Alive Again

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Chapter 31

Aaron heard her voice and felt the tears building in his eyes. He let the nurse keep talking as she checked the monitors.

“Lorelai Baby, I’m here! Open those beautiful eyes, Love and talk to me!” he urged, wiping a stray tear away.

She fluttered her lids, but was mad as they seemed so heavy. She felt like she was fighting off a heavy blanket that was covering her and needed some fresh air. With a massive surge of energy, she forced her eyes open and blinked to clear her vision and focus on what was around her. As soon as she saw his handsome face, she tried smiling and then felt the pulling on her skin and then noticed how stiff and sore her body was. Then she felt a throbbing in her head and tried to raise her hand to the spot and saw the IV and bandages, along with the machines and a nurse with her.

“Aaron where am I? What happened?” She asked, completely confused. She saw the tears in his eyes and was more confused.

Not knowing what he should say, Aaron looked to the nurse and she mouthed, ‘go slow’ and he nodded before clearing his throat from unshed tears, “You are in the hospital, Lorelai. Do you remember anything?”

“Not really, I feel so sore like I have been hit by a truck. And my head is killing me!”

Aaron looked at the nurse who nodded, “Hi Lorelai, I’m Lisa, your nurse for tonight. You have some stitches up by your scalp to close a nice little gash you had. I’m going to do a quick check and then call the doctor to come and check on you ok?”

Lorelai agreed as the nurse did her check then left. She looked back to see the face of the man she loves and brought up a hand and touched his face, “Why do you look so sad?”

“Sad? No, I am thrilled that you are awake! It’s been a few hours since you got here. Your family and my family went home for the night wanting you to get some rest, so you are stuck with me I’m afraid.”

“Sounds good to me!” She said mumbled and touched his face again.

The door opened again and the nurse and a doctor came in. Aaron moved back and let them check her out and asked questions to check her level of consciousness and how bad the concussion might be. Giving her some pain medication and telling her to get some sleep, the doctor went on his way, promising to be back in the morning.

Aaron texted everyone that she was awake and being checked out, but was doing ok. He added that she didn’t remember anything at that point, which he didn’t know if that was good or bad. The nurse told her to get some sleep and in the morning if she was doing well, would get her up and in the bathroom. Lorelai thanked her and moved over some and patted the bed beside her.


“Why don’t you join me?” She asked.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you Lor…”

“You won’t hurt me, I promise. You know I sleep better with you next to me…please?” She asked with a pleading in her eyes.

“You’ll tell me if it’s too much right?”

“I promise!” She said and moved the covers back and he took off his shoes and climbed in next to her and pulled the covers up. She rested the part of her head that wasn’t throbbing against his arm and he kissed the top of her head.

They laid together in silence and Aaron was thinking she had fallen asleep and was glad. He closed his eyes to drift off when he heard her call his name.

“What a ghrà?”

“Aaron, I know what happened and why I’m here…”

He stiffened, “You do?”

“Yes, I do. Has Max been arrested?”

“Shit, you do remember…Why don’t you tell me what happened?” He asked, trying to keep his anxiety levels down.

“Well, I was making a sandwich when I had this bad feeling washover me and then I smelled his cologne. He was standing in my house! I tried talking my way out of it, but saw that wasn’t going to happen. So I looked for a way out and was just waiting for him to make a mistake. It was so hard to hear all the stuff he was saying about you and what I was going to do when he made me go with him. But there was NO way in fucking hell I was going with him, so I just waited. He took a couple of swings at me, but I fought back! He had dragged me back to the bedroom so I could change clothes and pack a bag. And that’s when I fought him! I started swinging and clawing at him. I was almost out of the room when he pushed me and I fell and hit the dresser and then I don’t remember anything after that…”

He wiped another few stray tears away as he listened to the fierceness in her voice, “I’m so proud of you!! You fought back so bravely!! But you have had enough excitement for one night, so let’s get some sleep ok? We will talk some more tomorrow.”

“Ok, I just want you to know that I love you so much and no matter what he did, I wasn’t going to go with him! I am staying with you!”

“Damn straight you are! And I love you too. Now go to sleep!”

He felt her settle into him and quickly her breathing was rhythmic and Aaron sighed. He knew tomorrow was going to be a kick in the gut for her when she found out. He threw up a prayer asking for her to be ok.

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