but I would like to hear it now…please.”

He sighed and looked at her for a second before giving into her pleading eyes, “Veronica is what some of the guys call ‘badge chasers’. She and other women love the badge and the uniform and do anything they can to try and land a guy on the force. I didn’t know that until a few weeks into getting to know her. Steve found out and gave me the hard news and a reality check. I stopped seeing her the next day. She moved on to another guy in the force and several others and she must have told them that I was sharing her. I would never do that, EVER!”

His explanation was so much more plausible then what they guys she had heard talking say. She was so ashamed that she had so easily believed those men she had just met.

“I believe you Aaron. I do. I should never have listened to those guys for one second, knowing you as I do. You are one of the most respectful men I have ever met.”

She touched his hand and he stood up unexpectedly, making her jump, “Then why? Why Lorelai, did you react the way you did last night?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know…”

“Yes you do! They least you could do would be to be honest with me!”

“I’m trying to be! I don’t really know, exactly. I think I just got in my own head and overthought the situation…I do that sometimes, it drives my family crazy…And it brought back some memories too…”

Aaron hadn’t prepared for that statement and took a step back and looked at her, “What do you mean?”

“Max threatened right at the very end that I better watch it or he was going to pass me around to his friends-not that I was any good in bed according to him, but they needed a release from life. I should be there for them as well as him…”

“I’m sorry that he said that to you and threatened you Lorelai, but I am not him! I am not Max and I am not going to hurt you!! When are you going to understand that?!” He said pleadingly.

“I’m trying! I get that with my heart, but my head is not letting it sink in!” She stood pleading back to him.

“I just don’t know what to do to make you understand that Lorelai! I understand that you were hurt and that you have to heal from that, but do I have to pay for that? Be honest with me, is that how our relationship is going to be?!”

She was crying now, “NO! I know you are different, please don’t give up on me! On us!!”

“Fuck, Lorelai, I don’t want to! I so badly want you in my life, to build something with you, but I can’t do this! I can’t try and make up for what he did! I can’t be compared to him all the time!!”

“I know Aaron! God I know and I want to have a normal life with you too! Free from all this shit!”

“But only you can do that! Only you can release yourself from this! Even you told me your therapist told you that! And here I am right in front of you, waiting!! That’s why this is fucking hard!”

Tears still falling, fearing that he was going to end it, “Aaron, please! Please don’t leave me! Please!”

“Leave you?! I’m not going to leave you-I love you!!!” He yelled.

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