Alive Again

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Chapter 29

How did this happen Mike? How did he get out after only four years?” Aaron asked.

“I have no idea, but someone is going to get my foot up their ass and heads are going to roll!!” He spat.

They drove on and pulled into the parking lot and ran inside and found Sarah there with another officer and a nurse giving information, which was not much other than they were going to run some tests and get back with them.

The officer, who Aaron didn’t know well because of working in another district, directed them to a private waiting room. Mike told them that some other family would be arriving so he was aware. The three sat on the vinyl chairs, not knowing what to do. Mike was texting with someone and his facial expression was on permanent scowl as he read the words. The only time it changed was when he would look as his wife as she sat looking at the ceiling. Aaron was sitting next to Sarah, letting their arms touch as a comfort to each other. The minutes ticked by with nothing. They all jumped when the door opened and Alex and Joel flew in and hugged everyone asking what the hell happened.

“No one knows yet…”Sarah said.

“All I know is that the football team was at the Frankman’s and heard screaming and called the police,” Alex said.

They all nodded and started waiting again. And then the pacing started. Mike started it and Aaron followed suit, desperately needing to stretch his long legs. The door opened and Steve, Mimi and his parents rushed in. Siobhan rushed to Sarah and the two mothers hugged and whispered things to each other as the tears fell. Mimi hugged her twin and then Mike. Steve hugged his best friend and handed him a bag.

“I stopped by and got you some clothes and other things. I will take your stuff back when we leave. Ken called me and told me he will be dropping Thor off in about an hour… Any news?”

“Thanks for the clothes. But no, no news…”

Steve nodded and handed him the bag and he went down the hallway to change. Aaron washed his face to try and ease away the feeling of nausea that had filled him since he picked up the phone call. He went back to the room after changing and sat back down. Mimi and Alex had gone to the vending machines and got some snacks and drinks to help ease the long minutes. Aaron took one of the sports drinks and downed half of it, not realizing how thirsty he had been. He set it down when the door opened again and a doctor and the Officer came back in and closed the door. Everyone sat up straighter when they entered.

“I’m sorry about the wait. We had a backup at MRI and I wanted those results before I came to talk with you,” The middle aged man explained, “I am Dr. Luke Jameson, Chief of ER. We have checked Ms. Banks out from head to toe and she is very lucky! There is no broken bones or internal damage, but lots of soft tissue wounds. All that means is bruising, minor cuts and scrapes; with the exception of a large wound on her head. It’s nothing to be concerned about. It is in her hairline and you will never see the scar. I put in about 15 stitches to close it up. She will have a concussion; I am just not sure to what extent yet. She is still unconscious…”

“I’m the lead Detective on the case. I’m Tim Jenkins. Since we haven’t been able to talk to Ms. Banks we can only guess at what happened…I do have to tell you, she put up one hell of a fight! She has some serious skin under her nails and inflicted some serious defensive wounds on the attacker!”

Feeling a sense of pride, the family looked at each other and gave a kind of look to each other.

“Can anyone tell me how she might have known the man, um Max Coleman?” he asked, looking at his notes.

Mike gave the backstory and the injuries she sustained before. The doctor took more notes and excused himself to go check on some more test results. They thanked him and he said he would be back with a room number and any updates.

The detective asked some more questions and then he made the mistake of asking if they had any questions.

“How the hell did that animal get out after what he did the last time to my daughter?” Mike demanded.

Tim sighed, “From what I could find when I ran his name, he was out for good behavior and that was sped up by overcrowding.”

“But he only served a part of his sentence!” Sarah responded.

“I know and I don’t know what to say. He didn’t get into any trouble while he was inside, but given the nature of the crime, I just don’t know what to say. Mr. Banks, maybe with your connections you can get a better, more definitive answer…”

“Where is the son of a bitch?” Joel asked, “His parents get him a private room and a plastic surgeon for the damage Lorelai inflicted?”

Tim’s eyes went wide, “You don’t know?”

“Know what?” Aaron asked.

“Max Coleman was shot three times by the responding officers; twice in the stomach and once in the shoulder. Mr. Coleman’s injuries were serious and he didn’t make it. He died when he arrived here at the hospital.”

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