Alive Again

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Chapter 37

Mike stood there in a suit and went up grinning to his daughter, “Hello Baby Girl. You didn’t think I would miss this did you?”

“But…But how did you know?” she stammered.

“Aaron called me and told me what was happening so I got on a flight and here I am. And I have to say you look beautiful. So now can I give you away to that fine young man in the next room, who is probably waiting for us.”

She touched her eyes to take the tears that had formed away and nodded, kissing his cheek and taking his arm. He tucked it safely into his and they went through the next set of doors and stopped while Lorelai took in the sights of her whole family and Aaron’s standing there and grinning at them.

She gasped and looked at Aaron who was just smiling up front. He had arranged for everyone to be there for their wedding! Tomas, Siobhan, Mimi, Steve, Caleb and Conner sat on Aaron’s side while Sarah, Dave, Evelyn, Joel and Alex sat on her side. There was a photographer snapping pictures as her and her dad walked down the aisle. They stopped in front of Aaron and the minister. After giving his daughter’s hand to Aaron, Mike went to sit with his wife. Lorelai looked deep into Aaron’s eyes like they were the only two people in the room, like they wanted. They listened to the minister, then spoke their own vows and feelings.

“Lorelai, you are amazing and so very special. I knew from the moment that we met that my life had changed forever. The way you cheer me on and encourage me is incredible and makes me strive to be a better man. I promise to love you, cherish you and treat you like the amazing woman you are, giving you everything that I have and am for the rest of my life,” Aaron said with a deep voice, going hoarse with emotion as he spoke and looked into her eyes.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes, hearing his words. She knew how much she loved him and now she had to try and say her words to him without losing it. She wasn’t holding out much hope of that.

She took a deep breath and smiled after the minister told her it was her turn, “Aaron…I’m not going to be able to hold it together, but I’m going to try! Aaron, these last months have been the best of my life. You have made me come alive again! I wouldn’t be who I am today without you in my life, making me feel and do and be…You make me feel loved, cherished, beautiful, sexy and whole again and for that I will be eternally grateful…I promise every day to love you and honor you, to make you feel as amazing you make me feel and to make our life together spectacular! I love you!” She said crying after saying the last two sentences.

Aaron could see their family wiping their eyes as they said their vows, and repeated the phrases the minister told them too. He was having a hard time keeping it together as the time was close for them to kiss and desperately wanted to kiss her to seal their vows.

“…By the powers vested in me by God and the state of Nevada, I now pronounce you man and wife. Aaron you may kiss your bride!” He said grinning to the couple before him.

Aaron and Lorelai looked at each other and grinned. He stepped forward and pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately, dipping her to make a big show of it. It was more than they bargained for as they pulled away breathless and panting as they heard their families clapping and cheering.

“It gives me great pleasure in introducing for the first time ever, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron O’Shay!!” the minister yelled.

The cheering was loud for such a small group and as they stepped back down the aisle they were mobbed by their families. They were hugged and kissed and congratulated as the photographer tried desperately to get them into groups for pictures. Finally Mike calmed them all down so the poor man could do his job. 30 minutes later, they had taken every possible configuration of family for pictures, plus ones of the new married couple.

The next wedding was going to start and Tomas and Mike moved everyone out to a waiting limo to take the mass of them to dinner. Tomas and Siobhan were taking them to the top of the Stratosphere Hotel for dinner. The boys were in awe of the slowly moving restaurant and were on their best behavior the whole time. Joel made a speech during dinner about their love and everyone was left with a tear in their eye as he finished. Aaron and Lorelai couldn’t stop smiling or kissing each other and continued the whole meal.

“So how did you pull this off without me knowing?” Lorelai asked her husband halfway through their main entrée.

“Well, when you left to go dress shopping, I called your parents and explained what we were going to do. We made a couple of internet searches and found everything we needed for the flights and hotel rooms. He called your sister and Joel while I called my parents and Mimi and somehow, miraculously everyone was able to get off and on the flights this morning. My errands were picking everyone up and getting them to the chapel tonight,” Aaron explained.

Shaking her head in disbelief, she kissed her husband sweetly and placed her hand on his cheek, “Thank you. I can’t tell you how much this means to me! You really are the most amazing man ever and I am so blessed to have you as my husband!”

He blushed slightly, “You can repay me by continuing to be alive like in your vows.”

She nodded and kissed him again and continued to eat. Siobhan had a small cake delivered to the restaurant for them to cut and the family to enjoy. The chocolate and raspberry layers were perfect and they enjoyed every bite, especially Caleb and Conner. They actually had two pieces and promised that they would not fight going to bed. Tomas and Mike made them a deal that if they went to bed without giving their parents any grief, they would take them on a helicopter ride the next day. Aaron had never seen them sit so perfectly for the rest of the meal. Mimi and Evie told Lorelai that they had made a spa day for the ladies to relax before they went to a fancy dinner and show on the strip for the whole family to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

“Well, I have a little announcement to make,” Mike said as he shifted in his seat, “This was a definite shock for all of us, the way you two decided to get married. And frankly it saved me quite a bit of money and stress, so thank you!” He said and lifted his champagne glass to them as everyone laughed and took a drink before he continued.

“What you don’t know is that I had the hotel reverse the charges for the rooms and Sarah and I paid for it. We didn’t want you to use up your savings for your wedding. And even though Aaron was stubborn on the air fare, I have that set aside and put it with some other money I have put away. Lorelai, we haven’t been totally honest with you about the mortgage of the house. We know you insisted on paying us, but we took that money and put it away for you, for when you would need it. Granted that wasn’t all of it, you paid for our trip to Italy and have some put away for Evelyn. But the bulk is there and we were going to use it to pay for your wedding. And since your wedding was WAY less than Dave and Evie’s, we are going to give you the rest for a honeymoon of your dreams!”

Lorelai was shocked and Aaron squeezed her hand and everyone else clapped, “But Daddy, that’s too much! I paid fair market value of what a mortgage would cost for the last four years!”

“Like I said, we used some of it, but we really want you and Aaron to use it for a trip and towards your house and to start your life together. Please, don’t fight me on it. This is something your mom and I talked about extensively and want this to happen. I have the check made up at home and will give it to you when we get back. For now, here is the amount so you can start planning your excursion. I know it can take a while to plan and find everything you want to do,” He finished and smiled at his youngest daughter.

Lorelai jumped up and hugged him tightly and whispered, “Thank you. I love you Daddy!”

That brought tears to his eyes again and squeezed her to his chest, “I love you too Baby Girl. And I am so proud of you and the man you have chosen. Congratulations!”

Everyone else wiped away their tears and finished up their drinks before heading back to the hotel in the limo. They got out and went to their rooms. The rest of the family agreed to meet for breakfast at 9:30, while they knew the newlyweds would be absent until Lorelai was to meet the ladies at noon. The men, besides the grandpas, were going to play golf. It was a little chilly out, but nothing they couldn’t handle.

Aaron and Lorelai got off the elevator on their floor and everyone else went to their rooms. They stopped in front of their door and kissed until they were both breathless again, then he unlocked the door, picked up his bride, went into the room, kicking the door closed with his foot to start their wedding night.

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