Alive Again

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Chapter 27

“How did you get out?” She asked in a whisper.

“Overcrowded jails and good behavior,” he simply replied.

“Why are you here?”

“Oh my darling girlfriend, we have some catching up to do!” He smiled at her, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. She knew that look and her palms started sweating as she grabbed the counter behind her for stability.

“I’m not your girlfriend…” She said quietly.

“What? I didn’t hear you, Lorelai. Speak up! You know I HATE IT when you mumble!”

“I’m not your girlfriend!!” She shouted.

“Oh really? Funny, I don’t remember telling you that we were done!!”

“We were over the day you beat the shit out of me and put me in the hospital, you asshole!”

“Language!! You know I don’t like when you use those foul words! You have to be a lady at all times when we are married!” He growled.

“I’m not marrying you! I already told you that after graduation!” She replied, desperately trying to figure out a way to get past him at the kitchen door and run outside.

“Oh I think we both know that will be happening! You need me around to give you purpose. YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT ME!! NOTHING!!”

Lorelai could feel the panic starting again and the tears were building some at the corner of her eyes, “I am everything all by myself!!”

He laughed maniacally, “Who has been telling you that?! Some shrink? They don’t know you like I do!!”

He started walking to her slowly, “Who told you that you are worth something without me? Huh? ANSWER!!”

She defiantly said nothing and watched him come closer to her. He was right in front of her and suddenly reached up and grabbed her face hard, pinching her face and she gasped, remembering the pain he put her through all those years and she decided right then and there that she wasn’t going to let him do this to her again. She had too much going for her now; her job, her team, her family and the man she loved.

“Lots of people have told me! Now I want you to leave!”

He laughed, “Well, they are all WRONG!! I am the only one who knows you!! So this is what we are going to do. You are going to change into some acceptable clothes, pack a bag and we are going to leave. You will resign from your job and we will be driving to our new house in Alaska. Once we get there, I will have to get you checked since I know you have been a whore and been sleeping with that cop! Once I get the ok, you will get pregnant and we will start our family. I expect at least five children, so you better get ready! Oh and you can forget seeing your parents again! I can’t have your Dad try and play hero and come and get you, now can I? If it wasn’t for that asshole you worked with, I could have started this those years ago! So now we are behind schedule! You know I hate that!!”

She couldn’t believe the lunacy of what she was hearing him say! He couldn’t possibly think that she was going to go willingly, that was asinine!

“No, Max. I’m not going!” She mumbled as he squeezed her face again, flexed a little and then released it.

He looked at her like a dog looks at a human, trying to figure out a situation, turning his head from side to side. Then before she could even think the first blow came, right across the face.

“I don’t know where this defiance has come from, but you better get it under control Lorelai! We can do this the easy way or the hard way and right now your mouth is choosing for you!!”

She could feel her face throb with pain and taste the blood on her lip, but she didn’t care. She wasn’t going with him, she was going to fight like her life depended on it-and it most certainly did! She remained standing in the same place and she could see his temper rising and knew what was going to happen. She needed to draw him out so she could switch spots with him to have a chase to run to the door. While she was thinking the next blow came, right into the stomach, making her grunt and double over as she tried desperately to catch her breath.

“I don’t understand why you have to make me do this to you!! You force me to hurt you…But maybe you like it. Maybe you like me slapping you around because it gets you horny? Is that it whore? You miss my cock and want it rough?! Oh if that’s what you want baby, I think we can accommodate that! Fuck, I didn’t realize you were hiding the kink!!”

She let him keep talking as her breathing was getting better and she decided she was going to make her move. She lowered her shoulder slightly and used her whole body weight to slam into the middle of his chest. She heard him grunt and fall into the stove, making it slid into the wall and she stood to run, but just as she was almost past him, he grabbed her by the foot and yanked her to him.

“So we’re gonna do it my way now you bitch!!” He yelled.

Lorelai knew she needed yelp and started screaming as loud as she could, “NO!! HELP ME!!” as he started dragging her.

Grady was not listening to what the coach was saying any more. He kept hearing faint shouting from Ms. Banks’ house. He had heard a strange voice and some yelling. He was straining to hear anything that was coming from the other side of the fence and got up, like he had to stretch his legs and stood by the wooden slats. He remembered that Sergeant O’Shay said that he was working the county fair today. The team was going tonight for some fun and games and Sergeant O’Shay said he was going to try and get some free admission bands for them.

Just as Coach was turning the page on the playbook they all heard the terrified scream, “NO!! HELP ME!!”

Everyone stopped and Gary Frankman jumped up with wide eyes, “Oh shit! Grady go find your mom! Coach, call 911-that’s Lorelai Banks from the school!!!”

Mark Elliot knew of the wonderful and pretty history teacher and liked her a lot and how she helped his players keep their grades up. He grabbed his phone and dialed as the other coaches got the boys calmed down.

Grady ran inside and saw his mom outside with Mr. and Mrs. Martin and they were looking over at the house next door. He ran to them, panting as Gary followed and took a look into the scene.

“Cindy-did you hear it?” Gary asked.

“Was that a scream?” She asked.

“Yes! Coach is calling 911. Did you see anything?” Grady added.

Sidney Martin pulled his phone and called 911 too. Gary started moving closer to the house and could hear things crashing and breaking and his wonderful neighbor screaming. It made him incredibly mad and helpless at the same time, trying to figure out a way in without making things worse. Gary noticed a silver car pulled over to the side by the trees at the edge of her property and it wasn’t one of the boys on the team. He pointed to it and Sidney gave him the thumbs up, indicating he saw it.

Edna was fighting back tears as her and Cindy held hands, worrying about the sweet young woman and what was happening to her. Edna pulled out her cell phone and just before she went to her contacts, her husband put his down.

“They are on the way. The Coach is still on the phone telling them what he can hear over the fence. They have people on the way; she just has to hold on!” He said with his voice catching at the end.

Edna went back to her phone and found the number she was looking for and pushed the button, watching the house and praying. She could hear the faint wail of a siren coming and urged them on faster as the phone rang.


Aaron was giving Thor a drink of water in the shade of the food tent with a couple of the other guys when his phone started ringing. He didn’t recognize it at first, but something in him told him to answer it.

“Hello, this is Sergeant O’Shay.”

“Oh Aaron! This is Edna Martin, Lorelai’s next door neighbor.”

“Hi Edna, what can I do for you?”

“Aaron, I think you should come over. Something is wrong…”

He stood up, “What do you mean, something is wrong?” And just as he asked he could hear the sirens getting louder in the phone.

“Oh Aaron, we don’t know, but we heard Lorelai screaming for help and there is a strange silver car by the trees. The police are on the way.”

His heart stopped and his throat was dry, “I’m on my way, call her parents!!”

He hung up and turned to the men next to him, “I have to go! Something is wrong with Lorelai!! Ken, take Thor to my house. You know my garage door code!”

He thrust the leash as his friend and ran to his SUV. Ken and the other men were speechless as they watched him run full bore through the crowds. Thor whined and pulled on the leash wanting to go after his owner. Ken held tight and scratched him behind the ears, trying to soothe him and the men around them as another man called their captain.


Mike’s heart stopped as he heard what Sidney Martin was saying to him. He knew, somehow he knew that Max was involved in this and was going to kill the son of a bitch!! He yelled for his wife and the two tore out of their neighborhood desperately trying to reach their child.

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