Alive Again

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Chapter 24

There was a change in Lorelai after that moment. Everyone who knew her could see it. She was happier than she had ever been before, she always had a smile on her face and she was so much more confident. Her family and Joel recognized it as the person she was before she became involved with Max. Everyone else just thought she was in love, which she was. So very much in love.

There was hardly any night they didn’t spend together. Aaron was surprised by her sudden amorous behavior but didn’t mind; they were always wrapped up in each other. She showed him a side that he hadn’t expected but loved and it constantly amazed him. He had unleashed a part of her that she didn’t know she had, a part that had a deep desire for sex. She was constantly horny and Aaron was all too happy to accommodate her every request.

The biggest surprise for him was when she met him at a concert he was working at several weeks later and led him to his work SUV and rode him to a quick and satisfying finish. He kissed her forcefully and helped her get her underwear back on.

“What has gotten into you?” He asked.

“Well to be totally honest, I have been planning to seduce at least once while you were at work for a while. You are just too fucking hot in the uniform!” She explained as she watched him adjust his belt again.

“Well I guess I can’t complain, now can I?” He said, smirking at her.

“Nope! But I will let you go back to work. You coming over when you get off?” she asked.

“Try and stop me! I shouldn’t be too late,” he said smacking her ass as she walked back to her SUV, blowing him a saucy kiss.

The weeks that passed were blissful and neither one could believe how in love they were. The school year ended and they celebrated at the staff party at the principal’s house together. She introduced Aaron to all her colleagues and he thought she had some great work friends. More than a couple of them had come up to him and commended him on bringing Lorelai out of her shell, most not knowing what the real story was.

Aaron was amazed that even though it was summer vacation, she still worked every day. The Admin of the school had changed her schedule for the fall. She was chosen to teach the new AP US History class, the AP US Government class and the AP Geography class, as well as three freshman classes. They were sending her to the national training in Washington DC in mid-June and she was ecstatic! She was in classes for three days, and then Aaron was flying out to meet her for three more days. She was excited to show him the town and her favorite places. He was excited to see her in one of her favorite places and have her completely footloose and carefree.

Every day he went to her house after work she would have books spread open, pages highlighted and paper clipped and had a notebook being filled with notes in her elegant script with information. It awed him to no end. He brought it up to Alex and Joel one night at dinner and they told him that this was normal. She had a passion for history and it showed on so many different levels.

“You might have to wave the white flag while you are in DC. She will just keep going and going, like the energizer bunny!” Joel said laughing.

And they had an incredible time together. Having never been before, Aaron was totally captivated by the monuments and the whole atmosphere that DC offered. They went to the war memorials and he wasn’t ashamed to admit that he got teary-eyed at each one. The Smithsonian was incredible and he couldn’t believe that he touched a moon rock at the Air and Space Museum or see the flag that flew at Fort McHenry when Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem at the American History Museum. And seeing Arlington and a changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown was so moving. He just stood there; holding Lorelai’s hand as the soldiers silently went through their precision movements.

June left quietly and July started with a bang as Mike and Sarah had a huge party at their house for the 4th of July, inviting all of Aaron’s family as well as Alex and Joel’s family that were in town. Aaron and Tomas helped Mike grill endless burgers, hot dogs and brats. There were salads galore, fruit, cupcakes, popsicles and cookies. It was an incredible spread and everyone was stuffed and couldn’t move as they watched the fireworks from the end of the street.

Aaron wrapped his arms around Lorelai and kissed her neck as they watched, “I don’t think I have ever enjoyed fireworks so much in my life,” he whispered to her.

She pulled his arms around her tighter, “Me either!”

Siobhan and Sarah whispered to each other how great they were and wanted them together forever, not that any of the rest of the family had any objections about that idea.

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