Alive Again

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Chapter 26

“You just made an amazing decision about your career and I am so very proud of you!”

“You are?!”


“Thank you,” she whispered and leaned down to kiss him.

He felt her lips on his and pulled her to him, running his hands over her back, leaving goosebumps. He felt her move the sheet away from his lower half. She shifted her weight and straddled his hips, feeling his large, hard member against her butt. Aaron moved his hands to her front and took her perfectly sized breasts in his hands and gently kneaded them, then moved to the nipples, rolling them between his fingers. Lorelai moaned in his mouth and their tongues wrestled together. She groaned down on him, needing some friction on her heated core.

“You are a little wet, baby!” He said as he licked each nipple, making them pebble harder.

“Oh god…I need you Aaron! Please!”

He grabbed her hips and squeezed gently, “You’re on top baby!”

She shifted her weight and with his guidance she slid on his long, thick member, making them both gasp from the sensations. She leaned down and kissed him again, then sat up and started rocking back and forth on him. It was a blissful and they both upped the pace and quickly they were sweaty and moaning, close to their finish.

Aaron reached over and pulled her hips down on his harder and he pushed up faster, pounding into her intensely. He kept hitting her sweet spot and a few short thrusts later she was clenching and racing to her finish, calling out his name breathlessly. He felt her squeeze him and he couldn’t hold out any longer and pulled her tightly on him and pushed as deep as he could, spilling himself into her moaning, “Oh fuck Lorelai!”

She fell on his chest panting and he wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head as he tried to calm his heart rate. She looked up and smiled at him, “I love you Aaron.”

“I love you too Lorelai.”

They got dressed when they heard people downstairs for breakfast and dressed in bathing suits for a day at the beach. Lorelai told her family about the email and they were so happy that she was taking this step.

“You really are so good Sweetie, those girls would be lucky to have you!” Mike said kissing the top of her head.

“Well Aaron, when she gets it, it looks like you will become an expert on dance competitions,” Sarah said rubbing his hand.

“Now you can feel the pain I felt for so many years!” Mike said with a wink.

They all laughed and put away their dishes, then separated. Mike and Sarah were going to a class on how to make authentic Mexican food and Evelyn and Dave were going to the pool. Aaron and Lorelai packed up and went to the beach for a party for the guests and dancing. They had a great time and enjoyed themselves immensely.

The trip ended perfectly when Hank texted Lorelai and told her to meet him next week to talk. She threw herself into Aaron’s arms and kissed him hard. He just hugged her and whispered how proud he was of her.

After meeting the following week with Hank and the two captains Alison and Jen, plus the team mom Fran, she was hired after telling them about her experience and vision for the team. They had a meeting as a team at her house to meet and talk about the season and what they wanted and what goals they had. Lorelai had a good feeling about the whole thing and they started making some routines and picking music.

Lorelai giggled to herself after one such meeting when Aaron came over after work and the girls ogled him the whole time.

“Is he really your boyfriend Ms. Banks?” Alison asked quietly.

“Yes he is,” Lorelai replied with pride.

“He is like totally hot!!” another girl said.

“I think so too!” Lorelai said, “Now let’s get back to the schedule ladies!”

Aaron was embarrassed at the stares, never having noticed the attention before. Lorelai thought it was cute and teased him about it. They had some great times rolling around in bed over it, laughing.

Aaron had been doing a lot of thinking and planning about their future and had come up with some ideas. He was going to spring it on her over the weekend. He was excited about what he hoped would be an exciting end of summer and fall.

He was working an extra shift on Saturday to help pay for part of his plan. Lorelai was at a team practice and wouldn’t be home until early afternoon. They were going to go out with Joel and Alex that night and he was taking the bike. Lorelai loved riding on the bike and they went on rides all the time. It turned Aaron on so much the way she straddled behind him and wrapped her arms around him. One time when they were out navigating the mountain roads, he couldn’t take it anymore, pulled off and they went into the woods and had wild and passionate sex against some large boulders. He grinned at the memory as he was holding Thor’s leash and watched the people walking through the fair.

Lorelai came home from practice and got some lunch, she was starving having danced with the girls for almost three hours. And she knew it wouldn’t be until later that they ate when they met with the boys at their favorite restaurant. They said they had some exciting news for them. She was humming to the music the girls had pieced together for their first competition in four weeks as she cut her sandwich and an apple as she did a few of the steps in the kitchen.

She turned her phone on to the saved music file and started some of the more complicated footwork as she looked out the open kitchen window and saw Grady and his dad with the football team and coaches in their backyard having a meeting and it made her smile. She would be sad to see Grady graduate in the spring, he was a great young man and knew he would go far.

The music was still playing but something made the hair on the back of Lorelai’s neck and her heart rate sped up. She stopped dancing and finished the bite of sandwich that was in her mouth and tried a few calming breaths. She had no idea why all of a sudden she was feeling this way and then as she was releasing the last breath, she smelled it: the scent that haunted her days and nights for four years. The scent of a cologne that she hated and made her eyes water at the very thought of it. It was some rich brand that his mother had always bought for him and didn’t suit him at all.

In disbelief, she turned and her heart dropped as her brain finally processed what she was seeing before her.

“Hello Lorelai, miss me?” He sneered at her.

“Max…” she whispered.

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