Alive Again

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Chapter 28

The Martin’s and the Frankman’s could do nothing but stand there helplessly as three police cars pulled up with sirens wailing and got out, drawing guns and heading towards the front door. There was another scream and the men kicked in the door and filed in. For what seemed like hours, there was nothing, but then heard some yelling from inside. It was deep voices and they assumed it was the police. They heard another siren and weren’t surprised when an ambulance pulled up.

The other boys on the team came running out in shock and another police officer rolled up and had them stay back. All of a sudden there were several gunshots that rang out, making all of them jump and the ladies scream. Grady was on the verge of tears as were several other young men who had Ms. Banks for classes.

Nothing was happening in the house until an officer came out and yelled for the paramedics and he used his radio to call for another bus and back up. In utter shock, Coach pulled out his phone and desperately looked for the number he wanted, found it and touched the number with shaking hands and put the phone to his ear and waited for him to answer.

“Alex, It’s Mark Elliot…I there is something going on you should know about…” The Coach said and walked towards the house to try and minimize the background noise, which was almost impossible.

The other ambulance rolled up as did several more marked and unmarked vehicles. A couple of officers started getting names and phone numbers of all the people at the Frankman’s house as Mike and Sarah sped up and jumped out telling the officer who they were. They filled them in on what little was known and they went to stand with the others. A gurney was rolled out with a man on it, bleeding and not looking good.

Gary took a deep breath at the sight then jumped when he heard Mike roar, “MAX!!! YOU SON OF A BITCH!! I WILL KILL YOU!! WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER??!!!”

He went to charge after the man but it took Gary and two other officers to hold him back, asking how he knew the man. Sarah was sobbing as Cindy, Edna and Sidney tried to console her while they waited. That ambulance took off with plenty of speed, lights and sirens. Another SUV pulled up, screeching to a stop by the Martin’s house and Aaron ran out to the cops he knew. They held him back when he explained that the woman inside was his girlfriend. Two of them escorted him to the group waiting and he was frantic.

“What’s going on? Have you seen her?” Aaron asked desperately.

He turned, looking at the adults for answers.

“The only thing we know is that a man was taken by ambulance out. He didn’t look so good and he was bleeding,” Sidney gently explained.

“It was Max,” Mike said, looking him in the eye and a silent thought passed between them.

“We haven’t seen Lorelai,” Sarah whispered and Aaron put an arm around her in support as they turned back to the house to wait.

After what seemed like hours, but was more like five minutes, the door opened and another gurney came out and two paramedics worked on the woman they all loved. Everyone let out an audible gasp at the sight. The officer let Mike, Sarah and Aaron move to her and rushed over.

Lorelai was unconscious and bleeding from the head. They could already see the bruising forming and scratches everywhere. They didn’t know what to do.

Aaron reached out and touched her arm, “A ghrà we are here! I love you baby!”

Sarah grabbed her hand and squeezed it, “Mom and Daddy are here Sweetheart!”

“I need to get her in so we can go to the hospital. Only one of you can come, who is it going to be?” The lead paramedic asked as they pushed the cart in the back of the large rig.

“Sarah go. Aaron and I will follow,” Mike urged.

Sarah didn’t need to be told twice and hopped in. The driver said they were heading to Mercy Hospital; Aaron nodded and closed the door. They watched it drive down the street then rushed to Aaron’s SUV and drove off with plenty of speed. Mike picked up his phone and called Dave to have him break the news to Evelyn. He leaned his head back on the headrest of sighed; it was like an episode of the twilight zone, relieving this again.

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