Alive Again

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Chapter 23

She stopped dead and was almost afraid to breath. Aaron was staring at her breathing hard after his rant. Her eyes went wide as what he said was sinking in. Could he really love her? Could Lorelai Banks, who was broken and battered, be loved by someone like him? A good man, who was whole and treated her with dignity and respect?

“What did you say?” She whispered, almost fearing what he would say.

“I love you Lorelai. I have been in love with you for weeks, I think since the first time I kissed you in the cold outside of the fondue place.”

“You love me?”

He took a step closer to her, “Yes a ghrà…I love you…” He took another step closer to her and cupped her face in his large warm hands, “However long you need, whatever you need me to do, I am with you baby. I want you in my life always!”

She heard his words and was stunned and put her hands over his as he leaned in to kiss her. It was the most gentle and loving kiss she had ever had, better than the first one he gave her. It simply took her breath away with the emotion it held behind it. He pulled away and looked at her with a small smile, keeping his hands on her face.

“Aaron…I love you too…” She whispered.

His eyebrows went up about an inch hearing her words, “You don’t have to say it back until you are ready.”

“But I am ready, I realized it about a week ago, but was scared to admit it…Scared you would never love me back…”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” he assured her and kissed her forehead then pulled her to his chest and held her tight.

She felt so safe in his arms and hugged him back, taking in his alluring scent, then shocked him both by her next words, “Aaron, Can you do something for me?”

“Yes a ghrà, anything.”

“Make love to me, please.”

He stopped and pulled back from her and looked her dead in the eyes, “Lorelai, you don’t have to do that. I know that you need some time and that’s ok! I can wait until-“

“But I don’t want to wait anymore! I had already thought about this and was going to seduce you after the party last night, but then I lost my mind. I want to get on with my life and leave the past behind. I want to feel you, all of you and be with you.”

“Are you sure?”

“So sure!”

He pulled her close to him and kissed her passionately, lifting her up to his height. She took the hint and wrapped her legs around his waist. She wove her fingers through his short hair and he moved his lips to her neck, nipping and sucking it as he started moving to the stairs.

He stumbled up the stairs and they continued to kiss until he gently set her on his king size bed and pulled back, “If you change your mind, just say so.”

“I’m not going to change my mind Aaron,” she replied confidently.

He smirked at her and took his shirt off in one swift movement and pushed her back on the bed and started kissing her again. She loved touching his body and her hands moved all over his body, making him moan. He returned the favor and took her shirt and bra off so he could pepper her chest and breasts with kisses. She loved when he took her nipples in his mouth. It was like there was a direct link from there straight to between her legs.

Aaron loved tasting her skin and pushed her sweat pants off and had her bikini underwear follow, leaving her naked and open to him. It was like a personal invitation and he grinned when he took in the sight.

“You are the most beautiful woman and I love you so much,” he said adoringly.

“I love you too Aaron.”

He went back to exploring her body and his lips and tongue found their way to her already wet and hot core. He knew what she liked and immediately started lapping and sucking on her making her buck and moan. He knew it had been years for her and had to make sure that she was very ready for him. He knew he was well endowed and didn’t want to hurt her or make her uncomfortable, so making her as wet as possible was his goal.

And he totally delivered. Lorelai was rushing headlong into her second orgasm and was panting and moaning his name. Aaron loved the sound of her throaty moans and sped up his ministrations with his tongue and reached around to rub her sensitive nub with his finger and pushed her over the edge quickly. He sat back up and lowered his boxer briefs and crawled back up to her, kissing her smartly and letting his tongue tangle with hers. She tasted herself again and she actually liked the erotic nature of it.

She knew he was getting ready and saw him lean to the nightstand by his bed and fumble with the drawer, “Aaron, I have an implant for birth control. I don’t want you to use anything; I want to feel you…all of you…If you want…”

“Are you sure? We don’t have to, I mean I would love nothing better than to feel you, but if you are unsure…”

“I am very sure; just go slow…It’s been awhile…”

He leaned back down and kissed her deeply again as he took his finger and ran it up and down her wet folds, “You ready a ghrà?”

She breathily moaned yes as he pumped his finger in her some, and then added another to stretch her. He knew it was time and positioned himself at her entrance and slowly worked his large mushroom head inside and she moaned, feeling the stretch and burn. He stopped a minute and let her rest, then pushed in a little more, then pulled back and eased in a little more. He continued every few seconds until slowly and wonderfully he was fully inside of her.

It was the most glorious feeling he had ever felt in his life! She was perfect for him; tight and warm. It took everything he had not to finish right there or pound into her like there was no tomorrow, but somehow stayed put until he felt her arch up a little to urge him on.

Lorelai felt the stretch and the burn associated with no sex after a very long period of time, but Aaron made it so sweet by taking her comfort into consideration. He was slow and loving in his movements and because he had gone so slowly, she acclimated quickly to his size. And what a size it was! She had never been so full before! He put every other guy she had been with to shame, especially Max. She finally was ready and felt a tingling below and knew she was ready and moved her hips to get him to move.

Aaron kissed her again and started to move in her. He tried so hard to keep it slow and not lose control but she felt so fucking good! He was moving at a good rhythm and Lorelai was enjoying it too, he could tell by the way she was grabbing his back.

“Oh god Lorelai, you feel so good! You are perfect for me, baby. I love being inside you!”

“Oh Aaron, this is so good! Go deeper, please!”

Never one to make conversation during sex because Max hated it, she was shocked by her actions. But this felt so right and the therapist said when it was right she would know it-and she knew it! Not wanting to disappoint her, he went deeper with his strokes, hitting more of her g-spot as he did. Lorelai could feel it and her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned again. Their breathing was coming in at a rapid pace and Aaron couldn’t hold back much longer, but needed her to finish first and started sucking on her nipples again.

The sensation of him pleasuring both places was almost too much for her and she yelled out, “Oh please! Don’t stop! Faster please!”

He heard her and sped up, their skin now slapping off of each other. He noticed that a fine layer of sweat was forming on each of them and it was so sexy on her.

“Oh fu-I’m going to come Aaron! Please!! Oh God!!” She panted, then screamed his name and arched her back, clenching around his rock hard organ and digging her nails into his back. Her body was rigid and her muscles were in a spasm as the pleasure flowed out of her.

Feeling her squeeze him in the most intimate way pushed him over the edge and her scream of pleasure did him in. He shot his release violently inside of her, pumping until he was totally spent and stopped moving, leaning down on top of her, panting. They laid together for several minutes before Aaron moved and pulled the covers up over them and pulled her to him again, kissing the top of her head.

“I have to say that was incredible, a ghrà,” He said lovingly.

“Really? You aren’t just saying that?”

“No, you are perfect. In every way, you were made for me,” He said rubbing her arm.

She smiled hearing his words and felt contentment overtake her and her eyelids grew heavy. Her limbs felt liquid, like they were jelly and she really couldn’t do anything other than breathe. Aaron felt her rhythmic breathing and knew she had fallen asleep and pulled her closer to his chest and closed his eyes to join her, finally happy and content.

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