Alive Again

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Chapter 35

Before either of them could believe it, both families were sitting at Siobhan and Tomas’ table for Thanksgiving. They were having a wonderful meal and laughing together. Evelyn’s pregnancy was progressing well and they were going to find out what they were having in just two weeks. Lorelai and Aaron were trying to decide on a date to get married, but they were both just so busy with work, they couldn’t figure out a good time. Siobhan and Sarah were not deterred and kept reminding them to get a move on. Lorelai promised that they would agree on a date while they were in Hawaii for Christmas. Aaron kept his promise and they were leaving December 22nd, as soon as Lorelai was done posting grades for the semester.

Joel and Alex came over for dessert after having spent the afternoon with Alex’s family. They were eating pies and cookies and laughing when Alex cleared his throat.

“We kind of have a little announcement…Joel and I have been doing a lot of thinking and saving and somehow everything has fallen into place and we are still reeling from it, frankly. But my sister Jane has offered to be our surrogate and hopefully by Spring break she will be pregnant and we will be parents!”

Everyone was stunned by their announcement and congratulated them. As hard as it was for some families to accept a gay son, both Joel and Alex’s families’ had done well with the news. And for Jane to offer to carry their baby and save them all that money was huge. She was done growing her family with three kids of her own and wanted to help her big brother complete his. Tomas opened a bottle of sparkling wine and cider to celebrate. Lorelai was so pleased that her new family accepted Joel as much as her own had. Max’s family didn’t like it and made her aware of it every time they were together.

Time marched on and finally after a lovely dinner the weekend before Christmas they exchanged gifts with their families, Aaron and Lorelai were on a plane- in first class no less, to Hawaii. Lorelai told him they didn’t need all that, but he had insisted. They sat together and giggled like little kids talking about the things they were going to do; parasailing, cliff jumping, snorkeling and Aaron wanted to get in a cage with sharks and Lorelai thought he was bat shit crazy.

They landed and got their flower leis and took pictures with the hula dancers. Lorelai promised him a private dance later and he all but swallowed his tongue. She smirked at him as he rushed to the rental car counter and got their Jeep as quickly as he could. She laughed the whole time and then watched in awe as they drove the streets of the tropical island. It was beautiful and unlike anything she had ever seen. Their hotel was even better and the view from their balcony was breathtaking. They sat together after dinner and watched the sun set on the ocean.

She gave him his private hula dance in a new totally transparent lace nightie. He had never been more turned on in his entire life at seeing how sensually and erotically she moved her hips and twirled around him. He knew it wasn’t the real hula dancing, but he loved it even more because it came from her. They didn’t actually sleep until after three that morning.

Aaron and Lorelai had a spectacular time exploring the islands and all the hidden areas it held. They went cliff jumping, hiked the volcanoes, went boating, drove the island and zip lined in the jungles, laid by the pool and ocean, went to luaus and made love countless times. Aaron would always remember the minute they visited the hallowed ground of the USS Arizona Memorial and saw the names of the soldiers entombed below. The oil drops that rose to the surface gave an eerie hue to the water as he held Lorelai’s hand silently. He kissed her head as they walked back to the jeep. It was a somber moment that neither of them would forget.

That afternoon, they were sitting by the pool under a cabana with drinks and snacks relaxing.

“We have been here a week and I really don’t want to leave!” Lorelai said, taking a sip of her Mai Tai.

“I know, it’s really beautiful here. I also like the fact that you don’t wear much clothing while we are here!” Aaron said, giving her a cheeky smile.

She giggled, “You are terrible! But now that we are relaxed we do need to pick a wedding date so our mother’s will get off our backs!”

“I know, but really I don’t care when we get married as long as you are my wife. I don’t really want all the planning shit and hoopla if you don’t. I just want to marry you sooner rather than later,” Aaron replied kissing her hand.

“I really don’t want the drama associated with a big wedding either! Evie was a nightmare before their wedding and I don’t want it to be that way. I wish we could just go and elope…”

Aaron sat up and looked at her, “Would you really? Elope, I mean.”

“Just go and get married? Yes! I would totally just hop on a plane to Vegas and do it!” She said smiling.

“Then let’s go and do it! I don’t have to be back until January 3rd and you don’t go back until January 10th. Let’s go to Vegas and get married! Go buy a dress!”

Her jaw dropped, “Are you serious? You want to?”

“Hell yes! I already did the big wedding shit, you don’t want it and we save a shit ton of money! We could go on a honeymoon when the school year is over and plan something amazing! What do you say?”

She looked at him and thought for a minute. Did she want the big ass wedding and party? Did she want to wait longer to marry Aaron and start their life together? What did she want? Aaron was watching her and she was watching him. His heart was going a mile a minute and just wanted her answer one way or the other. Just as he was going to tell her to forget and they could get married in a few months, she jumped up and looked at him.

“Let’s do it! Let’s go to Vegas! I don’t want to wait and don’t want to spend the money. We can have a reception when we get back if we want, but I don’t want to wait anymore. I want to marry you and now!”

He stood up quickly and pulled her to him roughly, “God I love you! OK, let’s go change. You have a dress to get and I have to get some airplane tickets and a hotel room. Any preference on a chapel in Vegas?”

“Something halfway respectable and not cheesy!” She said thoughtfully.

He nodded his head, “Got it! Give me a kiss then let’s go change!”

She pulled him in for a deep kiss and before either of them knew it, she was pulling him on an elevator and they barely made it to the room. His loose swim trunks did very little to hide the raging erection he was sporting. He pushed Lorelai to the bed pushing aside the little scraps of material that held her fabulous boobs and immediately took one in his mouth. Lorelai could do nothing but feel and arched up to push her body into his further.

Their breathing was increasing and they couldn’t wait anymore. He sat up and pushed down the suit bottoms that covered her-barely, and she untied his trunks and pushed them down, freeing his large and rock hard member. He leaned dover and kissed her deeply as he lined himself up to her wet and warm entrance. In one swift movement he entered her and she arched again to meet him and moaned.

“I need you a ghrà!! This is going to be fast and hard,” Aaron groaned.

“Oh yes please! Fast and Hard!” She gasped.

He repositioned his legs and they went at each other in a hurried frenzy, making the large bed shake. The passion and intensity they shared was quick and after a few minutes she was calling out to him and squeezing him as she fell over the edge of sanity. Aaron loved the feeling of her finishing and felt himself follow her and flexed his body as he slowed to a stop.

He fell on her, both breathing deeply and covered in a fine sheen of sweat. Lorelai ran her fingers up and down his back as they laid there. She loved the afterglow of their coupling as much as the act itself. She always felt so loved and wanted by him and let her mind wander to their wedding and married life. She was smiling lightly as he looked up and kissed her neck, waking her from her day dream.

“Why don’t you go shower then go shopping? I have some calls to make!” He said.

She nodded and kissed his neck as she moved off the bed after he moved off her. He watched her walk into the bathroom and formulated his plan as he pulled on his swim trunks again. He turned on her laptop, looking up some phone numbers on line.

He was making some notes on the notepad when she came out and slipped on a fresh set of underwear and a long sundress. Her hair was much longer than when they first started dating and he loved the way it glowed when the sun hit it and how soft it was with its slight wave so it. She grabbed her purse and kissed him lightly then turned and looked back at him.

“Haven’t changed your mind?”

“Oh hell no! Now go get a dress to get married in! I love you!”

“Love you too!” she called and the door slammed behind her.

“Now that you are gone, I can get this surprise started!” Aaron muttered to himself and picked up his phone and hit the button he was looking for. He held the phone to his ear and waited, then smiled when the other person answered.

“Hey Mike! Everything is fine, but I need your help. Got a minute?” He asked and went on with the planning.

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