Alive Again

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Chapter 4

Lorelai tried to stay focused throughout the day but found herself thinking of other things. She couldn’t stop her brain from coming up with reasons why Aaron would call her and tell her to forget about the date; she definitely wasn’t good enough to go out with and certainly not pretty enough. Those thoughts combined with no real break with the extra prep classes left her drained by the time the last bell was echoing through the halls. She fell into the chair with a sigh, desperately wishing for a cold beer.

‘Beer isn’t ladylike!’

She flinched at hearing the thought run through her head in his voice.

It made her mad, “Go the hell away!” She whispered out loud. Her door opened before she could say another word and Alex walked in and hugged her.

“Hey Sweetie, how did the prep groups go?”

She smiled, “I think it went well. I got some good feedback from the questionnaires you gave me.”

She handed him the stack and he read the first few pages and smiled, “I think this was good! Let me read these over more and bring our idea to Mark and see what he says. Great idea Lorelai! Well done!”

She blushed at his kind words and hugged him again before he left and sat back in her chair to grade some tests and enter grades, feeling good. She worked another hour, logged off her computer and locked her door. The wind was blowing today and it was a reminder that winter was still around. She pulled her coat tighter to her chin and walked to her vehicle, climbed in and started it, waiting a minute for the heat to get warm, then drove home.

She loved her little bungalow and pulled into the street and into her garage. It used to be her grandparents little house and was left to her dad when they passed. Lorelai loved coming here as a child and playing on the quiet cul-de-sac.

It was a red brick house with black shutters and a nice little front porch. There were three bed rooms, and two bathrooms and a partially finished basement where she would practice her dancing to keep in shape. She turned the smallest bedroom into an office for her to grade papers and make lesson plans and the other room she turned into a guest room. She didn’t have many guests, but she liked having the option available. This little house was the last on the street in its original form. They were small houses and most people bought them, scraped the house and built a bigger one on the lot, like her neighbors did.

She remembered to collect the garbage cans from out front, walked them through the gate to the side of the house and waved to her older neighbor Sidney Martin who was out talking with Grady, the youngest boy in the Frankmen household.

“Hi Miss Banks,” Grady said grinning at her.

“Hello Gentlemen. How was your day?” She asked.

“Let me tell you it’s hard being retired Lorelai! I took a nap and read a book while Edna put some stew in the crockpot for dinner. Exhausting!” Sidney dramatically told her.

Grady chuckled and Lorelai grinned, “It sounds absolutely torturous! I don’t know how you are going to handle this!”

Mr. Martin sighed, “It will be my cross to bear…”

“Miss Banks, if it snows like they said it will tonight, I will shovel as soon as I get home from weights ok?” Grady said.

“Are you sure? That’s a lot Grady!”

“Yes! It’s no big deal. I am done early tomorrow,” the sweet young man assured her.

She finished talking with them and went in thoroughly chilled by the cold air. She changed into sweats, a hoodie and thick socks and popped the soup her mom had made a few weeks ago in a pot and started it to simmer while she made a grilled three cheese sandwich. She took the tray of food into the living room and covered herself with a blanket and turned on some shows she had recorded. She was engrossed in an episode of a drama she loved when her phone rang. She stopped the DVR and answered the unfamiliar number.

“Hello Lorelai, how are you?” she heard the sexy and velvety voice say to her.

She had forgotten that he was supposed to call about their date and her pulse started to increase with excitement at hearing him.

“Hi Aaron. I’m ok, how about you?”

“Great now that I am talking with you!”

“You are really a flirt aren’t you?”

“Maybe!” She could hear the smile in his voice, “although it was cold today!”

“Oh I agree! I wasn’t really expecting that wind!”

They talked for a few more minutes, keeping things light before he dove in, “So do you still want to go out?”

She took a deep breath, “Sure, that sounds nice.”

“I have some late meetings tomorrow and Thursday, so how about Friday night?”

“Friday sounds good.”

“Excellent! How about a nice long dinner so we can get to know each other better?” Aaron suggested, still grinning as he talked with her.

“I like eating, I think we can do dinner. Where?”

“Oh I will pick you up, just like a real gentleman!”

“NO! I mean, I would prefer if I could meet you there…I mean I just try to be cautious about who knows where I live. I mean-“ She stumbled through, hearing the voice run in her ears telling her she was screwing it up big time.

“Lorelai, it’s ok! I get it. You are a beautiful single woman and need to protect yourself. I made a reservation for 7:30 at the fondue place downtown. Meet me there?”

“Sure. I will meet you there. I’m sorry that I am making this so difficult…”

“Please don’t apologize Lorelai! If it makes you feel more secure, then I will go with it,” Aaron assured her.

“Thank you…” She whispered.

“So 7:30 Friday night? You’ll meet me there?”

“Yes I will be there. Thank you Aaron.”

“Oh I can’t wait! Good Night Lorelai,” He said seductively.

She gulped hearing his voice, “Good night Aaron…” and pushed the button to end the call.

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