Alive Again

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Chapter 39

Lorelai returned to school after the Christmas Holiday to a buzz of excitement when the students found out that she had gotten married. The girls on the team were giddy and wanted details. She brought in the album of pictures and they went nuts. The comments were very flattering and Lorelai couldn’t help but tease Aaron about the comments about how hot and handsome he was. It was the only time she could make him blush and it only made her love him more.

Aaron made sure that he was always by her side at all the competitions the dance team went to. And it seemed that their marriage agreed with Lorelai and the dance team as they won their second competition. If they could place in the top three at districts, then top two at regionals they would head to the State competition during spring break.

The winter continued on cold and blustery. Aaron was tired of the snow and wanted a day off badly to ride the bike and get away, but they just couldn’t catch a break. It seemed like spring would never arrive. But the newlyweds kept each other warm in and out of bed a lot as they planned their long awaited honeymoon.

They were shocked when Mike brought over a check for over $35,000. They decided to use part of the money for their trip and put the rest in the bank for a rainy day or another vacation. The couple was going to tour Ireland then move over to Scotland, visiting the Highlands and all the way down through England letting Lorelai get her history fix in. They were going to Paris after that, then would finish down in Cannes where they had some beach time booked. It was going to be incredible! Being gone for four weeks was well deserved in their book. Aaron was lucky that he hadn’t taken much vacation over the last few years and had the time built up so they could take their time. They just had to make it to June 1st!

Much to everyone’s shock, the dance team went all the way to State and actually placed in the top 10. They had a great goal for the next season and wanted a top five finish. She was so proud of the girls and all the hard work they did over the past year. And they actually had a great chance to obtain their goal with only two seniors graduating that year.

April brought the birth of Evelyn and Dave’s first child, a boy they named Gabriel. He was adorable with his little tufts of blonde hair like his dad. Mike was totally smitten and bought him everything wasn’t nailed down in the toy section of stores. Sarah finally got him reigned in to wait until he was older for more presents. After holding him, all it did was ignite the burning need for Lorelai and Aaron to have one of their own. Lorelai had already gone to the doctor and he cleared her to take out the birth control when she wanted and was ready.

Joel and Alex found out that Jane was pregnant after several months of hormones. It was early, but the doctor was hopeful that they would have a little one of their own in nine months’ time, right around Christmas.

May seemed to drag by since they were counting down the days, but somehow they made it through graduation, dance team tryouts, AP exams and crazy spring weather. They were packed and ready to go when Mike picked them up at 5:00 in the morning to take them to the airport on June 1st, Ireland bound. Lorelai was hoping that they would be coming home with a souvenir unlike any other. But only time would tell.

Ireland and the UK were more beautiful than Lorelai could ever have imagined! The green hills, the people, the history and the atmosphere were mesmerizing. They toured castles, ruins, pubs and churches. They stayed in little bed and breakfasts and local hotels, embracing the people and authentic atmosphere of each city, town or village they were in.

The locals were gracious and asked them questions about their life in America and gave them a blessing at each place they stopped. If they didn’t end up pregnant when they got home, something was really wrong. And if Lorelai wasn’t pregnant with octuplets, it would only be a miracle from God!

They drove on and on, through the country sides, listening to the local radio stations and enjoying each other and their uninterrupted time together. They ate traditional food, except only Aaron was brave enough to try haggis in Scotland. They made love often and Lorelai prayed every night that they had made a baby.

The picture taking was out of control, Lorelai admitted it to Aaron on the third week of their trip. She was downloading it to a file and was going to make some powerpoint presentations for one of her classes.

Aaron chuckled at her as he was rubbing his hair after a shower, “You know admitting it is the first step in getting help!”

She laughed as she threw a crumpled piece of paper at him, “Hey! You brat!”

He walked over and kissed her deeply, “But I’m your brat!”

“Yes you are!” Lorelai replied as she grabbed the towel that was on his waist, and threw it to the floor, “And now I would like my brat to stick his big, thick cock in me!”

“Oh do you now?” He asked hungrily as he ran his hands under her pajama shirt.

“Oh yes I do,” She whispered back as he picked her up and carried her to the cozy bed.

“Then I guess I will have to do what you ask, won’t I?” He said kissing down her neck.

Lorelai got lost in his touches. He was transporting her to total bliss as they touched, kissed and caressed each other to a soulful and beautiful finish. They lay in each other’s arms after, kissing.

“I love you Aaron,” Lorelai said.

“I love you too Lorelai,” Aaron replied, smoothing her hair back.

“No, I mean you are my other half Aaron. You made my heart beat again,” She replied with a catch in her voice.

“Oh a ghrà, you are the most beautiful woman and I am so lucky to have you in my life and I know you love me. Just as much as I love you. You are my life and I love you so very much,” He said tenderly, wanting to make her feel his love.

He kissed her again and pulled her tighter to his chest, making sure that she felt safe and secure. They drifted off to sleep and both dreamed of their family and what they would become. They both felt the magic of the places they had been and knew their life was going to be wonderful.

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