Alive Again

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Chapter 34

The next few weeks went by quickly. The bruising was all but gone from Lorelai’s body and she only had mild headaches if she read too much. Mike, Joel, Alex, Steve, Tomas and Aaron packed up the little bungalow that she had called home for the last several years. She told them what she wanted and what could be donated. She was settling in nicely and she and Aaron had made some changes to the house that they both liked and were very happy. It didn’t take much for Aaron and Mike to finish the spare room in the basement to the dance room that Lorelai wanted. She cried when she saw it knowing how much effort Aaron had put into it and thanked him properly that night, twice.

September was perfect weather; the days were sunny and the nights were cool. The couple went out on motorcycle rides as much as they could, savoring the alone time they got. Aaron was working some extra shifts for something he was planning and Lorelai had practice with the team. They had performed at the last home football game and finished to thunderous applause and had great feedback from parents, other kids and the staff. She was thrilled. They were preparing hard for the homecoming assembly and halftime show. They had a routine prepared that they would perform in their first competition against the other schools in their league in one month.

Lorelai’s classes were amazing! She loved teaching the harder material and the kids really seemed to absorb it. She loved coming to work every day and being in each class, then dancing every afternoon. Her life was wonderful and she loved every second of it.

Aaron felt like he was in heaven and if his plan went like he thought it would, his life would be perfect. He walked into the school and met with Alex, telling him his plan. Alex loved it and thought it shouldn’t be a problem, but pulled in the principal to check, just in case. The older man was a sucker for romance and after hearing about the summer episode with Lorelai’s ex, he wanted to make sure the sweet and talented teacher was loved and treated well. He approved the plan and Alex called down Grady and the two other captains of the football team along with Alison and Jen from the dance team, Aaron explained what he was thinking.

The young people in the office all agreed to help and left after being sworn to secrecy. Aaron felt bad that the girls would be deceiving Lorelai with the dance and the music, but was desperately hoping that she would forgive him. He left with a smile on his face and Alex watched him leave with a spring in his step. Now his work began to convince Joel to take the afternoon off and come to the assembly to watch.

Lorelai had no idea why, but the homecoming assembly was causing her huge anxiety. She really wanted the performance to go well. The girls had been distracted the last few days and hoped that they could get it together for Friday afternoon. She was dressed in the school’s mascot t-shirt and a cute pencil skirt and flats for the amount of running she would be doing that day. She went down to the gym to wait with the girls while the other students filed in and the assembly started with one of the math teachers being the MC. He was goofy and the kids loved him. He had a way of riling up the kids when he wanted and assemblies were actually a lot of fun.

She was in the bleachers and cheered along with the others as they watched the games and listened to the speeches and the band. Finally after what seemed like an eternity it was time for the dance team and they filed out to cheering and took their spots. Lorelai was sitting on the bleachers up front and right in front of them to watch. Their hair all looked good. They were wearing their school pride t-shirts, which matched their coaches and had on their skirts. They took their spots and stopped like statues.

Lorelai took a deep breath and waited. The music started and Lorelai was pissed! It was the wrong music and sincerely hoped it didn’t mess up the girls’ rhythm. But it was the wrong dance!! This wasn’t the one that they had been practicing for the last four fucking weeks!! She was fuming, but couldn’t do anything but watch. Why the hell would anyone pick this song for an assembly?! Bruno Mars-ok, but ‘I think I wanna marry you’? Seriously?! They were going to have a serious talk after this!!

One of the dancers broke formation and came out and pulled Lorelai out on the floor and a football player named Chad had her sit in a chair they had placed in the middle of the floor. Everything was going on around her and she was so fucking confused!! All of a sudden there was a line of football players parading in front of her dancing and handing her flowers. She giggled nervously and accepted them, thinking this was some sort of ‘hope you are feeling better’ kind of thing after her being in the hospital. She was so embarrassed when she found out that the team had been next door during the attack.

She was holding almost three dozen purple roses in her arms and lap and then she looked up to see Aaron standing in front of her with a grin on his face. Lorelai was stunned and looked at him with wide eyes taking in his form. He looked incredibly sexy in a bright blue button down shirt, opened at the collar and she never really heard the noise of the music and the kids cheering. Aaron was going to let his actions speak for him and dropped to one knee in front of her and pulled out a small black box and Lorelai gasped. He looked at her with a growing intensity and the students finally grasping what was about to happen started screaming and cheering even louder.

Aaron opened the box and she saw the most beautiful silver colored ring with intricate designs on the sides and a perfectly sized diamond nestled on top. She looked at him with tears in her eyes and somehow all the noise drifted away and she somehow heard him say, “Lorelai I love you more than I can possibly say and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

She yelled, “YES!” and jumped up still holding the flowers and he placed the ring on her finger. Still grinning, he pulled her to him and they kissed in the gym right in front of the entire student body and the entire faculty, causing an eruption. It sounded like a bomb had gone off as they pulled apart and looked around. The music had ended and all that was left was cheering. The dance team came over and hugged her and squealed as the math teacher tried to regain some resemblance of control and called for everyone to congratulate them.

They moved to the side and out to the gym hallway beaming from ear to ear, “Surprised?”

“Oh my god Aaron!! How did you do this?”

“I had some help; I’m not going to lie. Al-“ He started then they heard the assembly releasing and since it was the end of the day, they were heading home. Lorelai pulled him into the smaller auxiliary gym door right next door where the main gym was before they got run over by students.

She pulled him in and kissed him deeply and held him tight to her, letting her emotions flow out of her. She was so happy and felt like she was going to burst! They pulled back when they heard the heavy double doors open then slam shut. She turned to see her parents, Aaron’s parents, Joel with Alex, and Mimi and Steve along with the boys; they all were smiling broadly.

“Congratulations!!” was being yelled out and the hugging started.

“What are you all doing here?” She asked as Connor and Caleb were hugging her tightly.

“Well Aaron told us what he had planned and we all were here hiding up in the bleachers. Your Mom was Facetiming your sister so they saw the whole thing!” Mike gushed.

He thought back to the night Aaron came by and asked him and Sarah for permission to ask Lorelai to marry him. They both were thrilled and gave their blessing immediately. When he explained how he was going to do it, they were so touched when they realized how well he knew their daughter and knew they needed to be there.

Lorelai turned to face him, “Thank you so much. This was incredible and the best proposal ever! I love you!!”

“I love you!” he simply said.

“When are you going to get married?” Caleb asked sweetly.

“Yeah and when can we have a cousin? It’s boring without anyone to play with!” Connor echoed.

Mimi turned bright red and hissed, “BOYS! Good lord, let them figure it out! I’m sorry Lorelai!”

Everyone else was chuckling at the comments, “Well boys, as soon as Uncle Aaron and I figure it out, we will let you know. I promise!” She said hugging them again.

Aaron pulled her tight to his side again, not wanting to let her go and they talked a few more minutes. The others were going to head to Lou’s restaurant for a celebratory dinner, not being able to do much more than that because of the game. Aaron stayed with Lorelai and went with her to her classroom, hearing the kids shout out congratulations to them. They found the dance team in her room getting their things when they came in.

“Sorry Miss Banks about springing the change on you! When Mr. O’Shay asked us, Grady and the rest of the team for help we couldn’t say no! It was so romantic!” Jen explained.

“It’s ok ladies. I think I can forgive you. But you better nail the performance tonight at halftime!!” Lorelai said, hugging each of the girls then sending them out for dinner, promising to meet them at 6:30 for warmups.

Aaron kissed her again and went out to battle the staff’s good wishes as they left. Finally making it to Lou’s, they ate a wonderful meal with their families, excited for what the future would hold.

As they lay in bed that night, after passionate lovemaking to celebrate their engagement, Lorelai lay on Aaron’s chest looking at the beautiful ring glittering on her finger in awe. She was noticing the intricate details and tried to remember where she had seen the design before and asked him about it.

“It’s the design from the Celtic cross. Like the one on my tattoo,” He said kissing her head.

“It’s beautiful and I love it. I just can’t believe you found something like this at a jeweler’s,” she said lovingly gazing at her hand.

“I didn’t, I had it made for you. So it is literally a one of a kind ring.”

She looked at him, “Seriously?”

“Yes a ghrà. I have been planning this for a while. I told you when you were in the hospital that I was spending the rest of my life with you. I just needed to get you home, healed and settled first before the next steps.”

She kissed him again, “Thank you for loving me…”

“Nothing I would rather do Lorelai. You and I are forever!”

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