Alive Again

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Chapter 36

Lorelai talked with the concierge in the hotel and the woman put her in a cab to the store she was in now. She was nervous, not having an appointment, but she was assured that it was fine by the lady from the hotel as she closed the door to the cab. The upscale shop was beautiful and elegant and hoped they had something to accommodate her in 48 hours when they were leaving Hawaii.

The sales associate gave her a glass of sparkling wine and they talked about the hurried time frame to elope and what she was looking for in a dress.

“It is very romantic! I think it’s a perfect wedding for you and that’s all that matters,” She told Lorelai.

“It is and I’m very excited…It just makes me a little sad that my father won’t be there to walk me down the aisle and both of our families won’t be there to see it. But, I don’t want to want any longer! I just want to be married to Aaron!” Lorelai explained.

The lady nodded smiling, then changed the subject to what Lorelai was looking for. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted the opposite of what her sister had; no big princess ball gown and 15 foot lace veil. She wanted something where she felt sexy and beautiful without being a raging slut. The associate raised her eyebrow and smirked as she led her to the racks and racks of dresses.

They looked and the associate picked out a few dresses and Lorelai picked out a few. She went into the dressing room and they tried on dress after dress. Nothing was right in Lorelai’s mind. They were beautiful, but just not what she was wanting. Starting to lose hope, Lorelai saw only two dresses hanging on the pegs and didn’t even look at it as she put it on and looked in the mirror. It was like a tablecloth and she hated it. She shook her head and they took it off. The last one she didn’t hold much hope in and wasn’t really thinking much as she felt the zipper go up and she turned to look in the mirror and stopped cold.

Lorelai looked closely at her reflection in awe, as she turned and saw herself from every angle. The associate gave her several minutes to admire herself before breaking the spell by talking.

“So what do you think Lorelai?”

“It’s…It’s magnificent! I just can’t believe it!” Lorelai whispered.

The dress was a soft white and with her golden tan that she had acquired over the last week it was a perfect combination. The neckline plunged just enough to give her good cleavage and the back was amazing. It went very low on the back with material bunched and hanging on the sides. It was form fitting and fell unto a tulip flared bottom, pooling around her feet. The entire gown was covered in the most beautiful and delicate lace.

“You do look beautiful…I think this might be what you described,” the associate said smiling.

She led Lorelai out the center of the shop to see herself in the trio of mirrors and in the bright light. Lorelai could imagine herself standing next to Aaron and getting married and knew that this was the dress she had to have. She knew how she wanted her hair and just needed to find some shoes. She told the associate about the shoes and she went in the back room and returned with a pair of perfectly matched lace high heels and after she slipped them on the bottom of the dress rested perfectly. Lorelai was brought to tears at her reflection and just mumbled “I’ll take it” loud enough for the associate to hear and was handed some tissues to wipe her eyes.

The seamstress came out and saw there was really nothing she could do but tighten up the back gathered material and clean and steam it. Lorelai could do nothing but nod and look at herself. Finally she went back to the dressing room and took it off for the seamstress to alter the fine garment with the promise of it being done in 24 hours, just in time for her and Aaron to board a plane to Vegas.

Lorelai returned to the hotel three and half hours later to find Aaron on the balcony with a beer, looking out to the ocean. He smiled as she wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.

“Hey Babe, find something you liked?” He asked, kissing her arms.

“Oh Aaron, it’s perfect! I’m sorry it took so long, but you know these things take time!” She said as she moved and went to sit on his lap.

“I’m happy for you, a ghrà. I too had a productive few hours. My suit will be ready tomorrow afternoon and we have flights to Vegas. As well as a hotel room and an appointment at a wonderful-not too cheesy- chapel for Thursday evening at 6:30 to be married,” He explained holding her tight.

“Thursday December 30th…That sounds like a perfect date to get married. Don’t you think?”

“I agree. We fly back on January 2nd, is that ok?”

She nodded, “I think three days is enough to wear ourselves out having mind blowing sex, don’t you think?”

He kissed her nose, “Mind blowing? Well then I better get some dinner and sleep if you are planning on killing me on our first honeymoon!”

She laughed as he set her down to order some room service. After eating, they went on one last walk on the beach hand in hand, talking of the future. They both agreed on waiting until the semester was over to start trying to have kids. She didn’t want to be pregnant and travel. Aaron agreed. They went back and slept with the doors open, listening to the waves on the sand one last time as an engaged couple.

They landed in Vegas 10 o’clock the next night, with garment bags on their arms and pulling their suitcases behind them, giddy with happiness. They took a cab to the Venetian Hotel, checked in, hung up their bags and fell asleep the minute they hit the mattress.

They both slept late the next morning. Aaron went on his errands and Lorelai went on hers, promising to see each other at the chapel to get married.

Lorelai went for a manicure and found Aaron a ring in one of the jewelry stores in the hotel. It was perfect for him in black tungsten, very manly and strong. She had them engrave a Celtic cross on the inside with the date, knowing he would love it.

She went back to the room and took a long hot shower, preening herself to perfection. Aaron took his suit with him and would dress at the chapel so she had some privacy. She was drying her hair, wishing she had her mom with her to do her hair, but knew this was the best option for them. She pulled out the curling iron she had bought and let it heat up as she listened to music from her favorite playlist. After curling her hair, she pulled up the sides in a pearl clip and let the rest fall in curls past her shoulders. It would look perfect with the dress and went to work on her make-up. She did a damn good job if she did say so herself-and she did!

She slipped into the dress and zipped up the side and looked in the mirror and loved her reflection. She put on the heels, touched up her make-up and put on some more lipstick and grabbed the little purse she had bought for her phone, wallet, lipstick and Aaron’s ring. She went down to the valet and asked for a cab. He helped her in and went to the address Aaron had given her. She pulled up to an actual little white church and went in. She gave her name to the receptionist and was taken to a back room to wait. She wasn’t nervous as she thought she would be. She just wanted to marry Aaron and start their life together. She didn’t want her baggage to hurt them anymore and she wanted the future to be theirs to guide and enjoy.

A knock on the door told her it was time and she opened the door to find a sweet older man in a minister’s collar waiting for her. She came out and he led her to the double doors, and then stopped.

“Alright my dear, the music will start in just a moment. When you are ready, you can enter these doors to the next set of doors and then into the sanctuary. Your groom is very excited and ready for this to start. So take a deep breath and start when you are ready, ok?” He explained sweetly and she nodded, thanking him.

He left and a few minutes later, she took the bouquet of colored roses that Aaron had ordered for her and heard the music start. She took her deep breath and entered the double doors, stopping in her tracks.

Her eyes went wide, “Daddy?!”

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